Learn more about Trade Name Registration in Dubai

Trade name registration in Dubai is among the earliest stages in the process of forming a company. Many times, it coincides with its registered legal name. Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) carries out this procedure. All business firms wishing to incorporate in the UAE must register their trade name. It is a required step […]

Know if a tenant can register Ejari online

Ejari is a government program to promote real estate by delivering smart services, matching real estate regulations, and managing resources. It was decided that all rental services should be registered online through the Ejari system to make Dubai the top real estate destination worldwide. One returning doubt among many is “can a tenant register Ejari […]

Ejari Registration Centers: Register a tenancy contract with Ejari in Dubai

There are several rules in Dubai to restrict the possible difficulties between a tenant and a landlord. One of these laws is the requirement to register a lease with Ejari. Ejari registration centers are the spots where Ejari certificates are processed. These documents ensure openness and transparency, fully integrating lease terms into the legal system […]

Know how to start a business in Dubai without money

Can you start a business in Dubai without money? Believe it or not, the answer could be yes. Of course, it is not the most common thing to try to run a business without some capital. It is not even recommended, considering that it is not enough to open the business legally but to operate […]

Understanding the role of a business center in a hotel

For some, thinking of a business center in a hotel may seem mindless. But it is not indeed such a strange mixture. It was not in the past, much less is it today. In fact, the first business centers also acted in hotels as small spaces next to the front services. They were available to […]

A brief idea on the services offered by business centers in Dubai

New times need fresh approaches to entrepreneur leadership. It is also the story built around business centers in Dubai. This industry is aimed to assist in part of the administration of new firms seeking to raise productivity and enhance asset efficiency. It has been living a continued boom for many years. In this article, we […]

A complete idea on how much a virtual office with Ejari cost in Dubai

Dubai has consistently been regarded as one of the most ideal business destinations on the planet. It is also suitable for establishing a virtual workplace. And all is owing to the locational benefits that this Emirate provides to enterprises. For this reason, more people are wondering how to set up a virtual office in Dubai. […]

Understanding the importance of PRO services for companies in Dubai

Dubai is an appreciated site for business people, entrepreneurs, and investors from all over the world. However, for many, the business world or the Middle East may be highly upsetting. This is when Dubai’s business centers and experts in PRO services come in. In this article, we will discuss the key advantages of PRO services […]

Learn more about where and how to find an Ejari typing center in Dubai

“Ejari” is an Arabic expression that translates as “my rent.” However, in the context of real estate businesses in the UAE, an Ejari center is a system that governs the contract between landlords and renters of properties. Since 2007, it has been part of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). In this article, we will […]

The popularity and the benefits of a business center in Dubai

A business center in Dubai is more than a necessity for any company. In effect, it is a promise of success. Moreover, business centers are allies able to provide great workplaces, be they virtual or serviced offices, and at the same time build networks with relevant business and governmental bodies. In the article, we will […]

Finding an office for rent in Abu Dhabi: How to select the best one?

The business of offices Abu Dhabi is continuously in the news. It is a relevant subject, even worldwide, because it is about developing company strategies, hiring remote people, expanding into new markets, and saving money on overhead. This is why we are going to take a look at how to find the best office for […]

Main factors to consider about the offices for rent in Business Bay

When you start searching for an office for rent, you must know that this is a wise money-saving option. Especially if you are starting in business needing a local address for all communications and growth. But an office for rent in Business Bay in Dubai must be considered a bet on something more relevant. It is […]

Why are virtual offices in Abu Dhabi one of the most chosen options?

A virtual office is a rentes space with online business solutions that allow employees to work from anywhere. That lease can be an address that is not occupied or only eventually used. It allows small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from all the pluses of an admired address, landline numbers, and team support without binding to […]

Find the best coworking spaces in Abu Dhabi

Coworking spaces are locations where people can go and work on projects together. In effect, they are collaborative working places allowing members to operate alone but cooperate if desired while sharing the same services, as they offer the best professional and collaborative atmosphere. There are currently around 17,000 coworking spaces in the world. Indeed, it […]

Serviced offices in Dubai: The dynamics of office setup

Setting up a business in an unknown place is a high-risk challenge for any entrepreneur. But if that place is Dubai, without a doubt, it is also a great break due to its extraordinary performance as an investment center. Still, when the situation is closely analyzed, many support mechanisms have been developed in the country […]

Digital offices: The office setup transformation

The COVID pandemic has served to test many ways of arranging remote work in the business world. Digital offices reached an impact never seen before. The question now is how to get the workforce back to regular sites. However, these offices seem obliged to change utterly. In this article, we will address the new meaning […]

Business Centers at Business Bay: Find the best serviced offices in this location

Dubai is one of the most attractive places for new businesses worldwide. In the Emirate, the growth of the serviced office trade, led by the business centers at Business Bay, stands out. Subsequently, having access to serviced offices in Dubai has proven enables almost any business to rise to the top. In this article, we […]

Coworking space: Factors to consider before selecting one

New firms on the planet are growing at very high rates, as are alternative workplaces. Those are the outcomes of policies encouraging the growth of companies and technologies, and the greater acceptance of remote work. It is worth noting that the coworking spaces in Dubai Marina are among the most thriving worldwide. In this article, […]

Residency visas in passports will be replaced by the UAE ID

The promotion of technological innovation in various areas of life is a relevant characteristic of the UAE. That is particularly true in business affairs. Now, the country goes a step further by introducing new forms of identification for both nationals and foreigners. Specifically, they have decided to replace the stamp of the residency visa in […]

The best business centers in Dubai

Perhaps the splendid aspects of Dubai might make people people at all businesses in the country must be expensive. But that is not the case. In Dubai, the offer of products and services reaches all types of population, some wealthy, others not so much. The market for firms in the business centers area does not […]

Virtual offices: Debugging myths according to the business community

Virtual offices are rented spaces away from the company’s headquarters with online business solutions that allow employees to work from anywhere worldwide. This type of work scheme is nowadays a powerful trend. Although it is an option long ago present in the business world, now is taking advantage of the most recent evolution of business […]

Flexi desk offices in Dubai are becoming trendier than ever before

Globalization and new technologies have given rise to what is known as the digital transformation of companies. In this new context, the needs of companies change and workspaces must adapt to them. Flexi desk offices offer companies the adaptability and flexibility they need these days. In this article, explain why the flexi desk office model or […]

Book your serviced office for rent with Connect Zone

A serviced office for rent is any type of company that offers business services to its clients, in exchange for some form of compensation. The term has often been used to describe any business that provides technical support services to businesses of all sizes. As well as some kind of financial institution. In this article, […]

Understanding workplace design dynamics in Dubai

The workplace is the place that a worker occupies when performing a task. Therefore, the workplace must be designed in an ergonomic and preventive way, to avoid illnesses related to poor working conditions, as well as to ensure that work is productive. In this article, we will explain that the position must be taking into […]

Find out why Business Centers in Dubai are a popular choice among startups

A business center is a location that offers physical workspaces. These can be offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, or co-working spaces. Among the main services of business centers, you can find the virtual office service, physical workspaces, training spaces, meeting rooms, etc. They also have a complete service for customers that includes reception, secretarial, administrative […]

Get your best meeting room for rent in Dubai with Connect Zone

The offices of many companies are preparing to facilitate hybrid work, in which some employees will work remotely and others will share physical space in these places. In this redesign of the offices, the meeting rooms in Dubai will play an important role. In this article, we will present to you the keys to getting […]

An overview on the excellent executive office spaces available in Dubai

The managed office space culture is relatively new, but executive office spaces are extremely popular in the business world. And why would not it be, given that they are redefining the entire process of establishing a workplace? In this article, you will learn everything about outstanding executive office spaces you can find in Dubai. Looking […]

Flexible office space is becoming trendier than ever before in the UAE

Flexible office space is a type of space designed to give employees different places and ways to work. Unlike traditional offices with fixed and assigned desks, workers in these office spaces can choose the area of ​​the office that best suits the type of work they need to do at the time. In this article, […]

Dynamics of the office spaces in Dubai with the best views

Did you know that we spend over one-third of our lives at work? This is why it is so essential to have an office space in Dubai that is dynamic and we like working in. As a prosperous business hub, Dubai is home to some fantastic workplaces, with spectacular views. There is nothing better than […]

Learn more about co-working spaces in Dubai

Our efficiency levels are impacted by our atmospheres. Some people work better in harmony and a quiet place, others are more efficient in a busy working space. With Dubai being a great entrepreneurial hub, much of the country’s population have their own commerce or works freelance so these places are the best solution to provide […]

Have you wondered what a virtual office is? Find out here

More and more business owners are asking themselves: what is a virtual office setup and how can it benefit my business? Advances in technology are helping to make life easier around the world and businesses are no exception. Business owners and industry leaders are turning to the digital world to increase profits and more easily […]

Everything about offices for rent in Dubai for setting up your business

Selecting an office space for rent in Dubai is a hard decision. Not choosing the perfect space to set up your business could lead to an unsuccessful result. The location of a company can be critical for its profitability. Thus, acquiring knowledge and receiving professional advice is imperative before renting a space. In this article, […]

The trend of offices in Dubai

In these recent years, there have been many changes in the way we work. We are slowly shifting from working from home to sharing office space. Shared offices in Dubai and other regions are trendier than ever. Established companies and startups are beginning to take advantage of their multiple benefits. In this article, you will […]

Do Employees Working in the UAE Need PRO Services?

In the last decade, the economy and quality of life in the UAE have been growing at an astronomic level. Therefore, organizations and their employees are on a constant lookout to establish their businesses in the region. Usually recurring to hire PRO services in Dubai to supervise the company’s brand. In this article, you will […]

How to Start an Office Space Rental Business?

In this contemporary era of freelancing and working from home, fluctuations are always around the corner. Startup companies are continuously searching for the best co-workhttps://connectbusinesscenters.com/ing spaces to establish themselves and start growing. Because of that, the future is looking bright for people looking to start an office space rental business. In this article, you’ll learn […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Office Spaces

With this new wave of work availability in the UAE, shared office spaces have become an alternative for businesses who want to escape their regular offices.  As a result, co-working spaces offer possibilities to prosper in a workplace that provides a chance of taking the office environment to another level. In this article, you’ll learn […]

Why is a virtual office right for you?

With the advent of the Internet came, of course, globalization. This means that a business can operate across borders without having to move itself an inch from where it’s currently located. A new tendency is happening among businesses, and it’s known as “virtual offices.” And of course, Dubai isn’t far behind. In this article, you’ll learn […]

Leasing an office space: everything you must know

Every successful company needs a proper space for establishing its headquarters. So, when the time comes to choose the right space to rent, you must be aware of certain things. In this article, you will learn everything about the details you must know before leasing an office space. Since it’s a big decision, there’re some […]

What is a flexible desk space?

The last 2 years massively shifted everybody’s life-work balance and consequently, the practice of hybrid working has become very popular. In addition, many foreign businesses wishing to start working in the UAE do not know that they require at least some kind of small office space. On the other hand, flexible desks are also known […]

What are the questions I should ask when leasing or renting office space for my business?

We all agree that moving can be one of the most stressful processes. It involves the logistics of packing and moving to the new office space and the uncertainty of how things will turn out once you’re there. Since it’s something you don’t do on a daily basis, it’s pretty normal to feel lost during […]

Why is the demand for virtual offices increasing?

The way we as a society think about work-life has shifted significantly, most of all due to the covid-19 outbreak. However, that is not a bad thing, the pandemic accelerated trends that already started; flexible work arrangements, digital transformation, and remote work are amongst them. As a result, global economies are continuously relying on cloud-based […]

Choosing an office space for your business in Dubai

Surprisingly, many companies around the world deny the fact that facility management can significantly influence the success and growth of a company. Your office environment has a decisive role in employees’ productivity and satisfaction. According to studies, the office space is a symbol that represents how much an organization values its employees. Many years ago, […]

The advantages of holding meeting rooms in Dubai

Meeting rooms are one of the most important spaces in any company. In general, they have different functions. They are used to carry out meetings between various company departments and as spaces where creativity flows.  A meeting room in Dubai can define the style and personality of your company. Nowadays, thanks to technology, you don’t […]

Virtual offices for company registration in the United Arab Emirates

These times have taught us that you don’t need to be physically present in most workplaces to do a task. And this could make you consider virtual offices for your company. Thanks to technology, many organizations, and their employees can carry out meetings through video calls and use virtual management tools. Due to this, companies […]

How to find a nice workspace in Dubai

Operating a business in Dubai will most likely require suitable office space for carrying out all activities and operations. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to setting up a company, you need to find a proper workspace in Dubai. With the right information about this matter, you can easily get what you are looking for. In […]

Things to consider before renting a shared office space in Dubai

Living and working in Dubai is one of the best decisions that any investor or entrepreneur can make. And the main reason is that this city offers endless business opportunities to let investors reach success in no time. And besides, it’s also possible to find lots of excellent options when it comes to shared office […]

The top office spaces in Dubai’s well-located business centers

Choosing an office spaces in Dubai can be complex. Whether you own a small or large corporation, you always face difficulties when looking for the perfect place to work. Nevertheless, finding the perfect office space plays a crucial role on the success of your business. If you find a great place where to carry out […]

Rent-to-own Properties in Dubai

In a business hub like Dubai, you have the opportunity to rent certain properties for long-term projects and other purposes. Nonetheless, it’s also possible to rent these properties in order to own them in the future. But how does it work? Let’s take a look at this interesting option. Firstly, you should know that your […]

Best Coworking Spaces in Abu Dhabi

Currently, using coworking spaces has become a popular and cost-effective alternative for many individual professionals and corporations. In fact, the most frequent users of coworking spaces are freelancers, startups, and small businesses. For entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses, coworking spaces are very convenient due to their low costs and useful amenities. If you desire […]

The Best Co-working Spaces in Dubai

Dubai is a city that offers plenty of business opportunities to all investors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. And besides offering those opportunities, it also provides the necessary facilities and services to operate any kind of business. For example, coworking spaces are currently among the most popular business facilities. In this popular emirate, you’ll be […]