What is a Flexible Desk Space? A Comprehensive Guide

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The last 2 years massively shifted everybody’s life-work balance and consequently, the practice of hybrid working has become very popular. In addition, many foreign businesses wishing to start working in the UAE do not know that they require at least some kind of small office space. On the other hand, flexible desks are also known in the UAE as a shared office, which is assigned to a business upon its registration.

In this article, we will make sure you understand everything about flexible desk spaces and why they are so important. In the same vein, you will discover why a Flexi desk may suit your business when you are relocating to the UAE. Similarly, you will also understand the different benefits of having a small office space. Let’s observe:

  1. What is a Flexi Desk?
  2. Registered address vs Flexi Desk
  3. Benefits of setting up your business with a Flexi-desk
  4. Understanding Flexi-desk Costs in Dubai
  5. How to start your business with a Flexi desk package
  6. Why does flexible desk spaces are becoming so attractive in the UAE?
  7. Can you open a business in the UAE without a flexible desk?
  8. How can you use a Flexi-desk?
  9. How can Connect Business Centers assist you to acquire a flexible desk space in the UAE?

      1. What is a Flexi Desk?

If you want to do business in any of the emirates of the UAE, a Flexi desk space comes with the default package. A flexible desk is also known by many other several names, some of which are:

  • Flexi office.
  • Smart desk.
  • Hot desk.
  • Business center desk.

However, despite the difference in names, the functionality is the same. That is to say, as we mentioned earlier, the minimum required to conduct your organization as part of a registered business in the country is to have a small dedicated desk. Having a flexible desk is mandatory by the employment and regulation laws of the UAE, but you can abandon this right if you want to pick another option such as having an executive office.

That is to say, in that scenario, you can renounce your right to have flexible desk space.

In addition, flexible desk space is essentially a dedicated chair and desk typically located in the business center of your specific free zone. And depending on other details and your package, the flexible desk can have benefits which may include internet, fax, P.O. box, or a phone.

Additional advantages can incorporate activities such as the usage of meeting rooms, shared, facilities, office equipment, videoconference rooms, etc.

The Flexi desk provides an established number of hours for you to run your business. The lower limit is established at 18 hours; on the other hand, the upper limit is 25 per week. Similarly, it will act as a physical space for your company and you can manage your business from there.

Certainly, the free zones tend to offer free P.O. boxes to flexible desk users. In addition, Flexi desk providers also give them a dedicated physical address; business owners can use it as a company address and receive documents.

      2. Registered address vs Flexi Desk

Frequently, companies used the registered address to acquire a license for their organization. On the other hand, a flexible desk (small office space) actually gives you access to a physical address where you can conduct your company from. Similarly, a registered address is something that you cannot use apart from showcasing that you actually have an address for your business, it is only abstract.

That is to say, this is not the best solution if you consider long-term development. In addition, a business with only a registered address is not able to apply for residence visas; becoming incompetent to hire workers.

The flexible desk is a much better option and it is also expensive; but if you are starting your company and want to select between both, you must consider your business model. On the other hand, you must understand if you have additional money for this matter. Thus, if you already are a holder of a UAE visa and are on a budget; a registered address is the best option for you.

In conclusion, when your business scales, you can make the transition and opt for a flexible desk space instead.

If you want to keep learning, we have an in-depth guide about how to properly choose office spaces in Dubai.

      3. Benefits of setting up your business with a Flexi-desk

As we mentioned already a Flexi desk in the UAE comes with several benefits. In the same vein, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the different benefits; this is why we created this guide to help you make the decision. In addition, there are no specific guidelines to establish a successful business.

Similarly, in order to understand if your business is suitable for a traditional small office space or a flexible desk; you must establish what your business demand is. After you establish what your objectives are, you will be allowed to make a better decision about which option you should take.

Many business owners rather the flexible desk over the traditional office due to its advantages. Let’s observe:

  • Cost-efficient: the flexible desk is the best option when it comes to economics. In the same vein, a shared workspace comes with a monthly fee as well as license costs; you can avoid these elevated charges.
  • Flexibility: a good benefit of the flexible desk is that it can lodge more people in less physical space; this is a great option if we compare it to the traditional space. In addition, you save money because this is a cheaper option.
  • Increased productivity: the standard option will frequently conduct workers into a fixed routine that can become boring and tedious; resulting in a loss of creativity. Similarly, small office spaces provide the flexibility to the workforce to stay creative and assist them in the process.
  • Freedom: frequently when companies start, they are on a small budget which will result in them choosing a Flexi-desk, but as they develop, expand, and keep a steady income. Consequently, then the company can easily and quickly migrate to a Flexi desk space to a more standard office space suiting the needs of their business.

      4. Understanding Flexi-desk Costs in Dubai

Several first-time entrepreneurs and investors start doing research to find the cheapest Flexi-desk in the country. But the price is not the only factor you must have in mind. That is to say, investors and entrepreneurs must also consider the traditional amenities and the previously mentioned benefits you will obtain as part of your flexible desk space package.

In addition, it is absolutely possible to find good deals on high-quality Flexi desk packages. In Connect Business Centers we connect you to the cheapest and best Flexi desk packages in the UAE. Likewise, we also link you with coworking spaces, office facilities, etc.

Meeting in person with your customers is a great way to ensure their well-being; so, here is a guide on some advantages of having meeting rooms in Dubai.

      5. How to Start Your Business with a Flexi Desk Package

The first step in this process is to find a free trade zone that fits the requirements of your business. For instance, you must have in mind what type of start-up you are establishing. However, when you have finished deciding, we will guide you in every step of the process.

Firstly, we will assist you to profile your business activities. That is to say, you must specify the type of business you want to start. Further, making this clear will make the process easier and simpler.

After that, our team of experts will assist you to choose your business name. In this stage, you must abide by a few naming protocols. Let’s observe:

  • There are only full names allowed and no abbreviations.
  • You cannot include any blasphemous or potentially offensive words.
  • The name must be available.

Consequently, when you finish with this decision, we will assist you with the Flexi desk application. That is to say, we can take care of this process from beginning to end, ensuring that you complete your application process to prevent any delays.

In addition, as part of this process, you must provide some basic information such as:

  • A valid copy of the trade license (applicable to the applicant and the shareholder).
  • Copy of the Emirates ID (if applicable), passport, and visa page.
  • Summarization of your business plan.
  • Attested Birth Certificate.

      6. Why Does Flexible Desk Spaces Becoming so Attractive in the UAE?

Certainly, one of the most convenient parts of having a Flexi-desk space is the future costs and low initial prices. However, even if it is more expensive than a registered address, it is the cheapest available option if you are looking for a physical place to work. In addition, it puts aside the need for a P.O. Box or to rent an office, from buying office furniture and paying directly for utilities.

We understand that when you are starting your business, economics is really important; so, it is better to free up funds for other important matters. That is to say, such advertising and marketing to attract more customers, and have more sales and thus; support for your company. Likewise, that is a much better use of funds than furniture that will not generate any revenue.

Secondly, as we mentioned earlier, a good advantage is that Flexi-desk spaces come with a workspace, internet, and phones. For instance, our business centers will allow you to access flexible desks with videoconference equipment and meeting rooms; so, you are able to start working immediately and even meet with your clients there.

Certainly, these spaces are good for saving money as well as time. That is to say, registering for and saving services like electricity, internet, and water is an overwhelming process, eating up valuable time that will need for taking care of your business in its first steps. Most importantly, with a flexible desk, you are walking into an already functional workspace.

On the other hand, cost-friendly Flexi-desks are located away from residential areas, this meaning you may need to drive distantly to get there.

      7. Can You Open a Business in the UAE without a Flexible Desk?

As we established earlier, you cannot conduct business in the country without any physical entity; that is why you need to acquire at least a Flexi-desk. Further, if you want to rent an executive office, you can renounce Flexi desk requirements and you will not need to rent it. Thus, the requirement of a physical space for your business is fulfilled by the office. 

However, you can take advantage of flexible desk spaces for registering your business in Mainland. Moreover, previously the government required you to rent an executive office to conduct in Mainland. Therefore, you can rent it from any of the business centers across the country. 

On the other hand, here is a practical guide to the best co-working spaces in Abu Dhabi.

      8. How Can You Use a Flexi-desk?

Every free zone has its own set of rules about flexible desk usage. For instance, you can use some flexible desk offices a few hours weekly, but the location of it is inconvenient; for that reason, most people do not use them at all.

However, DWC free zone has an important center and its desks are being used. Certainly, there is also a limitation on the number of hours, but you are able to extend it.

On the other hand, Ajman free zones do not limit the usage of your usage. Further, all desks are dedicated to a specific company and they can use it daily during working hours. However, most flexible desks are empty because their owners rather working remotely or from a coworking space.

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIFZ) has no limitations on the usage of desks. In addition, the trade zone has 8 buildings dedicated to small office space.

      9. How Can Connect Business Centers Assist You to Acquire a Flexible Desk Space in the UAE?

Due to the covid-19 outbreak and some other factors, flexible desk spaces are becoming really important in the way we will work during the next decade. That is to say, modern businesses are taking measurements and must adapt to this practice. In addition, as we have already seen, flexible desk spaces provide companies with many advantages and benefits important to allow your business to grow.

These offices will provide your business with the tools to effectively adapt to the new way of work, allowing you to work from anywhere you want. In the same vein, it is a more efficient option if you compare it to an expensive executive office.


Kate works at Connect Business Centers as Sales Manager, She is graduated from London and moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2017, She is a specialized agent for finding Business Centers, Office space, Co-working spaces to the clients based on their requirement and in addition to it, she also happens to be specialized in UAE mainland Company formation, Golden Visa, Bookkeeping, VAT registration and PRO services.

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