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Everything About Offices for Rent in Dubai for Setting up Your Business

office for rent in Dubai

Selecting an office space for rent in Dubai is a hard decision. Not choosing the perfect space to set up your business could lead to an unsuccessful result. The location of a company can be critical for its profitability. Thus, acquiring knowledge and receiving professional advice is imperative before renting a space.

In this article, we will show you all you need to know about offices for rent in Dubai to set up your business. You will learn about the importance of knowing your business before choosing a space. Being informed will help you make the right judgment. Let us take a look:

  1. Why is it necessary to rent office space for my business?
  2. What makes an office for rent in Dubai pleasant?
  3. Components of an ideal office space
  4. How can I find the perfect office for rent in Dubai?
  5. What should I question before selecting an office for rent in Dubai?
  6. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

1. Why is it Necessary to Rent Office Space for My Business?

Understanding the necessity of having an office space for your business is crucial. In short, office space is a place where a company resides and operates. Co-working spaces generally come in different types and locations. Choosing the right office space for rent in Dubai can be quite a hassle. But, with the help of an agency, it can become easier.

Having an office provides your company with the opportunity to create its culture and establish an identity. It helps to attract and retain more talent. Having an office space for rent in Dubai allows employees to create, innovate, and collaborate. Which ultimately leads to offering better products or services.

Due to the many changes being implemented in the last two years, running your business under a 9-to-5 schedule can be obsolete. However, needing a structured workplace cannot be forgotten if you are searching to expand your workforce. Having a space where to commute provides great social interaction between employees.

The importance of offering functional office space for rent in Dubai cannot be overemphasized, even if you have remote workers. Holding the right space for them is essential. Correspondingly, having an office space allows you to streamline workflows and improve productivity, even if you are a freelancer.

In addition, a functional office space adds to the value of a business and also helps in appealing to more clients and a quality workforce. An office provides your clients with information about who you are, your culture, and how organized your company is overall.

A workspace of your own will allow you to facilitate the conditions to grow in your area. It will bring you many professional opportunities that will help you establish your business. Unquestionably, having a rented office in Dubai provides your workers with a place to socialize and build great connections.

2. What Makes an Office Space for Rent in Dubai Pleasant?

Working in an office space means that you devote a lot of time there. So, it is significant to offer a pleasant environment for your employees. Finding the right office space for rent in Dubai is not difficult when you have a team of experts guiding you through the process. Nonetheless, it is important to know the basic commodities you need before renting a space.

2.1 Open Workspace

Small cubicles and compartments are a thing of the past. An open area is best to make employees feel less stressed and increase productivity. In an open workspace, your staff can freely move around without the fear of bumping into filing cabinets and desks. Besides, it allows more open and easy communication between workers.

2.2 Lightning and Color

Lighting is very important in an office environment. The lack of good lighting can affect your energy levels and productivity. Subsequently, having good lighting in your office space for rent in Dubai is a must. Finding a place with natural light could be a good solution as it is eco-friendly.

In the same way, a workspace with vibrant colors can enhance an environment. The use of vibrant colors can make a place seem larger than it is. Bringing colorful decorations to your workspace will add something special to it, allowing it to have more life and making it more conducive to productivity.

2.3 Cooling and Heating

Making sure that your office space has a comfortable climate is very important for your workforce. Commonly, offices are too hot or too cold, and this problem can disrupt your healthy workflow. Before renting a space, you need to check that you can change the temperature of the room as you please. Or, at least, add space heaters or fans to maintain a pleasant room temperature.

2.4 Dining Space

Having a dining space with basic commodities can be convenient. As an employer, you need to ensure that this place has at least a microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker. Additionally, you need to take care of having a good supply of coffee, water, tea, and other necessary products.

3. Components of an Ideal Office Space

As a business owner, choosing the proper office space for rent in Dubai can be a difficult task. For this reason, having a rental agency by your side can support you through every step of leasing an office space. Knowing the components of ideal office space is important. In this way, you will be aware of the details you have to pay attention to when choosing a workspace.

3.1 Ergonomic Furniture

Furniture is the main component that tenants offer when renting a space as it is essential for companies. Every desk and chair needs to be comfortable enough for your staff. They need to be well-suited for everyone. A high-quality functional office chair will help your workforce maintain perfect posture while supporting their lower back.

3.2 Connectivity

Every modern space requires an internet connection and phone services. Without good connectivity, your team’s productivity will be significantly lower. Tenants need to make sure that the whole office space has an adequate internet connection. As an employer, you need to ensure that your virtual office services are running smoothly too.

3.3 Amenities

Some offices for rent in Dubai also include couches, meeting rooms, break rooms, and more. These amenities allow employees to take breaks and socialize in other places through the office. It is critical to check that workspaces provide enough electrical outlets for your equipment. Avoiding the use of extension cords is critical for safety reasons.

3.4 Technology

Usually, office spaces offer the necessary technology for a company. Computers, laptops, printers, scanners, and more technological equipment come with the workspace. Along with these services, some tenants offer software security, cloud services, IT management, and PRO services to make your working experience more complete.

3.5 Cleaning Options

Office spaces often provide cleaning services for their leasers. Helping them maintain a clean work environment that allows them to work to their fullest. A cleaning team usually dusts, cleans air-conditioning filters, and ensures all the rooms in a workspace are spotless. In the end, these services are included in the final price stated in the contract.

3.6 Security

The security of your company’s headquarters is very important. Choosing a safe zone in the region will bring you many benefits. Tenants often offer security services in the building where the office is located. Many offices for rent in Dubai frequently include parking for your workers. 

4. How Can I Find the Perfect Office for Rent in Dubai?

Finding the right workspace can be an overwhelming process since there are too many options to select. Hiring the services of a rental agency will help you sort through all the possibilities and pick the perfect one. In today’s modern world, many businesses operate from different places such as virtual offices, flexible desk spaces, co-working areas, and more.

4.1 Outline a plan with your necessities

When looking for an office for rent in Dubai you have to be sure of what are your requirements, budget, and expectations. You need to acknowledge the benefits and downsides of every shared space you see. Do not forget that the location of your office space is critical for the profitability of your business.

One of the goals of renting an office is to get value for your investment. Business owners have to ensure that the services and amenities they need are included in the contract. Therefore, having a team to review the leasing contract is very important. So they can be aware of any irregularity.

4.2 Enjoy the benefits of every step

Most times, starting small can be good for your business. Renting a shared space or a flexible desk is very advantageous. It will help you save money to invest later in your company. As you develop, you can start thinking about expanding to a bigger office space.

Being able to find a space that can be utilized not only for business but also for after-hours business reunions can be beneficial. Having the area to host network events and provide educational opportunities can help you connect with the community. Consequently, establishing you as a serious company and helping you develop in many areas.

4.3 Focus on flexibility

When setting up your business and looking for an office space for rent in Dubai you need to focus on flexibility. Finding a place that provides flexible lease terms and flexible growth possibilities is imperative. Small companies should not restrict themselves to a long-term lease, as it may end up being very costly. That is why searching with the help of a professional is necessary. They will allow you to discover the perfect place to meet your requirements.

5. What Should I Question before Selecting an Office Space for Rent in Dubai?

Selecting an office for rent in Dubai can be stressful. If you do not have enough support you could feel lost during this demanding process. Hence, asking yourself questions before renting a space can be wise. It will provide you with insight to find your priorities and focus on the vital aspects of your company.

5.1 Is this office right for my business?

Before choosing a space you need to be sure that it will be the right move for your business. Having a space is a responsibility. If you are not ready to assume it could lead your company to fail. Renting an office in Dubai is very beneficial if you know how to take advantage of it.

5.2 Are the lease and rental rates secure?

Reviewing your leasing contract with a professional is key when you are looking for office space for rent in Dubai. They will let you know if there is any inconvenience with the rental rate. A rental agent will help you compare many office spaces. So you can choose the one that adjusts to your budget.

5.3 Will it be beneficial to share an office?

Sharing an office space for rent in Dubai can save you money in office rent and other amenities. For example, if your company is involved with web design, you can share a space with other complementary businesses such as software developers and marketing professionals.

5.4 Can I sell my company during the tenancy?

Leases force the original company to be responsible in the future if the current tenant does not perform. So, if you are looking to sell your company, you need to ensure the lease informs about owner accountability. Then, the landlord will not recur to you for unpaid rent.

6. How Can Connect Business Center Help You?

With more than 20 years of experience, Connect Business Centers is the number one rental company in the region. We are here to help you find the right office space for rent in Dubai. Our company will help you deal with this process, making it as quick as possible.

We want to be the bridge between tenants and leasers. Our wide selection of properties will suffice any necessities you have. We are experts in searching, reviewing, and negotiating offices in UAE and their respective contracts.

Moreover, if you want to start your office space rental business, we are here for you. Connect Business Centers takes care of publishing your property, advertising it, and finding the right tenants. While remaining compliant and dealing with any legal difficulty you may have.

With our support, you can take your office space for rent in Dubai to the next level. We will take care of any risk there might be with your rental business. Our mission is to give you the necessary tools to achieve your objectives. Ultimately, empowering investors and entrepreneurs is our main goal.

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How to Start an Office Space Rental Business?

Office space to rent

In this contemporary era of freelancing and working from home, fluctuations are always around the corner. Startup companies are continuously searching for the best co-working spaces to establish themselves and start growing. Because of that, the future is looking bright for people looking to start an office space rental business.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to start your own office space to rental in business. In the same way, if you happen to have an extra workspace that looks perfect for renting, this is your chance to earn an extra income. Let’s take a look:

  1. What is Office Space?
  2. Why Should I Rent my Space as an Office?
  3. Is starting an Office Space Rental Business profitable?
  4. What do I need to start renting Office Space in the UAE?
  5. What are the benefits of starting an Office Space Rental Business in Dubai?
  6. How can I attract more tenants to my Office Space?
  7. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

1. What is Office Space?

By definition, office space is a workplace that provides an appropriately equipped place for a company that needs it. Furthermore, the best co-working spaces offer their clients a place to be used primarily as:

  • Conference room.
  • Reception area.
  • Working area for personnel.
  • Meeting rooms.

Check this link to learn more about what people want to know before leasing a Virtual Office.

Additionally, a rental office space provides renters with services, amenities, and accommodations such as:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Furniture (desks, sofas, chairs, etcetera).
  • Onsite Support.
  • Computers, laptops, printers, and scanners.
  • Storage areas and more.

Your main goal, as a business owner, will always be to offer the best co-working space where anyone can manage their business. It has to be a place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, etcetera; can feel like they can establish their companies. It needs to be a space where creativity can run free.

In short, office space is a workspace suited to an atmosphere that must be ideal for business operations. Renting a working space is the first move that small businesses make when they’re looking for expansion. Subsequently, it must offer the ideal atmosphere for companies to grow.

Click here to know about other alternatives that startups are looking for in Dubai.

2. Why Should I Rent my Space as an Office?

These days, new companies are in a constant search for establishment. So, when looking for the right place, they’re willing to offer a good amount of money for renting space. In these challenging times, people are always hunting for a way to earn a side income. Subsequently, if you have office space available for rent will do wonders for your monthly earnings.

Due to the high demand for the best co-working spaces, people have been thinking about starting an office space rental business. Even as a part-time occupation, it will help you produce a solid source of income for you. Instead of letting that warehouse or extra office remain unoccupied, you should certainly contemplate transforming it into the perfect working environment.  

Many people are passionate about making their businesses grow, but that can’t be done from anywhere. For example, freelancers are starting to feel uncomfortable about having to work and commute from their own homes. While working from home sounds idyllic, this working environment isn’t as good as some of the best co-working spaces out there.

Putting an office space for rent is a big decision. For this reason, it’s important to outline and execute a careful plan, as it will serve as a strategic marketing resource for your business. Knowing how to promote a workspace for rent can be a difficult experience. Therefore, we’re here for you, to help you make the best decisions.

3. Is starting an Office Space Rental Business profitable?

Undeniably, renting out spaces is a very popular way to earn money in the UAE right now. More people are starting to transform their old warehouses into a big or a small office for rent. If you’re wise and play your cards right, you can make a stable profit from renting spaces. 

  • Understanding the needs and desires of your possible clients is the key to having a successful business.
  • Some desks and chairs in an unoccupied office can become the headquarters of any small company looking to expand.
  • Subsequently, you can convert your property into one of the best co-working spaces out there. Allowing you to have an extra income for expenses.

In short, that small space can become a flexible desk for freelancers or anyone looking for a place to start their business. Of course, having just a space isn’t everything if you want to attract future renters. You need to transform it into the best co-working space for people to commute.

Unquestionably, renters are looking for a workspace that makes them feel inspired. If your place meets their requirements, you could even earn more than the average renting cost. In addition, people are starting to realize the big advantages that renting a working space can bring to their companies.

So, even if you have to spend money turning your property into the perfect space, a profit is assured. Entrepreneurs are always on the look for a workspace. So, even if some leasers go, there will always be someone interested in renting your space.

Here you can learn more about the things a rented meeting room should have in it in Dubai.

4. What do I need to start renting Office Space in the UAE?

If you’re thinking about starting your space rental business, you must understand the industry that you’re getting into. Firstly, it’s always great to know how strong your competition is. Before opening your business, is good to have a good look at where it’ll fit among the best co-working spaces around.

Nonetheless, there are legal requisites and boundaries to set up a commercial office for rent in the UAE. It’s very important for you, as a future renter and business owner, to meet every single one of these stipulations. Undoubtedly, you’ll need assistance with this area, and that’s where our company comes in handy.

Once a business owner or an investor has a place ready to rent, they need to look for people to start renting. The number of renters you’ll receive in your office space will depend on its quality, services, amenities, and pricing. The best co-working spaces are the ones that offer better benefits, receiving more clients per month and a higher income for you.

5. What are the benefits of starting an Office Space Rental Business in Dubai?

The advantages of putting up an office on rent in the UAE can be quite attractive:

  • Firstly, the fact that you can earn money out of renting an unoccupied location that you may have is very attractive.
  • Secondly, Dubai is the main business location that makes operations like this one easier and smoother for investors. Offering benefits like light tax laws for companies.
  • Thirdly, getting to know businesspeople from different areas can be good for networking. Sometimes, word of mouth can be a great way to promote yourself.
  • Lastly, offering these spaces to professionals who are looking to make a change in the world can be quite rewarding.

Dubai is a stable and developed location that can give many opportunities to tenants and landlords alike. Setting up a space and making it into one of the best co-working spaces can be a reality if you put in the work. The UAE is an ideal place to set up your business due to its widespread development in every sector.

Here are the things people consider before renting a shared office space in Dubai.

Offering the right place for a widespread amount of clients can be the best way to operate. Having a well-equipped office can give you many benefits, like the ones mentioned before. But, the most attractive of them all is the income that you’ll receive if you decide to rent your space. Regardless of if it’s a daily or monthly lease, your earnings will be on constant growth.

6. How can I attract more tenants to my Office Space?

The art of promoting your business is a difficult task. But, with the right kind of help, your place can become one of the best co-working spaces. Potential tenants need to feel that their necessities are being covered, they need to know the difference between your offering and other places. Have in mind the next tips before advertising your business:

  • Convert your property into the best co-workingspace available for rent, for example, buy nice furniture and technology to make the best out of your place.
  • Identify the right renting price for a space like yours. Comparing your prices with others can help you manage competitive market fees.
  • Find the proper way to advertise it. Of course that promoting your business on social media platforms is helpful, but you’ll need professionals to allow you to gain more reach.
  • Try your best to make your renters feel welcomed and inspired. A great work environment can skyrocket your property to one of the best co-working spaces in Dubai.

Are you interested in finding out what makes renters choose office spaces for rent? Click here!

With this in mind, you need to make sure that your tenants meet the needed criteria through an application form. You must need to know their social security number, references, personal details, and business information. Also, you can check their credit history to make sure that they’re reliable enough to rent your facilities.

7. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

Becoming the best co-working space is not a job for just one person. You’ll need a company to help you lease your office space. In Connect Business Centers we can offer you great deals to start your office space rental business. We have many alternatives that will allow you to get more tenants in no time.

With this intention, Connect Business Centers is a platform that links you with potential renters in the UAE. Our marketing strategies are the best for these cases. Undoubtedly, many great landlords have been trusting us with their properties for listing on our platform. We’re the best option in the market.

We’ll guide you through the legal process that conveys having a nice workplace available for rent. We want to make sure that you’re taking every advantage that our innovative tools can offer. With the help of Connect Business Centers, you can meet all of your necessities.

Besides, our company has more than two decades of experience, being a part of Connect Group since 1998. Our team is capable of finding people eager for a workplace for rent from all across the country. We’re devoted to being the bridge between you and the perfect renters for your office space rental business.

Would you like to contact Connect Business Centers to obtain more information about how to start your own Office Space rental business in Dubai? If you have any questions, contact us on +97143316688. Or you can also email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will gladly answer all of your questions.

Apply now by sending us your CV to Additionally,   we won’t store CVs and resumes that you send to Don’t hesitate any longer!