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Positive Impact of Coworking Space Dubai on Employee Well-Being

work space Dubai

Coworking spaces are shared work environments where people from different organizations or backgrounds can work together, collaborate, and network. Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in the UAE. Where the demand for flexible and an affordable work space Dubai is high. Coworking spaces offer many benefits for employees.

In this article, we will explore the concept of coworking space in Dubai and how it positively affects employee well-being. We will also discuss the types of workers who can benefit from using coworking spaces. The measures that employers can take to enhance the coworking office space for their employees.

Exploring the Concept of Coworking Space in Dubai

work space Dubai

Dubai is a global city that attracts many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals from various fields and industries. However, finding a suitable and cost-effective work space Dubai can be challenging, especially for small businesses and startups. That is why coworking spaces have emerged as a viable solution for many workers who need a place to work, network, and grow their businesses. Also, they can be dynamic since some have a great coworking space design.

Coworking or work space Dubai are not just rented offices or desks. They are communities of like-minded people who share common values, goals, and interests. Additionally, coworking spaces provide access to various amenities and facilities. Such as, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printers, coffee machines, and more. Work space Dubai can also organize events and activities for their members. Such as workshops, seminars, social gatherings, and networking sessions.

Furthermore, coworking spaces can vary in size, design, location, and theme. Some of the places that are a work space Dubai are large and spacious. While others are small and cozy. Some coworking spaces are modern and sleek, while others are rustic and artistic. Moreover, the best coworking space Dubai must be located in central areas of the city.

However, others are in suburban or rural areas and they are still recommendable. Some coworking spaces cater to specific niches or industries, for example, tech, media, or fashion.

A work space Dubai can also have different models or structures. Some coworking spaces are run by private companies or organizations that charge a fee for membership or usage. Furthermore, some of them are run by non-profit organizations or communities that operate on a donation or sponsorship basis. However, some are run by individuals or groups who share their own space with others for free or for a nominal fee.

Positive Effects of Coworking Space on Employee Well-being

Coworking spaces can have a positive impact on employee well-being in many ways. Here are some of the benefits that coworking spaces can offer to employees:

Building Community Bonds

One of the main advantages of coworking spaces is that they foster a sense of community and belonging among their members. Coworking spaces allow employees to interact with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and professions. This can help them learn new skills, exchange ideas, and gain insights from different perspectives.

Coworking spaces can also provide emotional support and encouragement to employees who may feel isolated for lonely working from home or in a traditional office.

Doing your tasks in a Dubai coworking space can help employees feel more connected and engaged with their work and their peers. Coworking spaces can also help employees develop a sense of identity and purpose in their work and their life.

Coworking spaces can also help employees build trust and rapport with their co-workers and their clients.

Networking and Social Interaction

Another benefit of coworking spaces is that they facilitate networking and social interaction among employees. Coworking spaces can help employees expand their professional network and connect with potential clients, partners, mentors, or investors.

Coworking spaces can also help employees make new friends and socialize with other members who share similar hobbies or interests. This can improve their mood, happiness, and satisfaction at work. Working in one of these spaces can help employees boost their confidence and self-esteem in their work and their abilities. However, coworking spaces can also help employees enhance their communication and collaboration skills with others at work.

Finally, they can also help employees discover new opportunities and challenges in their work and their career.

Reduced Stress

Coworking spaces can also help reduce stress levels for employees who work in them. These places can offer a more relaxed and comfortable work environment than a typical serviced office. Additionally, they can also allow employees to have more control over their work schedule, pace, and style. Employees can choose when, where, and how they want to work without being constrained by rigid rules or expectations. A creative coworking space can enhance their autonomy, flexibility, and freedom at work.

Doing your duties in a coworking space can help employees balance their work and personal life better. Coworking spaces can also help employees cope with the uncertainty and instability of their work environment. However, this personalized and modern meeting rooms that coworking spaces are, can help employees avoid burnout and boredom at work.

Flexibility and Ability to Make Your Own Decision

Coworking spaces can also give employees more flexibility and ability to make their own decisions at work. Coworking spaces can enable employees to customize their work environment according to their preferences and needs. Employees can choose the type of workspace they want to use, such as a private office, a shared desk, or a lounge area. Employees can also choose the type of co-workers they want to interact with. Such as those who work in the same field or those who have different skills or expertise. Furthermore, employees are able to decide how much they want to collaborate or communicate with others at work.

Operating from a coworking space can help employees express their creativity and individuality at work. Moreover, they can also help employees experiment with new ideas and approaches at work. Finally, coworking spaces are able to help employees take more risks and initiatives at work.

Utilization Eligibility for Coworking Space

work space Dubai

A creative coworking space is suitable for various types of workers who need a flexible and affordable work space Dubai. Furthermore, here are some of the categories of workers who can benefit from using coworking spaces:

Independent Contractors and Freelancers

Independent contractors and freelancers are self-employed workers who offer their services to different clients on a project basis. Moreover, independent contractors and freelancers may not have a fixed or regular income or work schedule. However, they might face some challenges. Such as, finding new clients, managing their finances, or dealing with legal issues. Coworking spaces can provide independent contractors and freelancers with a professional and credible workspace. Where they can meet with their clients, showcase their portfolio, and access various resources and services.

Doing their job in a Dubai coworking space can help independent contractors and freelancers increase their visibility and reputation in the market. Coworking spaces can also help independent contractors and freelancers diversify their income sources and expand their client base.

Furthermore, a coworking office space can also help independent contractors and freelancers reduce their overhead costs and increase their profitability.

Small Businesses and Startups

Small businesses and startups are new or emerging ventures that have limited resources and capital. However, a small business center and a startup may not be able to afford renting or buying a traditional office space in Dubai. They may also face difficulties such as hiring talent, developing products or services, or marketing their brand. Coworking spaces can provide small businesses and startups with a low-cost and flexible workspace where they can operate their business. Also, to hire staff, and access various amenities and facilities.

Operating from a coworking office space can help small businesses and startups save money and time on setting up and maintaining an office space.

Coworking spaces can also help small businesses and startups access valuable advice and feedback from other entrepreneurs, experts, or mentors. Coworking spaces can also help small businesses and startups gain exposure and recognition from potential customers, partners, or investors.

What Measures Can Employers Take to Enhance Coworking Office Space for Employees

Employers who use coworking spaces for their employees can take some measures to enhance the coworking office space for their employees. Here are some of the measures that employers can take:

  • Choose a coworking space that matches the culture, values, and goals of the organization and the employees.
  • Encourage employees to participate in the events and activities organized by the coworking space or to create their own events and activities for their co-workers.
  • Provide feedback and recognition to employees who perform well or contribute to the coworking community.
  • Support employees who want to learn new skills, pursue new opportunities, or develop new projects at the coworking space.
  • Respect the privacy and boundaries of employees and other coworking members and avoid micromanaging or interfering with their work.

Benefits for Employees

Coworking spaces can offer many benefits for employees who work in them. Here are some of the benefits that employees can enjoy:


Coworking spaces can offer convenience for employees who work in them. Coworking spaces can be located in various areas in Dubai, such as downtown, business bay, or marina. Employees can choose a coworking space that is close to their home, public transportation, or other amenities. Coworking spaces can also be open 24/7, allowing employees to work at any time of the day or night.

Working in a coworking space can help employees save time and money on commuting or traveling to work. Coworking spaces can also help employees access everything they need at one place.  Such as internet, equipment, or food.

Coworking spaces can also help employees enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant work environment, such as natural light, air conditioning, or music.

Offer Training

Coworking spaces can also offer training for employees who work in them. Coworking spaces can provide access to various learning opportunities, such as online courses, workshops, seminars, or mentoring programs. Employees can use these opportunities to improve their skills, knowledge, or qualifications in their field or industry. Coworking spaces can also help employees discover new trends, innovations, or best practices in their field or industry.

Working in a coworking space can help employees enhance their professional development and career growth. Coworking spaces can also help employees stay.


A work space Dubai is a shared work environments where people from different organizations or backgrounds can work together, collaborate, and network. Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in the emirate, since the demand for flexible and affordable spaces is high.

Coworking spaces offer many benefits for employees. Such as increased productivity, creativity, social interaction, and well-being. Coworking spaces are suitable for various types of workers who need a flexible and affordable work space Dubai. Such as independent contractors, freelancers, small businesses, and startups.

Employers who use a coworking space Dubai for their employees can take some measures to enhance the coworking office space for their employees. Additionally, coworking spaces can offer convenience and training for employees who work in them.

However, if you need more information on the best coworking space Dubai, do not hesitate on contacting us today. We are always happy to help.

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7 Benefits of Coworking Space in Dubai UAE

7 Benefits of Coworking Space in Dubai UAE

Coworking spaces are shared work environments where professionals from different fields and industries can work together, network, and collaborate. They are becoming increasingly popular in Dubai, UAE. As they offer many benefits for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and small businesses. Professional from all over the world and from different fields share areas any coworking space Dubai.

In this article, we will explore seven of these benefits of coworking spaces. Also, how they can help you grow your business and achieve your goals in Dubai’s dynamic and competitive market. There are many factors to consider, such as location, price, facilities, vibe and culture. Today, we will talk about the best benefits.

Optimize Business Costs in Dubai’s Coworking Spaces

coworking space dubai

One of the main advantages of coworking space Dubai is helping you to reduce your overhead costs and save money. Such as on rent, utilities, furniture, equipment, and other expenses that come with traditional office spaces. You can choose from different plans and packages that suit your budget and needs, such as hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rates. Additionally, you can access various amenities and services that are included in the fee. Such as, high-speed internet, printing, coffee, meeting rooms, and more. By optimizing your business costs, you can invest more in your core activities and increase your profitability.

Coworking space Dubai is also more cost-effective than working from home or cafes. As they usually eliminate the distractions and interruptions that can affect your productivity and quality of work. Moreover, you have the opportunity to save time and also money on commuting. As most office space coworking in Dubai have a location in convenient and accessible places in the city. You can also enjoy the flexibility of working whenever you want, as most business centers of coworking spaces are open 24/7.

Dubai’s Coworking Space Ecosystem

Another benefit of coworking spaces is that they provide you with access to a vibrant and diverse community of professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives. You can network with people from different backgrounds, industries, and expertise levels, and learn from their experiences and insights. You can also find potential partners, clients, mentors, or collaborators for your projects and ventures. Moreover, you can participate in various events and workshops that are organized by the coworking meeting space or its members, such as seminars, trainings, pitch sessions, hackathons, and more. These events can help you enhance your skills, knowledge, and exposure in your field.

Coworking spaces are also great places to find inspiration and motivation for your work. You can get feedback and support from other members who share your vision and passion. Additionally, you could exchange ideas and opinions with people who have different perspectives and approaches. Always with the chance of discovering new opportunities and trends that can help you grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Boast Your Creativity in Dubai’s Exciting Coworking Spaces

Office coworking can also boost your creativity and productivity by providing you with a stimulating and inspiring work environment. Working in a comfortable and flexible setting that suits your preferences and work style. You can choose from different types of spaces. Such as open desks, private offices, or dedicated desks. Remember that you can change your scenery whenever you want by moving to different areas within the coworking space, Also, you can simply try visiting other office coworking spaces in the city. Furthermore, you can benefit from the positive energy and vibe that comes from working alongside other motivated and passionate professionals.

Coworking spaces can also help you overcome the challenges and difficulties that you may face in your work. You can access various resources and tools that can help you solve problems and improve your performance. Furthermore, you will be able to learn new skills and techniques that can help you enhance your creativity and productivity. You can also experiment with new ideas and methods that can help you innovate and create value for your customers. This is probably one of the highest benefits of coworking spaces.

Adaptable Growth: Meeting Dubai Businesses Changing Needs

Coworking space Dubai located are also ideal for businesses that need to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands. They offer you the flexibility and scalability that you need to grow your business at your own pace. You can easily adjust your space requirements according to your team size, project scope, or business goals. You can also access new markets and opportunities by expanding your network and reach within the coworking space community. Additionally, you can leverage the resources and support that the coworking space provides to help you overcome any challenges or difficulties that you may face along the way.

Office coworking is also perfect for businesses that want to test new ideas or products before launching them to the market. You can use the coworking space as a platform to validate your assumptions and hypotheses with real customers or users. Moreover, you are able to get feedback and suggestions from other members who have relevant experience or expertise. Collaborating with other members who have complementary skills or services that can help you improve your product or service.

Projecting Confidence in Dubai’s Business World with Coworking Spaces

coworking space dubai

Coworking space Dubai can also help you project a professional and confident image to your clients, investors, or stakeholders. They can enhance your credibility and reputation by providing you with a prestigious address and location in Dubai’s prime business districts. They can also impress your visitors with their modern design and state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, they can facilitate your communication and collaboration with your clients or partners by offering you access to well-equipped meeting rooms, conference rooms, or event spaces. By using coworking spaces, you can show that you are serious about your business and that you can deliver high-quality results.

Coworking spaces can also help you attract and retain the best talent for your business. You can offer your employees or team members a work environment that is conducive to their happiness and well-being. Moreover, you can provide them with opportunities to learn and grow from other members who have different skills and knowledge. You can also create a culture of trust and collaboration that can foster loyalty and commitment among your employees or team members.

Connect with Skilled People: Using Dubai’s Diverse Talent in Coworking Spaces

Coworking space Dubai can also help you connect with skilled people who can add value to your business. You can tap into the talent pool that is available within the coworking space community or through its connections with other organizations or institutions. Finding qualified freelancers or contractors who can assist you with various tasks or projects that require specific skills or expertise. You can also hire talented employees or interns who can join your team and contribute to your growth and success. By using coworking spaces, you can access a wide range of talent options that can meet your business needs.

Coworking space Dubai can help you develop and nurture your own talents and skills. You can take advantage of the learning opportunities that they offer by the coworking space or its members. Such as, courses, workshops, webinars, or mentorship programs. You can also improve your soft skills, such as communication, leadership, teamwork, or problem-solving, by interacting and working with other members who have different personalities and styles. You can also showcase your skills and talents by sharing your work or achievements with the coworking space community.

What are some coworking spaces in Dubai?

But how do you choose the best coworking space Dubai for your needs? There are many factors to consider, such as location, price, facilities, vibe and culture. To help you with your decision, we have compiled a list of some of the best coworking office Dubai based on online reviews and ratings. Alternatively, you can check out some of the top coworking spaces in Dubai according to various sources:

  • Our Space

Our Space is a high-end coworking space that offers luxurious surroundings and a serene environment to work in. It is located in the Lamborghini building on Sheikh Zayed Road, which is easily accessible by public transport and car.

Our Space provides desk space, office space, conference rooms, free yoga, a massage therapist, and healthy meals for everyone. The interior is decorated with wood and green vines, giving it a modern and minimalistic look.

Our Space is a bit expensive; however, we think it’s a good option for thriving businesses.

Location: Lamborghini Building, Sheikh Zayed Road

  • AstroLabs

AstroLabs is among the most renowned coworking office space in Dubai. It is also the only Google-partnered tech hub in the Middle East and North Africa region. It has two locations in Dubai: one in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) and one in Dubai Design District (D3).

Additionally, AstroLabs caters to tech startups and digital professionals who want to access the regional market and scale their businesses. It offers flexible desks, private offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, training programs and mentorship opportunities.

AstroLabs is a perfect choice for those who want to work in a dynamic and innovative ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs and experts. It is considered one of the best coworking office Dubai.

Location: Cluster R JLT & Building 1 D3

Coworking space Dubai specially for women

  • The Bureau

The Bureau is the first-of-its-kind all-female coworking space Dubai. It was launched in 2022 with exceptional style and sophistication. It is located in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), which is a popular business district in Dubai.

The Bureau offers everything a female entrepreneur or freelancer might need, such as shared seated or standing co-work spaces, private offices, a coworking lounge, a podcast studio, and phone call booths. It also hosts regular events and workshops for women empowerment and networking.

The Bureau is a great place for women who want to work in a supportive and inspiring community of like-minded peers.

Location: Gold and Diamond Park


Coworking spaces are more than just shared workspaces. They are platforms that enable you to optimize your business costs, access a vibrant community of professionals, boost your creativity and productivity, adapt to changing needs, project a professional image, and connect with skilled people.

They are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to start or grow their business in Dubai’s fast-paced and competitive market. However, we are a team that is very familiar with coworking spaces as well.

If you are interested in finding out more about coworking space in Dubai, UAE or booking a tour of one of them contact us today.

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Find the Best Coworking Spaces in Abu Dhabi

Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are locations where people can go and work on projects together. In effect, they are collaborative working places allowing members to operate alone but cooperate if desired while sharing the same services, as they offer the best professional and collaborative atmosphere. There are currently around 17,000 coworking spaces in the world. Indeed, it is a thriving business

In this article, we will address the features of coworking offices in Abu Dhabi. We will cover the following aspects:

  1. What is a coworking space and what does it offer?
  2. Which are the top zones to rent a coworking office in Abu Dhabi?
  3. What are the advantages of coworking spaces?
  4. Types of coworking spaces in Abu Dhabi
  5. What elements should you consider when deciding on a coworking place?
  6. How can we assist you in locating the ideal coworking space in Abu Dhabi?

1. What is a Coworking Space and What Does it Offer?

A coworking space is a rented site with options such as private office space, virtual office, meeting rooms, serviced offices, lounge, kitchen spot, parking facility, and similar. Coworking spaces save businesses expenses on structures and upkeep since costs are shared by several clients. Due to this fact, lessees have more time to focus on their businesses.

In practice, coworking spaces are sites where people can work freely and creatively while sharing the needed equipment. In addition to renting a spot, tenants benefit from the ability to connect and interact with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

You can find some of the most famous global brands in coworking spots in Abu Dhabi, offering well-designed workspaces and high-quality comforts. If you want to know where the best coworking spaces in Abu Dhabi are located, this guide will assist you in finding the finest one for you.

2. Which are the Top Zones to Rent a Coworking Office in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is characterized by its hospitality and simple procedures to invest and reside in the UAE. You might be wondering where the best places to hire a coworking site in Abu Dhabi are. Consequently, we gathered a shortlist of notable sectors in Abu Dhabi.

2.1 Hamdan Street & Abu Dhabi Corniche

This is a premium area for a central location. For sure, one of the busiest business sectors in the city, it is a popular spot to live and work. Located on Corniche Road, have several restaurants and cafés and many other attractions.

Because of its strategic position, it is adjacent to other vibrant commercial sectors across the city. For example, Al Markaziyah West and Al Khalidiyah. In addition, many coworking spaces in this area have stunning sea views or overlook lush green parks.

2.2 Twofour 54

Twofour 54 is an Abu Dhabi top location for coworking spaces related to the media industry. It is a free zone producing all forms of the media such as events, films, digital media, publishing, music, broadcast, gaming, and others. In short, the perfect spot for coworking dedicated to creativity.

2.3 Abu Dhabi Airport free zone

This is a top logistics and import/export area. Of course, it is perfect if your coworking space involves those items or other industries that require nearness to one of the country’s busiest international airports.

Other industries suitable for coworking spaces in this zone could be defense, airport services, cargo, pharmaceuticals, and consulting.

2.4 Masdar City

Masdar City is a global reference for firms specializing in sustainability, particularly renewable energy. Therefore, in this Abu Dhabi city, you can find coworking spaces for firms that produce or create energy items and future green technologies. The region distinguishes itself by becoming a green city running only on clean power.

2.5 Elektra Street

Elektra Street recognizes as the city’s never-sleeping street. While it is one of Abu Dhabi’s oldest quarters, it is the location of a huge electronics market. It is in the middle of the city, with easy access to attractions such as stores, stores, and other services that your clients would like. The perfect location for the most desired coworking offices in Abu Dhabi.

3. What are the Advantages of Coworking spaces?

There are many benefits to using a coworking place in Abu Dhabi. Pay attention to these:

3.1 Networking

One of the most significant advantages of coworking spaces in Abu Dhabi is the source of relationships they are. Note that this Emirate is one of the most attractive regions for investors worldwide.

Sharing spaces with other people can help spark invaluable networking opportunities leading to inter-brand collaborations. Not surprisingly, these coworking spots in Abu Dhabi are assisting in jump-starting the growth and development of many firms.

3.2 Increased creativity

Working with people and businesses allows you to get a wealth of knowledge and ideas that you may apply to your next business effort. In Abu Dhabi, coworking spaces are nurturing a slew of new freelancers coming from abroad. Consequently, shared creativity has improved too.

3.3 Enhanced productivity

Individuals who work from home are subject to distractions that a house might bring, such as crying babies, cleaning up the house, and the like. Relocating to a coworking place in Abu Dhabi reduces interruption and helps finish your task creatively and on schedule.

3.4 High-quality services at a lower cost

Coworking spaces provide people with limited budget access to facilities and services otherwise out of reach. Even the most basic coworking spots in Abu Dhabi give quality pantry space, the Internet, receptionists, and printing services.

3.5 Cost-cutting option

Coworking offices in Abu Dhabi only charge you for the areas you want to use and provide advantages such as cleaning personnel and printing services at no extra cost. Certainly, this is critical for small firms desiring to continue growing without dealing stress of long-term leases.

3.6 Private and shared office space

One of the best aspects of coworking is that they offer private and shared offices. These replace typical cubicles with colorful conference rooms, a mix of hot desks, glass-walled private offices, and lounge spaces. Private and shared workspaces allow employees to choose between solitude and quiet versus team brainstorming sessions.

3.7 More freedom

Freelancers and small firms sometimes lack the means to sign a long-term lease for office space. Coworking spaces in Abu Dhabi are bookable on a short-term basis, giving considerably more control over your management of the places.

3.8 Work-life balance

Work-life balance is critical for your mental health. Everything gets hazy without a framework between your personal and professional obligations. So, there must be a place to go to work and a site to return for family and relax.

A coworking space in Abu Dhabi, particularly if has a broad offer of amenities, is the perfect site for healthy working.

4. Types of Coworking Spaces in Abu Dhabi

There are many kinds of coworking places in Abu Dhabi. Usually, you can change everything, including the layout and the services you obtain.

4.1 Types of coworking spaces

A complete description of your options for renting a coworking place is the following:

  • Open coworking space

A conventional or open coworking space in Abu Dhabi does not aim toward specific organizations, focusing on establishing a shared and collaborative atmosphere in which freelancers and businesses from different industries may do their work.

  • Minimal

Affordability is a top focus in minimalist coworking facilities. Often, it provides just the most basic utilities, such as Wi-Fi, power, water, and minimum furniture. It is an excellent alternative for people who do not require many services.

  • Incubators

Incubators are for start-ups and young businesses. Therefore, they cater to smaller, more cost-conscious businesses. Frequently, the coworking spaces in Abu Dhabi provide business advice, cash, and networking opportunities.

  • Corporate/Professional

This sort of workplace caters to more corporate clients. Consequently, they supply a more private and typically quieter atmosphere. They are also a less expensive option for high-end workstations.

  • Industry-specific

This sort of place encourages far more inter-company collaboration. These are often specialty workplaces that only allow members from a certain industry. Healthcare professionals, law businesses, and even creatives and artists may have specialized workplaces.

  • Full-service

These are of higher quality and offer a wider range of benefits you can access. They provide convenience while covering a larger quantity of services. This type of coworking space in Abu Dhabi is more expensive than others, but its elegance and comfort, typical of this wealthy Emirate, are worth it.

5. What Elements Should You Consider When Deciding on a Coworking Place?

Coworking spaces help form meaningful relationships leading to possible cooperative initiatives. So, selecting your best spot is a relevant process. Carefully look at the following points.

5.1 Prices

Coworking spaces come with many advantages, but look out for what they include in their subscription and examine whether or not it matches your budget. Below are more tips:

  • Membership and time controls

In general, any company may provide different coworking packages in terms of time. You have the option of renting by the hour or by the day. Also, you may join up for a monthly, quarterly, or annual membership. It recommends becoming a member if you want to use a collaboration space regularly.

  • Undisclosed expenses

Hidden costs can creep up on you and should avoid wherever feasible. Some coworking spaces, for example, charge for printing and scanning services.

  • Value-added services

Plans can provide specialized services to help you perform better and thrive as a business. These designs should provide for flexibility in constructing your private office while keeping financial commitments in mind.

5.2 Setting and Surroundings

Another thing that makes coworking spaces appealing is their location. The optimal shared office would be near your home. Inquire about local parking as well as food and restaurant alternatives.

Also, think about the feelings of your clients. For example, a fantastic place has to be a few steps away from the most prominent sights, cultural sites, and shopping alternatives.

5.3 Office atmosphere

Coworking spaces are as unique as the people and teams who work in them. So, look for a location in which people are inspirited and act as motivators.

Clearly, it should be a setting that promotes significant networking. Bonding amongst colleagues from various teams in shared workplaces might encourage participants and help relieve stress.

5.4 Amenities and other services

Doubtless, amenities are a crucial aspect of the success of a coworking place in Abu Dhabi. The adaptable room should have all of the conveniences required for work. Look for a location that has:

  • Fundamental office services

Shared desks, general technology, office furniture, office equipment, and conference rooms are elementary services in a coworking workplace.

A reception space, kitchen, cleaning services, maintenance, and mail handling are all popular office facilities to look for as part of your package. Also, a coworking space should include standard facilities like coffee, high-speed Internet access, and printing.

  • Available high-end services

Examine the area to see if it is suitable for high-performance work, such as video monitors, Internet TV, and conference rooms for up to ten people.

Equally, use local eateries or social places since these provide possibilities to engage with coworkers or host clients.

5.5 Adequate space and safety

Check that you have enough space. Hence, opt for a coworking space in Abu Dhabi with a large, open office style. If not, it can be uncomfortable.

Similarly, it is critical having confidence in your personal and goods protection. You want a place where leaving your work over your lunch break. Inquire about the security procedures.

Weight the offers to be sure your deal is the best. Your coworking spaces must meet your requirements regarding each criterion above.

6. How Can We Assist You in Locating the Ideal Coworking Space in Abu Dhabi?

A coworking space offers numerous opportunities. Now, you know what questions to ask while looking for the best space. Moreover, you have learned how a coworking office in Abu Dhabi allows you to develop a strategy for expanding your professional connections.

In this regard, Connect Business Centers provides services to assist you in analyzing your office space needs. Also, by accessing our network of business centers, we can assist you in finding the most convenient locations. In this way, you can quickly and easily access a clean and inspirational work environment.

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Coworking space: Factors to Consider Before Selecting One

coworking spaces in Dubai Marina

New firms on the planet are growing at very high rates, as are alternative workplaces. Those are the outcomes of policies encouraging the growth of companies and technologies, and the greater acceptance of remote work. It is worth noting that the coworking spaces in Dubai Marina are among the most thriving worldwide.

In this article, we will analyze how to choose a coworking space. Let us address the following aspects:

  1. What is a coworking space?
  2. General classification of the types of coworking spaces
  3. What factors should you evaluate to choose the best coworking space?
  4. How help you find out the best coworking space?

1. What is a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces in Dubai Marina have been among the winners of the growth of alternative workspaces businesses, produced by recent developments in the economy, technology, and remote working.

They are, in practice, places that provide freedom and productivity, sharing all the equipment at affordable costs. In addition, tenants benefit beyond renting a room because they can contact and collaborate with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

1.1 What is not a coworking space?

A coworking space is not just an office for sharing rooms and the Internet nor a dark place full of desks that share a kitchen and a break room. Coworking is a working system that can be individual or collaborative, full-time or part-time, and has many possible configurations.

Each coworking place has an operator who gives it a personal view. As a result, each space is different in personality, culture, and professional approach.

Generally, one of its characteristic elements is favoring collaboration and the creation of networks among the tenants. Because of that, any coworking space will have an open-concept design that allows, even partially, to share the rooms that clients agree to rent.

1.2 Possible configurations of a coworking place

These workspaces are physical construction for professionals and small groups that require safe, convenient locations to operate without distractions, such as those that affect them at home or in a coffee shop.

To clarify, they are not only for start-ups and budding entrepreneurs but also for large companies that want to save money and stimulate the creativity of their employees. It is about receiving energy from other entrepreneurs, in attractive places, and at excellent prices.

Thus, if you decide to enter these projects, first, you could choose the specialized coworking space you want. Nowadays, they are available for almost every theme. For example, there are spaces dedicated to technology companies, women, lawyers, creative people, mentors, advocacy groups, and the like.

You decide your daily time of presence and your level of collaboration with other tenants. Finally, you must rent the type of space you want to use, following the classification below.

2. General classification of coworking spaces

A flexible coworking space provider can offer you the ability to customize everything, including the layout of the space and even the services to receive. Consequently, you can have specific options for the type of space you will occupy.

Usually, the offer is compound of three types of coworking spaces:

  1. Shared desks (hot desks)
  2. Dedicated desks
  3. Private offices

Hot desking is often on a first-come, first-served basis, and all you need is a laptop to get started. Dedicated (or fixed) desks ensure you have a secure spot all the time. Also, they tend to come with a few drawers for storage.

The third type, a private office, is the most expensive, but they give you privacy, relaxation, and ample storage space if you work with many physical files and folders.

2.1 What type of coworking are you looking for?

Coworking is not the same for everyone. As we said above, you must decide what level of privacy and collaboration you want:

  • Hot desking is especially popular with freelancers. You will sit next to someone new every day. An option if you enjoy frequently changing your desktop view. Keep in mind that you will have to pack your stuff at the end of the day.
  • If you are looking to create your own space but still want to be close to other entrepreneurs and creatives, then a fixed desk can be a better option. You will share the workspace but still be able to keep the comforts at your desk overnight.
  • Finally, renting a private office in a coworking center is the best if you are looking for both privacy and the benefits of collaboration.

3. What Factors Should You Evaluate to Choose the Best Coworking Space?

How do you choose the best coworking space that benefits your creativity, performance, and career goals? You should check the following aspects:

  1. Costs
  2. Location and environment
  3. Ambiance
  4. Amenities and other services
  5. Adequate space and hours
  6. Security

By carefully considering these factors, make a weighted checklist that allows you to discriminate which of the offers is closer to your ideal. You can choose with better criteria the one that suits your needs.

3.1 Costs

Many coworking places offer multiple benefits, but check which ones are in the subscription and if it fits your budget. Typically, compared to renting an office building, you can confirm that coworking spaces in Dubai Marina are significantly cheaper.

Also, consider that stable income and good clients can obtain through relations produced on sites like coworking. However, it is essential to have a budget and stick to it.

  • Hidden costs

Hidden expenses can sneak up on you and must avoid them whenever possible. For example, some coworking spaces in Dubai Marina charge for printing and scanning facilities, while others offer them as part of a plan.

  • Value added services

Plans can deliver personalized services that will help you work better and grow as a company. These plans should provide flexibility in structuring your private office while being mindful of financial commitments.

Companies are also looking for shared spaces where they can share a working roof with the staff of other companies while reducing operating costs.

  • Membership or rent by the hour, day, or month

In general, each firm could offer different coworking packages in terms of time. You could choose to rent by the hour or for a specific day.

Depending on the rental package, you can also sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership. If you anticipate using a coworking and collaborative space frequently, it is best to become a member. It will save you money in the long run.

  • Is a trial period possible?

The best way to make sure a space is correct for you is to try it out. Ask your desired business center about a trial membership period before making longer-term commitments.

3.2 Location and Environment

Location is another factor that makes coworking places attractive. You need to identify your ideal location. The best-shared workplace would be located close to your residence in terms of transportation. Also, ask if there is any parking nearby or food and restaurant options. Choose a work area that is a quiet environment where employees can work with more focus and determination.

A relevant case is the exponential growth of foreigners requesting coworking spaces in the UAE. Hence, the analysis of the location acquires a particular connotation.

  • What can you find in the area?

It is also good to consider what customers will think of your location. For example, a great place would be steps away from the most iconic sights and culture while offering a range of eating, drinking, and shopping options. Another advantage is offering comfort, time savings, and reduced displacement.

Linking with the comment about foreigners in the UAE, analysts indicate that buildings are one of its advantages, particularly in Dubai Marina, where coworking spaces have an impressive boom.

3.3 Ambience in the office

Coworking environments are as individual as the people and teams that work there. You will find all kinds of decorations.

Focus on finding a place that encourages productive work, sparks creativity, and has the potential for meaningful networking. Some could have stylish interiors, large windows, and daily amenities like artisan coffee, organic food, and fresh fruit.

It should be an environment where people work with more enthusiasm that proves to be a driving force to work with great attention. Bonding between peers from different teams in shared workspaces can inspire participants and help ease stressful situations.

When deciding on a coworking space in Dubai Marina, it will help you locate the best place for your desk away from the noise and well-lit to concentrate on your tasks.

3.4 Amenities and other services

Amenities are a factor that can make a coworking space successful. The flexible space should be complete with the necessary amenities for work. Try to find a place with good coffee, better food, and other perks.

  • Basic office services

Services you can expect to find standard in a coworking office include shared desks, general technology, office furniture, office equipment, and conference rooms.

Popular office amenities you will want to look for as part of your package include a reception area, kitchenette, daily housekeeping services, trash removal, maintenance, and mail and package handling. A coworking space should also have usual amenities like coffee and tea, high-speed internet, and printing.

Most coworking places have standard office gear but request anything extra that might be useful, like chargers, whiteboards, and projectors. Verify if printing services and meeting rooms are in the cost.

  • High-speed internet

Wherever you rent, have reliable Wi-Fi. It does not matter if you use the Internet for emails or upload large files to a cloud. The good part is that most coworking and collaborative spaces know this and have the Wi-Fi up-to-date.

  • Available luxury services

Look if the space is suited for high-performance work, such as video monitors, Internet TV, and meeting rooms for up to 10 people. These may include fitness studios, showers, yoga, relaxation rooms, and other wellness facilities. Additionally, get the advantage of local restaurants, cafes, or social spaces because they offer opportunities to connect with colleagues or host clients.

Some offices charge extra for these services, so clarify these details with the staff.

3.5 Adequate space and access

  • Size

Make sure you have enough physical space. You do want not to be in cramped conditions, so look for a coworking space with a spacious and open office layout. If not, it can cause discomfort and even distract attention. On the other hand, a too-large office can leave the ideal space and reduce the feeling of community between those who work under one roof.

  • Access

It is suitable that you have 24/7 access to your chosen coworking place if you need it. Some offices only allow you access after hours if you are an enlisted partner.

Of course, your coworking space needs to be accessible at the busiest time of day. Some people are more productive in the mornings, others when it is dark. Find out the opening hours of the place so you can plan your time effectively and be flexible.

3.6 Security

In the same way, being confident in the safety of your person, your assets, and your work is very relevant. Similarly, you will want to have a space where feeling safe to leave your work during your lunch hour or even overnight. Request what are the security measures, especially if the place is open all day and all night.

4. How to Help You Find Out the Best Coworking Space?

Now that you know the right questions to ask when choosing a coworking space, it is time to explore what is available. Take your business to the next level with offices in Dubai, creating a business plan, making a professional connection, and simply having a reliable and comfortable workplace is possible.

In that sense, Connect Business Centers offers services designed to help you search for great spaces and analyze your space needs. Talk to our advisors and find out why it is so good to have our firm on your side. We can help you get a convenient location in the UAE, having quick and easy access to a clean and inspiring work setting designed to propel your career.

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Flexible Office Space is Becoming Trendier than Ever Before in the UAE

Flexible office space

Flexible office space is a type of space designed to give employees different places and ways to work. Unlike traditional offices with fixed and assigned desks, workers in these office spaces can choose the area of ​​the office that best suits the type of work they need to do at the time.

In this article, we will explain how flexible workspaces can be rearranged to accommodate changing business goals or scaled up or down to accommodate teams of different sizes. This type of dynamic office space has its design for its use in conjunction with flexible work arrangements that give teams the freedom to work where, when, and how they want.

  1. What is a flexible job?
  2. Important aspects of a flexible workspace
  3. Benefits of a flexible workspace in Dubai
  4. The importance of office design
  5. How to implement a flexible space in your office?
  6. What is the importance of synergy in a flexible workplace?
  7. More advantages of a flexible workplace in Dubai
  8. How can Connect Business Centers help you obtain more information about flexible workplaces?

1. What is a Flexible Job?

Flexible work is a term used to describe any work pattern that goes beyond conventional office hours or locations. That may mean working in different locations in the same office, working from home or on a remote desk, or working part-time or staggered hours.

Employees who do not have to stick to inconvenient hours or put up with busy commutes are not only able to spend more of their time and energy doing great work. They are also generally happier and more productive than their colleagues who work exclusively from offices.

Flexible working gives the opportunity to work how and where they want, fostering a healthy work-life balance in the process. By choosing their own hours, employees can work around their duties. Like going to a doctor’s appointment or picking up a child from school, while avoiding rush-hour traffic and crowded trains.

Flexible working not only gives employees the ability to work in a way that suits their specific needs. It also helps companies cut costs and make the most of their office layout by maximizing available space.

2. Important Aspects of a Flexible Workspace

Flexible office spaces adapt to the unique and changing needs a company has at any given time, so of course, every office will look different. However, there are a number of basic elements found in most flex spaces. Each of these will promote versatility and a collaborative environment.

  • Open designs. The first open-space offices emerged more than a century ago in New York City. However, today’s best-known style of open floor plans was popularized in the 1960s. When interior designers were looking for ways to efficiently accommodate larger teams by eliminating physical walls between workers. Today, the open office concept is widespread. It is a primary aspect of a flexible workspace, allowing seamless collaboration between different departments.
  • Quiet areas. A well-documented side effect of open office design is increased ambient noise. Flexible workspaces lessen this problem by designating quiet areas that give workers a place where they can focus on their tasks without being interrupted. They come in many shapes and sizes, from open spaces and quiet corners of a building to private, soundproof phone booths.
  • Adaptable workstations. Flexible office spaces often include non-traditional workstation styles. Standing desks in shared areas endorse the idea of ​​moving around to use the zone in many different ways. In relaxed corners of the office, such as cafeterias and reception areas, comfortable chairs and natural lighting create flexible, welcoming spaces where people will want to linger.
  • Shared amenities. When tied to one place, people tend to store things on the desk area that they need for different purposes. A flexible space unifies these resources and makes them accessible to everyone who wants them. These shared services can be office supplies, printers, snacks, or entire spaces, such as meeting rooms or informal common areas.

3. Benefits of a Flexible Workspace in Dubai

A flexible workspace removes many of the barriers to productivity that a traditional office workspace presents. An example could be a typical project schedule. Which might start with a series of short, informal face-to-face meetings between a group of people before a larger, more structured conversation begins.

In a traditional office workspace, all of these stages occur in one location. Even though the space needs of the project change over time. However, thanks to the flexible office space industry, people can choose a location that makes the most sense for the work they are doing at the time.

That might mean working from a laptop in a quiet area, using a casual shared space to catch up with other team leaders over coffee, or taking a day or two to work remotely. A well-designed flexible workspace in Dubai gives employees the space they need to work best on their terms.

For entrepreneurs, flexible workspaces industries offer other benefits beyond productivity. More adaptable office layouts allow fast-moving businesses to expand during periods of growth when fewer workers come into the office. Dynamic spaces that can be easily reconfigured help design socially distanced office layouts, a key challenge in ensuring worker safety in these times.

4. The Importance of Office Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought renewed attention to the design and layout of our public spaces. The way we get around our cities has changed, and as restrictions ease and we gradually go back to bars, restaurants, gyms, and offices, the way we use interior spaces will change too.

Most workspaces have adapted to social distancing guidelines by reconfiguring desk layouts, and improving their cleaning routine systems. The flexible workspace industry helps businesses meet this particular challenge with minimal disruption by allowing teams to easily spread out over a larger space or work remotely.

If we think beyond the pandemic, a good office layout is one that optimizes security, comfort, and functionality. A flexible office space improves productivity by giving teams access to shared spaces and the resources they need to get work done.

When employees have support from an office design that encourages creativity and responds to their changing needs, whether it is over the course of a project or the day, they have an easier time meeting their goals.

5. How to Implement a Flexible Space in Your Office?

Creating a flexible office space is much more than just placing a couple of armchairs next to the coffee machine. An agile work environment must also be fostered, which promotes the idea of ​​using different areas when necessary. Changing your office layout is the easy part, but changing your culture is the hard part.

Try to remove the formality from spaces that are usually reserved for a single purpose. The boring meeting room you only use for the monthly meeting could be the perfect space for an activity-based workspace or just a space to catch up on emails. Meeting modules and comfortable furniture can create quiet areas in open-plan offices without the need to build bulky room dividers.

Technology plays an important role in the design of a flexible office. Make sure there are easily accessible outlets for charging devices next to most seats and a strong network for wireless data in every corner of the office. Standardize the audio-visual setup of presentations across rooms to make it as easy as possible to hold meetings anywhere in the office.

We are creatures of habit. It can take a while for a company to adjust to a new way of working. But by creating a flexible space and being responsive to how your teams use it, you can begin to realize the benefits of flexible workspace trends.

6. What is the importance of synergy in a flexible workplace?

Working close to people from other sectors, branches or areas favors obtaining better results. Sharing a workspace with other professionals can thus be beneficial for your company. You will not only have the opportunity to meet people who may interest you at a work level, but you will also be able to share enriching personal experiences.

In the same way that there are flexible spaces that you can share with people outside your community. There is also the option of choosing a private flexible space for employees of the same company.

Choosing flexible space industries in these cases often favors work-life balance and reduces the carbon footprint of your team. As well as promoting communication and a good work environment, essential for achieving good results and being more efficient.

Another reason why it is interesting to choose this type of office is because of the additional services they offer. From reception service to specific connectivity solutions, printing, event rooms, home delivery, and even a gym or showers in some cases. These benefits allow you to design your perfect office and pay for what you really use.

Not all companies are the same and therefore not all needs neither surface nor services are going to be the same. Just as traditional offices force you to have a fixed area, manage all the suppliers (cleaning, maintenance, etc.) and pay for all the supplies, one of the advantages that the flexible workspace industry has is the cost savings exclusively for the services for both space and benefits.

The trend of flexible workspaces can also offer a hybrid alternative to traditional rental offices. Providing a more sustainable environment in which to work with your team physically while combining it with telecommuting.

7. More advantages of a flexible workplace in Dubai

7.1  Increase employee well-being and collaboration.

Overnight, remote work and virtual offices became the norm for many. Consequently, employees without home offices had to transform their bedrooms, living rooms, or even kitchens into makeshift offices. Family distractions, Zoom fatigue, and a lack of face-to-face collaboration with colleagues have made things increasingly difficult for many.

The solution to that problem comes with the trend of flexible offices, as they allow companies to provide their employees with workspaces close to home where they can work on individual or crew jobs while feeling safe and relaxed.

Another vital benefit of flex spaces is the positive impact they have on the environment. They have a considerable amount of foresight when it comes to people’s needs, which change dramatically every 10-15 years.

Whenever a building ceases to be relevant and useful to its occupants, it usually undergoes extensive reconstruction or even demolition, creating huge amounts of waste. This is not the case with this office space trend, as their modular and sustainable designs allow companies to modify work areas without generating more waste or spending large amounts of money on reconstruction or renovation.

7.2. They reduce overhead

Flexible offices allow some businesses to avoid the commitment of a traditional long-term lease and the associated operating expenses incurred. For this reason, they are cheaper than renting a traditional office space in the main cities, of course, the costs of these can vary depending on the market, the provider, or the location of the offices.

On the other hand, unlike traditional leases, co-working spaces come with all the basics (i.e. printing equipment, office furniture, Wi-Fi and phone services, utilities and event spaces, and other amenities), included in your subscriptions.

7.3. Greater visibility

Working from a flexible office increases the visibility of an organization which brings several benefits. One of them is the one that allows you to do networking that will help you discover new talents that you want to include in your company and meet potential clients.

8. How can Connect Business Centers help you obtain more information about flexible workplaces?

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and some other issues, flexible offices are becoming significant in the way we will work during the following decade. Modern companies are taking measurements and must familiarize themselves with this practice. In addition, flexible workspaces offer corporations many advantages and benefits important to allow your business to gro

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Dynamics of the Office Spaces in Dubai With the Best Views

office space in Dubai

Did you know that we spend over one-third of our lives at work? This is why it is so essential to have an office space in Dubai that is dynamic and we like working in. As a prosperous business hub, Dubai is home to some fantastic workplaces, with spectacular views. There is nothing better than looking up from your desk and seeing elegant, inspiring views.

In this article, we will show you the best office for rent in Dubai with the best views, and also we will provide information about the buildings and the importance of having a good office for your work team and your company in general. Surely you will be amazed by these beautiful places to work. The best offices for rent in Dubai are here.

  1. What is the best office space for rent in Dubai?
  2. Is Dubai the most dynamic place to do business?
  3. How can we help you obtain more information about renting office space in Dubai?

1. What is the Best Office for Rent in Dubai?


FOR SALE: AED 45,000,000

Located on a high floor of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, in the core of downtown Dubai. This office space in Dubai enjoys enormous panoramic views of the city.  The Burj Khalifa is, at 828 meters, the tallest tower in the world to date. Snatching the first position from Taipei 101, which at that time was 509 meters high and 106 floors.

Similarly, it also surpasses structures such as the Canadian National Tower, with a height of more than 553 meters.

The Burj Khalifa has a total of 189 levels and its highest point is 768 meters. Then, an antenna rises to its highest point. As a shell and core office space in Dubai, the new proprietors of this building will be able to style this space any way they wish. Creating a unique, bespoke workspace just for them.

The area of Downtown Dubai is a combination of high-end marketable and residential places. They are in close nearness to several of the city’s business districts, as well as the world’s biggest shopping mall.


AED 4,554,500

This modern Business Center office for rent in Dubai has remarkable views that look onto the passive greenery and calmative lakes of Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The zone features luscious gardens and running tracks next to the three lakes within the district. From the other side of the structure, you can look out onto the fresh skyline of Dubai Marina, which offers a bustling communal scene.

This office space in Dubai comes completely fitted and furnished with a contemporary, high-end aesthetic. This with vast executive offices and large meeting zones, is perfect for setting a good impression for any possible customers that will pay a visit.

JLT is a vastly sought-after mixed community that is home to both domestic and commercial units.  It is in near proximity to some of the city’s key spots. The fact it is together with Sheikh Zayed Road means that it has easy access to the rest of the city.


AED 4,175,650

This lovely office space for rent in JLT, Dubai, faces the iconic marina skyline. Jumeirah Bay X3 being specifically a plan from the ground to maximize the panoramic vision of its stunning surroundings. It brings both extravagance and convenience. As a full base unit, occupiers can appreciate full 360 panoramic views of Dubai city and its beauty.

Jumeirah Lake Towers is an enormous complex in Dubai, UAE, consisting of 78 towers built along the coast of the artificial Jumeirah Lake. The total space that these lakes, waterways, and built areas cover is 730,000 m². The total number of floors of the towers is within the range of 34 to 65 floors.

The tallest building in the entire complex is the Almas Tower, which is located on its own artificial aisle, being the core of the complex. All towers are grouped in groups of three. This makes zones easier to access.

The floor comes completely fitted and furnished to a high spec. Also, it is opportunely situated near many of the amenities the space has to offer. Including cafeterias, retail zones, as well as being close to numerous of Dubai’s important transport links. The unit also makes a brilliant investment chance, as owners can anticipate seeing a return on investment of around 8%.


AED 2,136,300

Situated in the district of Business Bay, Silver Tower is a profitable building that offers offices for rent and sale in Dubai. The 31-story building has 27 floors that are committed to commercial space.  Silver Tower also offers an open view of the gulf and is minutes away from the main Sheikh Zayed Road.

Business Bay is a mixed-use community that consists of rented offices, shops, and residential units available for sale and rent. It is a beachfront area that is encircled by a salt-water arroyo. This area is one of the fastest emerging profitable hubs in Dubai and the entire UAE.

This is a smaller workplace than some of the others on the list and is shell and core. With that being said, the unit comes at a good price and allows future owners the flexibility and freedom to optimize and fit the office to their specific needs and requirements.

For those wanting to relax from a long workday, the building even features a mini-golf course inside, as well as a swimming pool and a large gym.

Business Bay, as its name might suggest, is one of the city’s largest commercial hubs. The zone has outstanding transport links, with a metro station, some bus stops, and direct access to Sheikh Zayed Road.


AED 1,490,260

Iris Bay, also known as Sheth Tower Iris Bay, is an office space for rent in Business Bay, one of Dubai’s best marketable hubs. This place is also popular for its oval, hemispherical moon-type shape. The tower is one of the tallest in the area at 170 meters/558 feet, with 35 stores above ground, three podium levels, and three basement space levels.

The plan had its creation in 2006. Iris Bay was completed in 2015. The office space for rent in Dubailease and shops have been built with the top standards and are expensive properties. Designed by WS Atkins & Partners, the tower has two flanks. One is facing Sheikh Zayed Road and the other is bay-facing, offering beautiful views of the Dubai Canal.

Iris Bay is a unique state-of-the-art office building of a fascinating design from WS Atkins & Partners, who developed it as an oval, hemispherical moon shape. The building had its construction to be ecologically friendly incorporating both passive and active environmental features. The structure is centrally situated in the core of Business Bay, directly nearby Dubai Creek with a sideshows view of the watercourse, while the other looks out onto Sheikh Zayed Road.

Whilst this specific unit includes soberly modest square footage, it is perfect for setting up new businesses and looking for a single office space for lease that is still high-end with unbelievably stunning views.


AED 2,148,900

What really makes this office space for rent in Dubai one of the best and stand out is its lovely views that expanse from the Burj al Arab, all the way to the iconic Dubai Marina.

The One Tower is located in the core of TECOM. A key commercial hub with direct admission to Dubai Internet City and its metro station. This unit offers a diverse office experience with the variability of modules planned to suit a range of commercial requirements.

One Tower is located strategically at the most profitable spot for business in Dubai. It being within reach of major commercial sectors like Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai International Financial Centre Dubai Media City, Dubai World Trade Centre, and Business Bay.


FOR RENT: AED 2,312,280/ YEAR

The U-bora Towers complex contains two buildings in the Business Bay of Dubai, UAE. The place consists of the Ubora marketable building or U-Bora Tower 1 and the Ubora residential building or U-Bora Tower 2. The creation of the Ubora Towers had its conclusion in 2011. Tower 1 has 58 floors. The total height of the construction is almost 263 m. The residential building or Ubora Tower 2 is smaller, with a height of 20 floors.

U-bora Tower plays a featuring part in a city full of architectural marvels. Occupying an idyllic, respected, and prominent corner setting on the main axis of Business Bay. U-Bora offers a vivacious sense of community and a superb, inclusive environment for living, working, and socializing. This office for rent in Business Bay for lease is fitted to a high standard with panoramic spaces looking out onto the rapidly recognizable Downtown district and the Burj Khalifa.

In terms of admission to the building, RTA bus route vehicles from the Business Bay metro to the Ubora Tower regularly connect the Tenants to the Metro. As well as having an easy entrance to Sheikh Zayed Road.

2. Is Dubai the Most Dynamic Place to Do Business?

‘The City Momentum Index’, a leader in real estate and investment management, classifies Dubai among the 130 most dynamic cities in the world.

Dubai is the 14th city in a list that classifies countries according to the attraction of talent, the expansion of innovation centers, and urban planning. It is the first time that Dubai has ranked in the top 20 in three years.

The report emphasized government initiatives such as new visa regulations designed for foreigners. The demographic attractiveness of the Dubai population, between 20 and 40 years old, also had its emphasis. The report highlights Dubai’s ambitious sustainability goals. They aim for a 30% reduction in energy and water use by 2030 as well as a 75% increase in clean energy use by 2050. Finally, Dubai also stood out as a world leader in the development of Smart Cities.

According to the report, cities in the MENA region are rapidly emerging as dynamic in the real estate sector. Nairobi and Riyadh with the fourth and eighteenth positions are also among the most dynamic cities in the world. This is very relevant as it makes Dubai one of the most attractive cities to do business and grow as a company, and the dynamic of Office for rent in Sharjah or office for rent in Abu dhabi is completely different to Dubai.

3. How Can We Help You Obtain More Information About office space in Dubai?

Finding the best office space is a pronounced benefit for your business. In Connect Business Centers we make things easier, you will not have to struggle while choosing the best working space near you. We offer varied options that fit your necessities.

We would like to guarantee that you can discover the best place, the spot of your dreams. Discover how offices in Dubai fit your ideas and budget. Connect Business Centers has more than 20 years of experience. We have been mastering our locating services and building systems to offer our clients the best results.

Contact Business Centers has the ability to allow your industry growth. We offer our services to small, medium, and big companies all through the UAE. Our mission is to be the bridge between you and your perfect coworking space.

Wherever it is your work, it is important to love the space. If you are looking for office spaces for lease with an incredible factor, then contact us today to schedule a consultation to help you find an office space for rent in Dubai.

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Co-working Spaces in Dubai: Boosting Efficiency and Networking

working space

Our efficiency levels are impacted by our atmospheres. Some people work better in harmony and in a quiet place, while others are more efficient in a busy working space. With Dubai being a great entrepreneurial hub, much of the country’s population has their own commerce or works freelance so these places are the best solution to provide a unique location to work from.

In this article, we will explain why looking for a working space in a city as active and lively as Dubai becomes easier when you have to yourself a list of some of the best co-working spaces in Dubai.

  1. What are the common reasons why companies opt for co-working spaces?
  2. What are the disadvantages of shared office spaces?
  3. Advantages of co-working spaces.
  4. Understand the dynamics of co-working spaces.
  5. How do co-working spaces in Dubai work?
  6. Looking for working space
  7. How can Contact Business Centers help you get more information about co-working spaces in Dubai?

1. What are the Common Reasons Why Companies opt for Co-working Spaces?

  • Cost: This system is handy for start-up corporations. Most start-ups today are in the high-tech sector. This means it requires working spaces with facilities such as video conferencing, VoIP-enabled phones, Internet lines, etc. However, equipping all these facilities from scratch is expensive for start-ups, who are usually strapped for cash.
  • Infrastructure: Joint workspaces allow reducing the cost of the operation without affecting the quality of the infrastructure. Typically, such shared workspaces have conference rooms and even video conferencing facilities. Companies got ready infrastructures from day one.
  • Travel comfort: Several multinational companies tend to opt for this model in cities. This is because these companies do not require a full office in those cities. Instead, they have a team of 10 to 15 people. They do not want to compromise on the quality of the office space or the facilities they offer their employees.
  • Shorter commute times Employees in big cities are tired of spending hours going to and from work. In addition to an eight or more-hour job, many people spend many hours commuting. This travel time does not add value and therefore should be eliminated.

2. What are the disadvantages of shared office spaces?

  • Cost allocation: Cost allocation in a shared office can be a very difficult task. In a rented office, the business pays all bills for electricity, water, property taxes, etc. However, in a shared workplace, these costs must be prorated. This is where the disagreements start to happen.

Each company may believe in a more appropriate metric to allocate expenses. Also, since the project is being shared, companies will not have an incentive to minimize the use of electricity, water, or other such expensive resources. Developers are trying to circumvent this problem by including these costs within the rental prices. However, that ends up causing a waste of resources and even leads to disputes in many cases.

  • Privacy: Shared office spaces are cheaper and have a better structure. However, most companies would not feel comfortable locating their critical operations in such facilities. The reason behind this is simple. There is a chance that data or other intellectual property will be stolen.

The future of office spaces is likely to be a combination of the two representations. Regular and mundane work, which is not mission-critical, can be done in shared workspaces, due to the lower costs and other advantages they offer. However, high-end tasks involving sensitive data and strategy information may continue to fall within the purview of leased workspaces.

3. Advantages of Co-working spaces

They normally lead to more significant and prolific work. Another reason co-working spaces in Dubai have become a trend is that they often help people be more productive.

They also develop as professionals much faster, but why? One reason could be aesthetics and atmosphere. The co-working space is planned to inspire workers. Your regular co-working space can offer you a much more pleasant work environment than a traditional space.

Many people are and feel more creative when they work organized with other hard-working people. If this sounds like you, it is probably a good idea to find your hub of productivity and professionalism.

And finally, co-working spaces in Dubai for freelancers. By familiarizing yourself with the concept of co-working space, you will be able to establish the boundaries between your personal and workspace. Everything you need is provided, the distractions of home life are removed, and you have a quiet, purpose-built place to focus on your tasks. Connect Business Centers can help you with this type of office space.

4. Understand the Dynamics of a Co-working Space

Co-working spaces in Dubai can help with isolation and networking.

In case you work from home, you should know already how easy it is to find a cabin. The presence of co-working spaces can give you something that is an elusive factor that you need for your productive day.

No matter how great your home office is, getting out and getting some fresh air can do wonders for your motivation and happiness. And even working one day a week in a shared office space can give you a clear sense of place and purpose.

The shared office space is also a great place to expand your network. You will meet people from all areas of work and walks of life. Just visiting co-working spaces in Dubai will offer you more opportunities for collaboration. If you are a freelancer but lack social interaction and communication in the working space, co-working could be the missing link.

In short, co-working is a common workplace for professionals. They are often used as an alternative to working from home as they provide an office environment where some people find work easier or more stimulating. Co-working spaces in Dubai typically include Wi-Fi, desks, breakout areas, conference rooms, printing, faxing, and scanning facilities, and shared kitchens.

5. How Do co-working Spaces Work?

Most shared workspaces work on a subscription basis, so you can rent a working space for a year, a month, or even an hour, but this is not the only option. This is a common question when renting a working space.

5.1 How do you get a place in the co-working space in Dubai?

Depending on where you go, you can get a place, but as a rule, there will be some form of application. Usually, there is an online form to fill out, and then depending on the total work area, there may be other steps for you.

It is cheaper to rent than a traditional office, it does not require the same long-term commitment, while commercial offices generally require a minimum rental period of two years. If you are thinking of setting up an office rental business, our agency has all the solutions.

The existence of co-working spaces could give you something that is often indescribable. An important motive to get out of your house. No matter how great your home office is, getting outside and getting some fresh air can do wonders for your motivation and happiness.

Social connections at work provide support, and feeling helpful to other people is a crucial way to generate positive emotions.

Teamwork is the essence of knowledge work that encompasses four activities: learning, socializing, collaborating, and concentrating. Three of these activities engage two or more people in creating, evaluating, and building on knowledge to generate new ideas and creative solutions. Modernization is a consequence of teamwork.

6. Looking for Working Space

6.1 Nasab by KOA

A luxurious community with a workplace and a club for UAE’s most captivating “thought frontrunners and game-changers”. The place has an elegant visual that makes you feel at home. Applicants should prove their level of interest, in order to be considered.

Cost: Nasab has restructured its membership into three levels. Drop-in allows unique business owners to rent an office for the day, with prices starting from AED140.

Characteristics: Apart from the interminable facilities and beautiful interior, the club also has systematic events, workshops, and deliberations to help the associates to collaborate. You can also have access to some stunning swimming pools and a tennis court.

Koa Canvas. Wadi Al Safa 3. Dubai.

6.2  A4 Space

Situated in the art hub of Dubai, Alserkal Avenue, the coffee shop is an absolute winner, with delightful organic produce and drinks from homegrown favorite Raw Coffee Company. There are desks upstairs and small reading nooks you can climb into and lose yourself in a book.

Cost: The place is free to use.

Characteristics: Great Wi-Fi, a cinema screening area, and a community library.

Warehouse 4, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai.

6.3 Astrolabs

Located in JLT, the sun streams into Astrolab’s workstation and brightens an enormous ‘Make It Happen’ symbol on the wall as tech start-ups work away at their projects. It is a community feels with success stories.

Cost: Prices start from AED750 per month; AED 1,500 will get you a flexible membership with 24/7 admission and additional bonuses; and it is AED 2,500 per month when signing up to an annual agreement, including an employment license, sponsor for five residents, and access all the time.

Characteristics: With an emphasis on tech industries, the place is perfect for businesspersons with open plans, bookable meeting places to stay, a coding cave, and a device lab to check your apps.

Cluster R, Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

6.4 Nook

This place’s design focuses on helping sports, fitness, and wellness industrialists set up and run their commerce. They offer profitable licensing and space in a cooperative working atmosphere.

Cost: Co-working desks start from AED60 per day, AED250 per week, or AED 1,000 per month. Still, you can also rent office spaces, studios, ‘Zoom rooms’, event rooms, forum areas, and much more.

Characteristics: Purpose-built studios and exercise areas with showers and changing facilities in place. Regular public socials, talks, and training workshops. Furthermore, all co-working plans include a marketable license for your company.

Nook, One JLT, Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

7. How Can Contact Business Centers Help You Get More Information About Co-working Spaces in Dubai?

Finding a co-working business space is a great advantage for your company. That is why we are here. In Connect Business Centers we make things easier, you will not have to struggle while selecting the best co-working space near you. We offer diverse alternatives that fit your requirements.

We would like to guarantee that you can discover the best place, the spot of your dreams. Discover how the trend of offices in Dubai fits your ideas and budget. Connect Business Centers has more than 20 years of experience. We have been mastering our locating services and building systems to make the best out of this.

Contact Business Centers has the ability to allow your industry growth. We offer our services to small, medium, and big companies all through the UAE. Our mission is to be the bridge between you and your perfect co-working place

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The Trend of Office Spaces in Dubai: Home Office to Shared Spaces

offices in dubai

In these recent years, there have been many changes in the way we work. We are slowly shifting from working from home to sharing office space. Shared offices in Dubai and other regions are trendier than ever. Established companies and startups are beginning to take advantage of their multiple benefits.

In this article, you will know everything about offices in Dubai. And why they are so trendy right now. Also, we will tell you about the different co-working spaces there are. Helping you have a wiser approach when deciding which one is the best for your business. Let us see:

  1. What is an office space?
  2. Types of office space
  3. What should I consider before renting office space?
  4. Why are offices in Dubai so trendy right now?
  5. How can I find the perfect workspace in Dubai?
  6. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

1. What is an Office Space?

Office space is a place inside a building that offers a suitable environment for office operations. Offices in Dubai come in every shape and size. For this reason, finding a great workspace to conduct business operations can be overwhelming. With professional advice, you can find a suitable space for your company.

Office spaces allow companies to have more flexibility while focusing on the human experience of the workplace. They provide a good distribution of employees, letting them have their own space. Employers rent these spaces for a specific time and then leave when the contract is over. These contracts specify every aspect of the renting process.

Renting offices in Dubai is a common practice. Generally, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, startup companies, and freelancers are the ones making use of these spaces. Their costs are always lower than renting a traditional office. And the best co-working spaces in Dubai offer many amenities that will help your business succeed.

These spaces allow companies to develop the creativity of their employees, providing them with tailored services that will make them feel free while working on their projects. Working in office spaces can increase workforce productivity by giving everyone the tools to remain focused on their jobs.

2. Types of Office Space

Working spaces in Dubai adjust to any necessity. They are varied, and the biggest ones can accommodate a certain amount of people at the same time. Finding a pleasant workspace will require some effort. Employers frequently hire the services of an agency to help them deal with the complications of renting offices in Dubai. The most common office spaces are:

2.1 Flexi-Desk

A flexible desk is a small office where you can conduct your business. Freelancers and independent contractors make use of these spaces. Having an office to conduct your business is mandatory by the UAE government. Therefore, renting a flexible desk can be a good idea to start your operations.

Flexible desks are typically in the business center of the region. They usually come with amenities such as a phone, internet, fax, and P.O. box. Renting of these spaces is valid for 18 to 25 hours per week. Flexible desks allow freelancers to have office space for a limited cost.

2.2 Traditional Offices

For big corporations, traditional office space is the best option to conduct their trading. They offer employees private and quiet areas to work and handle their clients. In addition, traditional office spaces provide confidentiality, as they are meant to be occupied by one organization at a certain time.

Renting contracts for offices in Dubai can go from one to five years. Subsequently, if you are planning to stay in the space for a long time this place can be a great option. Traditional office spaces can help companies build a culture among their workers. And they can feel freer to commute and learn teamwork.

2.3 Virtual Offices

A virtual office can be an ideal option when companies are looking to save money while still looking professional. It is a compilation of services that gives a different twist to remote working. Its amenities include access to conference rooms, phone answering services, postal addresses, day desks, and more.

Virtual spaces are practical for everyone looking for professional services at a low cost. With access to one, you can work from the comfort of your home or any other place. Acquiring these services will allow you to develop your brand in any geographical area. Ultimately, having a virtual office can help you save time while working in a healthier environment.

2.4 Co-working Space

Renting a co-working space in Dubai is very beneficial. It allows startup companies to develop easier and build a networking scheme. You can rent a co-working space daily, monthly, or yearly. Sharing office space can allow companies to remain within budget while focusing on maintaining their business operations.

Co-working spaces offer meeting rooms, break rooms, phones, internet, technology, and other shared amenities and spaces. In addition to these benefits, they often encourage social interaction between all parties involved. These can be panel discussions, organized events, happy hours, and more.

2.5 Modern Office Space

These types of offices in Dubai are more popular each day. They count with high ceilings, wood floors, large windows, fewer walls, and private offices. In short, it is an open space meant for community and collaboration. Due to the lack of barriers, they offer a more communicative and transparent environment.

These spaces are more efficient, allowing you to fit more employees at tables or rows than in individual cubicles. Tech companies and creative agencies mostly prefer modern office spaces. However, financial institutions and other large corporations are exploring the benefits of this type of space.

2.6 Shared Office Space

Shared spaces are leased by big companies with extra offices. They rent it to smaller companies, freelancers, and remote employees looking for a place to finish their projects. This situation is beneficial to both parties, as it permits tenants to generate a passive income while leasers can work in a flexible space at a lower cost.

Having a shared office in Dubai allows you to grow and expand your business, providing you and your employees the privacy and freedom necessary to remain productive. Before looking for a shared space you should know the advantages and disadvantages that it brings. Making an educated decision must be your main objective.

2.7 Executive Suite

This type of space is one of the most luxurious there is. They occupy a whole floor space within a building and are equipped with top-of-the-notch technology. Other perks of an executive suite include furnishing, internet access, a conference room, a break room, a reception area, and more indispensable tools and services.

You and your team will be all set and ready to start working after renting this space. Most private office suites offer monthly rent or terms in three to twelve-month increments. Executive offices are for big companies looking for a grand space to hold their staff and receive clients.

3. What should I Consider Before Renting Office Space?

There are many options to choose from when renting offices in Dubai. Consequently, it can become a stressful process for any inexperienced individual. Before renting office space you have to consider what are your necessities. Finding a place that covers your requirements needs to be your focus.

If you are a freelancer, you may be comfortable with a flexible office space or a virtual office. On the other hand, if you have a company with employees, you may require a bigger space such as a traditional office or a modern space.

The location of an office in Dubai is a vital factor to consider when renting a space. You have to ensure that it is near the clientele you wish to reach. The renting price of a particular place can vary. It depends on the size, the amenities, and the location zone.

Besides the rent, you should consider other financial factors such as local tax and other expenses. Once you have your options laid out on the table, you need to set a budget. Then, calculate if renting your desired place fits within it.

There are many things to contemplate before renting shared offices in Dubai. It can be a challenging process if you are navigating it alone. Acquiring the services of a rental agency can help you manage any difficulty. These agents can help you find the right place, review the contract, and act as a bridge between you and the landlord.

4. Why are offices in Dubai so trendy right now?

The popularity of rental offices in Dubai is growing mainly because the government encourages freelancers and startups to find headquarters to run their businesses. The demand for various types of spaces is increasing in the UAE. The regional market is growing, and companies are offering hybrid work models.

This is due to this new generation of individuals comprehending an increasing proportion of the office workforce. Pressuring big corporations to accommodate at least 35% of their total staff in shared spaces. As the market for flexible offices develops, managers and employees alike hope that traditional spaces can evolve too.

The concept of shared offices in Dubai is here to stay. As the region is aligning to experience a major shift with new tax and labor law regulations. Companies are going to start looking for a way to reduce costs and renting spaces is a good way of achieving it.

Workspaces are a cost-efficient way for investors to start their businesses. Additionally, it allows them to have more flexibility. They can choose how long they want to rent and what amenities they require. Co-working spaces similarly offer renters the chance to expand their networking opportunities.

Renting an office in Dubai provides companies with an environment that feels safe. They can share a space without having to worry about privacy issues. Shared office spaces count with services, such as security camera systems, system security, and more.

5. How Can I Find the Perfect Workspace in Dubai?

Finding the perfect workspace in Dubai is a hazardous task. Most companies regularly hire rental agencies to help them search for that idyllic environment. A place where they can feel free and creative while conducting their businesses. An office space should feel like a home to employees.

Navigating through the process of renting offices in Dubai requires you to have enough knowledge on the issue. You must be aware of:

  • First, where the best places in the city are.
  • Second, what the advantages of each place are.
  • Third, how much is the rental price?
  • Fourth, if it is big enough for your whole team.

You can search places by their location, keeping in mind the kind of customers you want to attract. You could search by property type, as well, inclining your decision towards the type of office that covers your necessities.

Searching by contract type is an optimum option, too, to find properties that offer their services for a required amount of time. Finally, you can opt to search by price, finding cost-efficient offices in Dubai with great benefits. You need to balance each place and choose one that fits your needs.

It is important to remember that you should satisfy your curiosity and ask as many questions as you need before renting a workspace. Knowledge will be your main ally when going through this process. Having a team of experts supporting you can be beneficial to your business.

6. How Can Connect Business Center Help You?

Connect Business Centers is your best partner to rent offices in Dubai. We are here for you to make this process as swift as possible. Our company wants to be the link between you and your perfect shared space.

We have been in the rental business for more than twenty years, offering leasing alternatives to every type of corporation. We have a wide variety of properties, so you can choose one that fits your necessities. Our agents are specialized in searching, evaluating, and negotiating the rent and lease of offices in Dubai.

If you are looking for help to start your rental office business, you can count on us. We will take care of advertising your property, finding the perfect tenants, and dealing with any legal query you may encounter. With our support, you can take your business to the next level in no time.

Our agents at Connect Business Centers offer their PRO services to have your interests covered in more areas. We will deal with any risk you have with your rental business, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your company. Our mission is to empower investors and entrepreneurs by giving them the necessary tools to achieve their objectives.

Are you interested in renting offices in Dubai? If you want a space to conduct your business, you can contact us to receive more information about our services. Feel free to give us a call at +97143316688. Or you can email us at, and one of our agents will answer all your questions.

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How to Start an Office Space Rental Business?

Office space to rent

In this contemporary era of freelancing and working from home, fluctuations are always around the corner. Startup companies are continuously searching for the best co-working spaces to establish themselves and start growing. Because of that, the future is looking bright for people looking to start an office space rental business.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to start your own office space to rental in business. In the same way, if you happen to have an extra workspace that looks perfect for renting, this is your chance to earn an extra income. Let’s take a look:

  1. What is Office Space?
  2. Why Should I Rent my Space as an Office?
  3. Is starting an Office Space Rental Business profitable?
  4. What do I need to start renting Office Space in the UAE?
  5. What are the benefits of starting an Office Space Rental Business in Dubai?
  6. How can I attract more tenants to my Office Space?
  7. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

1. What is Office Space?

By definition, office space is a workplace that provides an appropriately equipped place for a company that needs it. Furthermore, the best co-working spaces offer their clients a place to be used primarily as:

  • Conference room.
  • Reception area.
  • Working area for personnel.
  • Meeting rooms.

Check this link to learn more about what people want to know before leasing a Virtual Office.

Additionally, a rental office space provides renters with services, amenities, and accommodations such as:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Furniture (desks, sofas, chairs, etcetera).
  • Onsite Support.
  • Computers, laptops, printers, and scanners.
  • Storage areas and more.

Your main goal, as a business owner, will always be to offer the best co-working space where anyone can manage their business. It has to be a place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, etcetera; can feel like they can establish their companies. It needs to be a space where creativity can run free.

In short, office space is a workspace suited to an atmosphere that must be ideal for business operations. Renting a working space is the first move that small businesses make when they’re looking for expansion. Subsequently, it must offer the ideal atmosphere for companies to grow.

Click here to know about other alternatives that startups are looking for in Dubai.

2. Why Should I Rent my Space as an Office?

These days, new companies are in a constant search for establishment. So, when looking for the right place, they’re willing to offer a good amount of money for renting space. In these challenging times, people are always hunting for a way to earn a side income. Subsequently, if you have office space available for rent will do wonders for your monthly earnings.

Due to the high demand for the best co-working spaces, people have been thinking about starting an office space rental business. Even as a part-time occupation, it will help you produce a solid source of income for you. Instead of letting that warehouse or extra office remain unoccupied, you should certainly contemplate transforming it into the perfect working environment.  

Many people are passionate about making their businesses grow, but that can’t be done from anywhere. For example, freelancers are starting to feel uncomfortable about having to work and commute from their own homes. While working from home sounds idyllic, this working environment isn’t as good as some of the best co-working spaces out there.

Putting an office space for rent is a big decision. For this reason, it’s important to outline and execute a careful plan, as it will serve as a strategic marketing resource for your business. Knowing how to promote a workspace for rent can be a difficult experience. Therefore, we’re here for you, to help you make the best decisions.

3. Is starting an Office Space Rental Business profitable?

Undeniably, renting out spaces is a very popular way to earn money in the UAE right now. More people are starting to transform their old warehouses into a big or a small office for rent. If you’re wise and play your cards right, you can make a stable profit from renting spaces. 

  • Understanding the needs and desires of your possible clients is the key to having a successful business.
  • Some desks and chairs in an unoccupied office can become the headquarters of any small company looking to expand.
  • Subsequently, you can convert your property into one of the best co-working spaces out there. Allowing you to have an extra income for expenses.

In short, that small space can become a flexible desk for freelancers or anyone looking for a place to start their business. Of course, having just a space isn’t everything if you want to attract future renters. You need to transform it into the best co-working space for people to commute.

Unquestionably, renters are looking for a workspace that makes them feel inspired. If your place meets their requirements, you could even earn more than the average renting cost. In addition, people are starting to realize the big advantages that renting a working space can bring to their companies.

So, even if you have to spend money turning your property into the perfect space, a profit is assured. Entrepreneurs are always on the look for a workspace. So, even if some leasers go, there will always be someone interested in renting your space.

Here you can learn more about the things a rented meeting room should have in it in Dubai.

4. What do I need to start renting Office Space in the UAE?

If you’re thinking about starting your space rental business, you must understand the industry that you’re getting into. Firstly, it’s always great to know how strong your competition is. Before opening your business, is good to have a good look at where it’ll fit among the best co-working spaces around.

Nonetheless, there are legal requisites and boundaries to set up a commercial office for rent in the UAE. It’s very important for you, as a future renter and business owner, to meet every single one of these stipulations. Undoubtedly, you’ll need assistance with this area, and that’s where our company comes in handy.

Once a business owner or an investor has a place ready to rent, they need to look for people to start renting. The number of renters you’ll receive in your office space will depend on its quality, services, amenities, and pricing. The best co-working spaces are the ones that offer better benefits, receiving more clients per month and a higher income for you.

5. What are the benefits of starting an Office Space Rental Business in Dubai?

The advantages of putting up an office on rent in the UAE can be quite attractive:

  • Firstly, the fact that you can earn money out of renting an unoccupied location that you may have is very attractive.
  • Secondly, Dubai is the main business location that makes operations like this one easier and smoother for investors. Offering benefits like light tax laws for companies.
  • Thirdly, getting to know businesspeople from different areas can be good for networking. Sometimes, word of mouth can be a great way to promote yourself.
  • Lastly, offering these spaces to professionals who are looking to make a change in the world can be quite rewarding.

Dubai is a stable and developed location that can give many opportunities to tenants and landlords alike. Setting up a space and making it into one of the best co-working spaces can be a reality if you put in the work. The UAE is an ideal place to set up your business due to its widespread development in every sector.

Here are the things people consider before renting a shared office space in Dubai.

Offering the right place for a widespread amount of clients can be the best way to operate. Having a well-equipped office can give you many benefits, like the ones mentioned before. But, the most attractive of them all is the income that you’ll receive if you decide to rent your space. Regardless of if it’s a daily or monthly lease, your earnings will be on constant growth.

6. How can I attract more tenants to my Office Space?

The art of promoting your business is a difficult task. But, with the right kind of help, your place can become one of the best co-working spaces. Potential tenants need to feel that their necessities are being covered, they need to know the difference between your offering and other places. Have in mind the next tips before advertising your business:

  • Convert your property into the best co-workingspace available for rent, for example, buy nice furniture and technology to make the best out of your place.
  • Identify the right renting price for a space like yours. Comparing your prices with others can help you manage competitive market fees.
  • Find the proper way to advertise it. Of course that promoting your business on social media platforms is helpful, but you’ll need professionals to allow you to gain more reach.
  • Try your best to make your renters feel welcomed and inspired. A great work environment can skyrocket your property to one of the best co-working spaces in Dubai.

Are you interested in finding out what makes renters choose office spaces for rent? Click here!

With this in mind, you need to make sure that your tenants meet the needed criteria through an application form. You must need to know their social security number, references, personal details, and business information. Also, you can check their credit history to make sure that they’re reliable enough to rent your facilities.

7. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

Becoming the best co-working space is not a job for just one person. You’ll need a company to help you lease your office space. In Connect Business Centers we can offer you great deals to start your office space rental business. We have many alternatives that will allow you to get more tenants in no time.

With this intention, Connect Business Centers is a platform that links you with potential renters in the UAE. Our marketing strategies are the best for these cases. Undoubtedly, many great landlords have been trusting us with their properties for listing on our platform. We’re the best option in the market.

We’ll guide you through the legal process that conveys having a nice workplace available for rent. We want to make sure that you’re taking every advantage that our innovative tools can offer. With the help of Connect Business Centers, you can meet all of your necessities.

Besides, our company has more than two decades of experience, being a part of Connect Group since 1998. Our team is capable of finding people eager for a workplace for rent from all across the country. We’re devoted to being the bridge between you and the perfect renters for your office space rental business.

Would you like to contact Connect Business Centers to obtain more information about how to start your own Office Space rental business in Dubai? If you have any questions, contact us on +97143316688. Or you can also email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will gladly answer all of your questions.

Apply now by sending us your CV to Additionally,   we won’t store CVs and resumes that you send to Don’t hesitate any longer!

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Best Coworking Spaces in Abu Dhabi

Coworking Spaces in Abu Dhabi

Currently, using coworking spaces has become a popular and cost-effective alternative for many individual professionals and corporations. In fact, the most frequent users of coworking spaces are freelancers, startups, and small businesses. For entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses, coworking spaces are very convenient due to their low costs and useful amenities.

If you desire to work in Abu Dhabi as a freelancer or investor, coworking spaces are among your best options. Therefore, we can help you find the most suitable coworking space that fulfills all your business needs in Abu Dhabi. Now, let’s see some of the available options that you can find in this emirate.

1. Connect Business Centers

Connect Business Centers stands out as one of the top coworking spaces in Abu Dhabi, providing a premium environment for professionals and businesses to thrive. They also offer executive offices, meeting room, and shared office spaces.

2. Servcorp.

Servcorp offers a variety of packages that can suit your requirements perfectly. And the available coworking spaces are very affordable and include all services and amenities that you need. Plus, you can enjoy a variety of features, such as access to customized services and spaces.

3. GlassQube Coworking.

This one is also among the most qualified coworking spaces in this city since it offers several high-quality services. Besides, it also provides useful enterprise solutions and fully-equipped offices for all customers. Moreover, there are many other facilities that you can enjoy for multiple purposes.

4. Regus.

Due to its state-of-the-art facilities and services, you can be sure that you’ll get an excellent working experience. And you can choose between several coworking space options so you can have a comfortable and productive time.

5. Wework.

With an organized system and experienced staff, coworking spaces at Wework are also a competitive option. If you choose this alternative, you’ll be able to get all the amenities and tools that you need to work comfortably. As a result, a satisfying experience is guaranteed.

6. Witwork.

This is option is ideal for both freelancers and new investors who are setting up their businesses. Witwork includes lots of useful amenities and excellent services to guarantee the most suitable and efficient coworking spaces. And depending on your needs, you can have a weekly, monthly, or quarterly membership.

7. Cloud Spaces.

This is a perfect coworking space option that you can find in a prime location. In fact, you can boost your business activities and productivity by using these coworking spaces. Cloud Spaces also offers different packages that include multiple facilities, 24/7 access, and more.

8. Makateb Business Center.

And this other option is convenient if you live and work in Al Zahiyah Community. And using the coworking spaces that it offers, you can enjoy a relaxed and friendly environment without discomfort or distractions. Besides, you’ll receive all the necessary services and amenities.

9. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

Finding available business properties is easier with Connect Business Centers by your side. And by requesting our services, you can find the spaces you need to operate your business, including coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and more. Call us on +97143316688 or email us at to get more information about our available services.