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Our mission is to connect renters with the best list of Business Centers in Dubai and UAE, We want investors and entrepreneurs to find meeting rooms and offices spaces that will get the most out of their businesses. In Connect Business Centers, we are committed to being the link that helps potential renters with the business centers in dubai of their dreams.

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We have the biggest database of top business centers for rent in UAE. With this feature, you can filter by price and choose according to your budget.

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In Connect Business Centers we work with large advertising networks and large business centers in Dubai for rent. We are also helping business center owners to sell and lease their office space.


We are shaping the way people are selling and buying with our tools that allow you to connect from everywhere.


With our massive database of top business centers for rent in UAE, we ensure you find the business centers you are looking for, anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Our agents

Our agents are licensed professionals that specialize in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of top business centers for rent in UAE or serviced offices on behalf of the buyer. They will sell you office spaces & business centers. Insights, tips & how-to guides on selling business centers in Dubai and preparing your business or investment business centers for sale and working to maximize your sale price.
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Frequently Ask Questions

After a lot of study and back-and-forth with buyers, investors, and sellers, we produced a list of the most critical questions to ask when looking for top business centers for rent in Dubai, UAE
These are the most frequently requested property-related questions.

Are you looking for a top business centers for rent in Dubai. UAE that fulfills your requirements?

Connect Business Centers is the solution you need. With our efficient platform for buyers, you will be able to find the office space you are looking for. And for those who are sellers, our platform and services will allow them to get their properties the attention they need.

We aid to provide the best and most convenient business centers in Dubai and across UAE options available in Dubai and across the UAE. And, since there are a lot of different alternatives, you can choose any of them from many categories. Connect Business Centers offers from the cheapest to the most top business centers for rent in UAE that you can find.
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And besides, the options we offer also include different types of offices, such as meeting roomsvirtual officescoworking offices, and many more. Plus, with advanced amenities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and fully-equipped spaces, we can cover all your needs satisfactorily. And you will be able to save money and time while you use your desired spaces.

On the other hand, using our search platform is quite easy and you can filter results by using several categories. For instance, these are some of the categories you can use to search for your desired properties:

  • Property type.
  • Built-up area.
  • Approximate price.
  • Property features.
  • Contract type.
  • Property location.
  • General description.

Apart from that, you can sort your search by price and area, from the lowest to the highest or vice versa from the collection of the our list of business centers in Dubai. Moreover, you can also choose to see prices in AED or EUR, and the measures in sq ft or m2. And, if you need more help, you can contact our team and we will gladly help you find the most suitable property or Business center for rent in Dubai for you.

With more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market, Rent to own Business Centers in Dubai and across UAE can provide professional guidance and solutions along with the listed top business centers for rent in Dubai. And our team is fully dedicated to offering the most suitable solutions to home buyers, owners, sellers, agents, and renters.

What is shared office space?

Finding an office space for a business in Dubai can be complex. For this reason, there are several options and different arrangements that can be useful.

Entrepreneurs and investors that look the UAE as a promising place but don’t have enough resources may refrain from setting up a company. But this doesn’t have to be this way, since a shared office space may be the perfect solution.

A shared office space, also known as shared workspace, it’s aimed for more established businesses. In it, a corporation can find more traditional amenities, unlike a coworking space where typically there are not all of these.

Small companies or corporations prefer these kind of these shared spaces since it allows them to give a better customer service. In addition, these spaces have more equipment such as audio-visual equipment, copy machines, office furniture and more. It means that these are offices already equipped where the organization can carry out its operation without making a big investment in setting up a workplace.

Some shared offices even provide more benefits and operate as executive suites. These have more amenities like a kitchen or private offices.

What is coworking office space?

In the UAE there are several options for businesses that want to establish their presence and enter into the market. Since Dubai is one of the top destinations within the UAE, it may seem a better place to start.

In this regard, there are some flexible options for small business, startups and entrepreneurs too. So, when it comes to finding an office space Dubai, a coworking space may be the best for them.

Coworking spaces have been on the rise lately, and they’re a great choice for start-up businesses that are looking for moving ahead and finding an alternative to working from home.

Therefore, freelancers and entrepreneurs are those that often look for this kind of space where they can work. It’s a perfect option for those small businesses that are starting to get more clients, and they want to have a more professional image but without being tied to a specific industry.

A coworking space is an inexpensive option for startups. In this place they can have a working atmosphere and access to a few amenities such as internet connection, single desks, cubicles and even private office spaces in some cases.

In addition, some coworking spaces in Dubai have conference rooms, and communal spaces like recreational areas, lounges and more. However, it’s important to note that not all of them offer the same benefits. In this case, those that have included services and perks may be more costly.

A small business in a coworking space can have access to snacks, coffee, a clean desk and additional paid services such as printing, copying and meeting rooms.

What is virtual office space?

Among the several options for office space for rent in Dubai there’s one that’s highly recommended for businesses that want to improve their corporate image but without spending tons of money.

It’s a very innovative solution for small businesses and startups that would like to have their presence in a desirable location but without paying a high rent.

When a business rents a virtual office space, it can continue its operations remotely but they get access to a wide range of business functions through internet. So, the business may use the address of a highly reputable location but continue working from home if they want.

With a virtual office, the small business can enjoy the many benefits of a physical office, but it won’t have any actual space. This kind of office space has been very effective for entrepreneurs that want to take their business to a higher level.

These spaces enable organizations to have access to the following:

  • Business postal address to help them look more prestigious
  • A dedicated receptionist to arrange meetings, answer the phone, and more
  • Local phone number
  • Mail support with envelope opening and scanning service
  • Secretaries and a support team
  • Access to meeting rooms to arrange meetings there

These are just some of the few benefits organizations get with a virtual office. Some providers even may offer additional perks such as use of coworking lounges for a fixed period or a private office usage.

Who should rent a virtual office?

A virtual office is the perfect solution for businesses that want to have their presence in the UAE but keep their costs down.

It’s great for foreign startups that want to enter the UAE market, but they don’t have enough resources to establish a company there. So, when it comes to an office space for rent and to receive the most advantages, a virtual office may be the best choice.

With access to a 5-star address, a dedicated receptionist, a local phone number and IT infrastructure, any startup can take their operations to the next level while continuing working remotely.

It helps to improve the company’s image at a cost-effective price. Perhaps it’s best for startups that are looking to save resources but improving their brand at the same time. With a virtual office the business get all the benefits of a business address without having to worry about high rents.

What is the target audience of a business centers for rent in UAE?

Many organizations wonder if a business center is suitable for them. The truth is that the business must consider if this is the most intelligent place to establish their operations.

However, business centers are better for corporations that have a maximum of 25 employees, that don’t want to rent a traditional office or enter into 5-year rental agreements, and like to receive additional services such as a manned reception.

One of the greatest advantages of business centers is that there are no additional services costs. It means that the corporation will pay an all-in price so it’s a cost-effective solution.

So, corporations that don’t want to deal with coworking spaces or even who are collaborate themselves with cheap business center in Abu dhabi, Dubai because they prefer to have a more corporate image, must opt for a business center.

There are several business centers as office space in Dubai for rent, so it’s not difficult to find the perfect place. Business Centers in Dubai Marina is also a place where you can find your target audience since there are many Freezone Companies Located around this area.

Co-working space vs. business center

It’s worth making the distinction between a coworking space and a business center. Many corporations tend to mistake them because they may look like a similar option.

A business center in Dubai is more like a private office whereas a coworking space it’s a communal office space. Another great difference between them is that in a coworking office everything is shared. In a business center in Dubai there may be a more private dedicated office, but, some businesses located in the same place may also use the same receptionist and meeting rooms.

In short, a business center gives more privacy and corporate look to the business, while a coworking space gives cost-effectiveness and an informal look to the corporation of a Luxury Business Center in Dubai.

Benefits of secretarial services

Having a third-party to offer secretarial services for the company could be very helpful. It can offer several benefits that can boost the business.

One of the main benefits is having experts handling effectively the company’s duties and responsibilities regarding administrative issues. Maintaining the account book can be a hard task but a service provider can manage it efficiently.

With secretarial services, the business ensures it’s following the best practices and at the same time is complying with legal requirements.

Another benefits companies receive by outsourcing this function is having experts backing their administrative operations. With knowledge and expertise at their service the can enhance their activities.

With secretarial services, the company can eliminate risk associated with non-compliance. It can ensure the business meets all the legal requirements to operate. Thus, it can avoid facing fines and penalties.

Additionally, with the help of a service provider, the business can have access to the latest technology. This is a cost-effective solution because this way the company doesn’t have to spend resources in installing and maintaining administrative systems.

With the help a secretarial firm, the business can save on training too, because it doesn’t have to instruct any employee in this area.

How can you choose a business centers in Dubai and across UAE that fits your needs?

If you are looking for a particular business centers in Dubai and across UAE that covers all your business needs, you need to consider these elements:

  • Location: Connect Business Centers can help you find your desired business centers in Dubai and across UAE. Nonetheless, our team can also help you find the most convenient solutions across the United Arab Emirates. And besides, we can help you find any particular location that benefits your business.
  • Affordability: if you are operating a new business, you might need to save a significant amount of money. Therefore, Connect Business Centers helps you get affordable office spaces that fit your requirements.
  • Available amenities: also, it is vital to count on the necessary equipment and tools to carry out your operations and projects. Our options include Wi-Fi connection, projectors, meeting rooms, and many more.
  • Never ever get into an idea to find out the cheapest business center in Dubai as it may lack facilities or amenities such as mentioned above, Therefore It is a wiser choice to choose the top business centers for rent in UAE.

Who should rent a shared office?

Businesses that already have built a clientele and their operations have started to pick up perhaps could give a better use to a shared office space.

When they’re considering an office space to rent it’s better to go for this option instead of coworking spaces. This is because a business that has solid operations may meet with more clients and partners, so a communal office space may not be the best.

With a fully serviced workspace they can provide a better service to their clients as well as improve the business’ image. With a shared office, the organization can have a more direct and professional approach to their clients.

Since a shared workspace may offer additional perks such as a conference room, they can hold meetings, meet their clients, partners and vendors and have more independence without any interference.

However, it’s worth noting that a solid business may also choose a coworking space, particularly if they want to save resources. A coworking space offers a financial benefit, but a shared workspace gives more freedom and a better image to the corporation.

With a high-quality shared workspace, the business can carry out its operation as if they were renting a traditional office. So, it’s a cost-effective solution

What’s the difference between a shared office and a coworking office?

It’s common for businesses to confuse a shared office with a coworking office since they sound similar. However, a shared office space in Dubai differs from a coworking space in a few aspects which are the following:

  • Target audience: a shared office is for more established corporations while a coworking space is usually aimed towards startup businesses.
  • Amenities: in a shared office space the business may find amenities of a traditional office while in a coworking space there are entry-level business amenities.
  • Layout: a coworking space has a design with breakout areas and communal spaces. A shared workspace has the design of a traditional office with segregation and conventional aesthetic for spaces.

Lease: leasing a coworking space may offer more flexibility such as a daily rents or fixed contracts for three to five months. A shared space, on the other hand, usually requires a 12-month leasing.

What is a business center?

Another great option for renting an office space in Dubai are the business centers. These are aimed towards businesses that want to receive all the advantages of having a physical office space and even more additional amenities.

While a coworking space may not be the most suitable option because it has an informal vibe, the best business centers in Dubai is for those corporations that want to have a more corporate image.

A business center is a luxurious way that corporations use to rent an office. This means that the organization can have access to more services such as a receptionist, a private dedicated office, answering the phone and more.

In addition, when a corporation rents a business centers they have access to a fully-equipped office or you could also look into certain options such as Business Center for sale in Dubai.

How to choose an office space?

Choosing an office space may look like a challenging task. Mainly because there are so many options to choose from. Having too much options is a good thing but it can also be overwhelming.

When considering renting space office in the UAE, Dubai is by far the best place. So, in this regard, there are some considerations a corporation must have when choose the best place.

First, the business must ask itself what kind of arrangement and flexibility it needs. Perhaps renting a traditional office space is not an option because it’s too costly or it’s not the best option for a small business or a startup.

Among the several options for renting an office in the UAE there are the following:

  • Shared office space
  • Virtual office space
  • Coworking office space
  • Business center

All of these provide outstanding advantages to corporations that want to enter the UAE market. Each one of them has its own pros and cons, so it’s good to analyze each option to choose the best one.

A shared office space and a business center are the perfect options for a business that wants to have access to all the amenities of a traditional office but for a lesser price.

For small businesses, startups and freelancers, a coworking space may be better instead of shared office space. This is because a coworking space offers more flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

And a virtual office space could be suitable for those businesses that still don’t want to have an actual space but they need to improve their image by having a business address.

What should a business consider when renting an office?

Once the business has decided which kind of office it’s better for its operations, it’s also important to take into account some additional aspects such as the following:

  • Location: the best office space should be reachable by the clients, with conveyance facilities, safety and offer the infrastructure and amenities the business needs.
  • Design: the business should choose an office space that it’s comfortable for the employees and clients
  • Size and space: if the business has plans to grow, it’s good to choose a bigger space
  • Rent and expenses: Paying a higher rent may not be a great option. Some office spaces also charge for additional services so it’s good to consider all the expenses.

Having an office space means dealing with legal complexities, so it’s good to look for trusted service providers.

Best places to rent an office in the UAE

Dubai is the top destination for small businesses, startups, freelancers, corporations and investors. Therefore, this is one of the best places to find an office.

In the UAE there are also many free zones that offer several advantages to businesses. However, it’s advisable to choose the free zone that addresses the activity or industry of the business.

Either way, there are several providers that offer office space for lease. Many of them have websites where they state the services they offer so the clients can review them.

However, when considering a trusted provider, it’s important to look for its reputation, reviews, testimonials from previous customers, experience, trajectory, and more aspects that could point out to the trustworthiness.

These providers offer virtual offices, shared offices, coworking spaces, business centers and many different types of arrangements. In this regard, it’s good to evaluate the needs of the business and to determine which amenities it needs. Apparently there are some very good Business center in Bur Dubai that you can also consider, Although you might want to make sure the kind of amenities that they are providing.

Typically, the provider will offer an office tour, and then the client will negotiate with them.

What is secretarial services for business center?

Running a business means having to deal with customers, vendors, providers, and many more people. In addition, business owners have to deal with law, legislations, and several administrative tasks.

All of these may look like too much work but everything it’s necessary to keep the business going. In this regard, company secretarial services may be a great option.

Unlike what many may think, secretarial services are not related to traditional secretary work. Instead, it deals with the administrative function of a business ensuring good corporate governance, compliance and an effective administration.

So, when a business is looking for office space rent they may also look for secretarial services to assist them.

Secretary’s duties deal with all the administrative tasks of a business. It means that they handle the paperwork, ensure compliance with regulations, and ensure the company conducts its activities properly.

So, when shareholders want to receive any important information regarding the business, they contact the secretarial service provider.

Since the secretarial services are in charge of ensuring total compliance, the provider should have knowledge regarding the company law, changes in local regulations, and preparation of reports.

Another important task that secretarial service handle is keeping shareholders informed regarding any concern they may have. They inform about the meetings, take minutes, arrange the agenda, and inform about the decisions made

How to advertise office space for lease?

When an investor or a business owner has office space for lease they need to find people interested in renting it. However, marketing a Business Center office space in Dubai can be daunting since there’s not much information about how to do it.

It’s important to consider several factors that will contribute with the overall success of renting it. Each property performs in a way considering some aspects such as quality, pricing and amenities. So, it’s expected for a property that offers great advantages to have a higher price and thus receive more clients.

When it comes to filling an office space, the most important task is to know how to advertise it. This way, potential clients will try to make contact and there are higher chances of renting it.

Promoting an office can be difficult, but as long as the business owner knows how to do it, it will reach success.

The first and foremost aspect that property owners have to consider is that they have to get discovered. Potential tenants won’t appear unless they know the space is available. Since we live in a technological world, it’s best to take advantage of it. Thus, most of the discovery happens online.

This means that the first step should be to post the available office space in rent portals or sites that can be easily checked by potential tenants. Nevertheless, it’s not advisable to rely merely on online discovery. Other methods such as personal networking are also great.

Another huge aspect of knowing how to advertise an office space is telling its advantages and it what aspects it’s different from the rest spaces available. It’s important to highlight the qualities and build a solid presence for the office space.

The potential tenants must be convinced on why it can be a great idea to lease such space. Otherwise, the office will seem boring and this will not attract anybody interested in it.

Social avenues are also a great way of advertising Business Center office space in Dubai. The best part is that using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn is completely free. However, when it comes to social media campaigns it’s essential to have marketing experts that can design them properly. This increases the chances of achieving the goal.

A great way of getting social is by connecting with potential tenants, real estate marketplace, and finding places where these connections can be fruitful.

Perhaps you can also advertise according to the area that yours going to rent out, As this might out as a better prospects for the consumers who are searching for office space according to their area wise preference.

For instance business center in dubai silicon oasis, business center in business bay dubai or even business center in dubai marina, just to quote as a few examples.

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