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An overview on the excellent executive office spaces available in Dubai

executive office spaces

The managed office space culture is relatively new, but executive office spaces are extremely popular in the business world. And why would not it be, given that they are redefining the entire process of establishing a workplace?

In this article, you will learn everything about outstanding executive office spaces you can find in Dubai. Looking for executive office spaces for rent in Dubai can be challenging. However, at the end of this article, you will get a better idea of the features you should consider when renting this type of space. Let us observe:

  1. Concepts you should know
  2. DevX managed office in Dubai
  3. The Executive Centre (TEC) managed office in Dubai
  4. WeWork managed office in Dubai
  5. MyOffice managed office in Dubai
  6. Austria Business Centre managed office in Dubai
  7. How can Connect Business Center help you?

1. Concepts you should know

1.1. Why should you establish your business in a Dubai Business Center?

The Dubai business center is ideal for growing your company, providing necessary amenities, and fostering a professional work environment. Dubai’s burgeoning economy provides an excellent opportunity for foreign investors to invest in a business.

Entrepreneurs in the city can establish almost any type of business. However, it all comes down to finding the best infrastructure to get started with the business idea. This is where business centers in Dubai come in. Hence, these facilities provide a full range of services, from renting office space to set up infrastructure and communal facilities.

Because establishing a business in a foreign country already necessitates extensive planning, it is critical to avoid unnecessary hassles and expenses. So, with a business center in Dubai offering one-stop solutions to foreign investors, the city’s commercial opportunities are limitless.

1.2. Executive suites

In different parts of the world, executive suites are also known as serviced offices and business centers. These organizations offer executive office spaces as well as shared amenities such as a lobby, business services, furniture, and a kitchen. Suites typically include a full-time live receptionist, though forward-thinking establishments supplement them with digital visitor management systems.

Besides, most of executive suites are ready for you to use them. Therefore, you sign the contract, and you and your employees are ready to move in. In most cases, there is a single price for everything – an office with a locking door, furniture, phone, and internet. When you lease a space, it is commonly for one to three years.

Executive suites are an excellent choice for small service firms looking to make a good first impression on clients. So, if you are an accountant or a lawyer, for example, a potential client may pay you a visit to a well-located office building. The lobby of the suite is well-appointed.

Hence, many executive suites have minimal signage, giving clients the impression that your company occupies the entire space. You can now afford a professional environment. This is something to consider if you want people to trust you with their taxes or important legal matters.

1.3. Coworking

Individuals can work independently or collaboratively in shared office space by coworking. The perception that coworking office space attracts tech companies has some validity. Data suggests, however, that coworking is also beneficial to telecommuters, freelancers, and the self-employed.

Hence, the main advantages are the low cost and the opportunities for networking and social interaction.  Membership is usually required for coworking spaces. You may be entitled to your workspace, such as a desk, as part of your membership. Some memberships include work areas that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition, most coworking spaces offer 24-hour access, conference rooms, Wi-Fi, communal office equipment, and a common lounge area. Spaces are typically found in hip areas of town. Some provide amenities that you would expect to find at a technology company, such as a fitness center, bike storage, and video games.

Many also host coworking events, which adds to the sense of community. On the other hand, if you ever have wondered what a virtual office is, we can explain it to you.

1.3.1. The benefits of coworking

  • Increased productivity. Even the most self-reliant entrepreneurs may discover the need for structure. Working from home can become overly flexible at times. Thus, having a set time at the office can result in increased productivity.
  • Networking, both social and professional. Even if you have few distractions while working from home, you may become lonely. Many coworking spaces strive to foster a sense of community among their members. As a result, there is an opportunity to network with like-minded people who understand and support entrepreneurs.
  • Many of the benefits of working from home are available through coworking. So, you can come to work whenever you want and leave whenever you want. Coworking spaces provide different levels of membership, giving you the privacy you require.
  • Rentals are available for as little as a day. Renting on a month-to-month basis is the most common scenario. Firms that may need to grow, shrink, or change direction quickly benefit from short-term commitments.

1.3.2. Coworking drawbacks

  • Productivity is down. The greatest advantage of coworking can also be its greatest disadvantage. There will be noise if you share office space with others. There will also be chances to socialize. Others may want to socialize with you as well.
  • One of the most significant benefits of working from home is that there is no commute. Fortunately, as the coworking universe grows, it becomes easier to find a space in your area.
  • Sharing an office is inexpensive, but it is not cheaper than free. However, because you’re in business, weighing the potential income gains against the cost of renting office space should not be too difficult.

On the other hand, with us you can learn about flexible office spaces. Contact us for more.

2. DevX managed office in Dubai

DevX is one of the most prominent international players in the managed office space industry. It is unquestionably the first entry on our list of the top 5 best-managed office spaces in Dubai. This company was founded in September of 2017. Plus, it has quickly captured a significant portion of the market share due to the wide range of amenities and services it provides.

Before its expansion to Dubai and Singapore/Chicago, the company’s portfolio was primarily focused on the Indian market. It had approximately 400,000 square feet spread across 12 centers and 7 cities in India. With an eye on the international market, they intend to add 500,000 square feet to their portfolio by 2022; 40,000 of which will be added to Dubai and the Singapore/Chicago market.

Hence, DevX is a key player in the managed office spaces market due to its best-in-class amenities, as well as several other benefits such as:

  • Zero capital investment.
  • Culture preservation events.
  • Budgeting and cost forecasting.
  • Single billing solution.
  • And great flexibility for adapting to a distributed staff.

It is located on C-201,2nd floor, The First, B/h, Keshav Baugh Party Plot, Nr. Shivalik, High-Street, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015.

3. The Executive Centre (TEC) managed office in Dubai

The Executive Centre was founded in 1994. By that time the number of startups was low and the business world was not as fast-paced as it is today. Since then, it has nurtured countless businessmen and provided more than just executive office spaces for professionals and industry experts.

They constantly provided support to businesses and cultivated an environment conducive to success by providing services for businesses to thrive. Hence, when it comes to enterprise solutions, the Executive Centre is a top player. This is because it has expert insights that provide access to global knowledge and tailor-made solutions that provide high customization to workspaces.

Additionally, TEC offers industry-leading technology and global networking opportunities, as well as basic amenities such as:

  • 24/7 access to offices.
  • High-speed WiFi.
  • Printing services.
  • Access to first-class meeting rooms.
  • And video conferencing.

A centralized single point of contact makes it easier for businesses to communicate with the service provider. So, if you want your company to grow beyond your wildest dreams, the Executive Centre might be a good fit. Its location is: Level 3, The Offices 3, One Central Dubai World – Trade Centre – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

4. WeWork managed office in Dubai

Offices are designed for “Big Solutions for Big Teams,” as their tagline suggests. 91 Springboard provides traditional managed offices in Delhi, as well as 24 hubs in 9 cities that provide business solutions.

In addition, 91 Springboard offers three customization models: Basic, Intermediate, and Bespoke, and the offices are designed to meet the needs and requirements of the business.

Hence, you can get a simple setup with unrivaled services like Dedicated Internet with LAN, CCTV, Custom Seating Layout, and much more. Their offices are here to make your work easier and more efficient. They are located in: One Central 8th and 9th Floor – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

5. MyOffice managed office in Dubai

MyOffice offers exclusively prestigiously located business centers. Also, it offers other services to manage the businesses’ operations to provide unrivaled personalized services to their clients.

With full customization in the hands of a business, you can have complete control over what happens where without the commitment and extra costs. So, the flexible layouts of office spaces make it easier to convert spaces into lounge areas. It stands out due to the availability of advanced amenities such as:

  • Meeting rooms.
  • Lounges.
  • Secure parking facilities, which appear to be lacking in most managed office spaces in the city center.

Cost-effectiveness increased control, and a prestigious location is the three main advantages that businesses enjoy. So, many leading business brands are housed in the managed office spaces in Dubai Downtown and Dubai Marina. It is located in: Level 3 & 14, Boulevard Plaza Tower One – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

6. Austria Business Centre managed office in Dubai

Austria Business Centre designed their offices with business expansion in mind. This is why they provide cutting-edge technology in impressive and highly functional offices that can meet the needs of any business. Austria BC is a business favorite due to its high flexibility and customization.

They only provide carefully designed office suites that promote a professional environment while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere for those who work there. They also have reasonable rental rates and work hard to handle office space management concerns. Hence, this allows businesses to focus on more important aspects such as innovation and growth.

Businesses benefit from a:

  • Prestigious location.
  • A large office capacity.
  • Quick set up and move in options.
  • And the freedom to design, decorate, and change the office interior.
  • High-speed internet connections,
  • Pantry areas.
  • Parking spaces.
  • City views.
  • Air conditioning.
  • 24/7 access.
  • IT support.

If your company’s work is demanding and your employees burn out easily, choose Austria BC. Its stunning views will help your staff stay relaxed.

7. How can Connect Business Center help you?

This brings us to the end of our exhaustive list of managed office spaces in Dubai. Finding executive office spaces to rent or buy can be a time-consuming and energy-draining process.  Traditional office space culture has several drawbacks. Also, the introduction of coworking spaces and managed office spaces has taken a lot of the burden off businessmen’s shoulders.

Before deciding on a service provider and jumping the gun, talk to them and learn about their offerings. Choosing the right enterprise solutions provider can mean the difference between success and failure for your company. Choose a service provider who will help your company grow. Having said that, you will do a fantastic job!

Would you like to contact us to obtain more information on outstanding executive office spaces you can find in Dubai? If you have any questions, you can email us at contact@connectbusinesscenters.com. Following, you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

Do not miss the opportunity to work with the best team. It is really easy to apply. Do it today by sending us your CV to thetalentpoint.com or contact@thetalentpoint.com.

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Choosing an office space for your business in Dubai

office space

Surprisingly, many companies around the world deny the fact that facility management can significantly influence the success and growth of a company. Your office environment has a decisive role in employees’ productivity and satisfaction. According to studies, the office space is a symbol that represents how much an organization values its employees.

Many years ago, cubicles were left behind. Most companies realized that cubicles made their employees feel as if they were working in a cage. Instead, they replaced them with more colorful and big spaces, so the employees feel more comfortable.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about choosing an office space for your business in Dubai. Let’s observe:

1. What is office space?

2. Why should you have an office space for your company in Dubai?

3. What are the benefits of having a pleasant office space? 

4. How can you set up the perfect office space for your company in Dubai?

5. Basic components of office spaces.

6. How can Connect Business Centers help you to create an office space for your company in Dubai?

1. What is an office space?

The concept of office space is quite broad. However, it is crucial to understand the essence of it. When we talk about office space, we refer to the design and architecture of the place. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention to the decoration, distribution, office equipment, and the use of each element.

An employee in a dimly lit workspace will hardly be satisfied, but neither will another with good lighting but office furniture not suitable for their daily performance. If you are interested in new office spaces, you should know how they usually look like:

  • They have good distribution.
  • You can have your own space.
  • Pleasant work environment.
  • They are clean and neat.

We will talk about these points in more depth later.

Now, you are probably wondering, how can you go from a closed traditional office environment to a modern office space? We will tell you everything you need to know about getting the best office space for your company in Dubai.

Are you interested in virtual offices for your company in Dubai? Click here to know more about this topic.

2. Why should you have an office space for your company in Dubai?

As we mentioned previously, the office space represents how much an organization considerate its employees, and how reflects its personality as a business. As a curious fact, only 11 percent of employees in the USA not satisfied with their office space, claiming that their office has no personality in its decoration.

It might be quite surprising for you, but pleasant office spaces have a positive impact on the productivity, mood, and creativity of employees. Also, they give a good impression to clients who visit those office spaces.

Are you looking for the best coworking spaces in Dubai? Click here to find out more about it.

3. What are the benefits of having a pleasant office space

If you are not convinced yet, let’s take a look at some benefits of getting a beautifully designed office space that suits your company’s culture and aesthetic:

Increases focus and concentration

An office space should be able to encourage communication and collaboration between employees. However, it is also important to establish a limit about the right amount of communication. You don’t want them spending so much time talking about things not related to work.

All the team members need to have a place where they can focus and concentrate on their groups. Office spaces provide the resources to make this possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of reinforcing the idea that they need to stay still and quiet to get the work done.  

Wellbeing at Work

Employees used to show up to traditional office spaces, performing their tasks like robot machines. Working in an office with no color and no touch of nature, is draining and affects mental health.

Modern office spaces are created to be healthy places for employees’ wellbeing. A creative office attracts possible top talents and makes them stay for longer.

Creative and modern workplaces help to meet the needs and comfort of employees. An example of this is adding ergonomic furniture. This kind of furniture is adjustable, and it makes sure that everyone is comfortable while they are working. Also, it can avoid back problems, stress injuries, etc. In addition, adding art walls and allowing employees to decorate their office space may help as well.

Things can be more exciting

Working in the same drab office can make employees feel exhausted and bored. So, it’s helpful to bring a workspace to life by adding some exciting visuals and fresh elements. Another alternative would be to make breakout areas. This way, employees can take breaks and relax after hours of work.  

Reflect the work ethic

It means that your company has a pleasant work environment, and it can be used to impress partners and clients. People can see that your business is innovative and how satisfied employees are in their creative office spaces.

You can have guests and tell them the story about why you made those changes and how you consider your employees a priority of the company. Show them the progress they achieved as a result of modern office space. 

Significant increase in productivity

We have mentioned this before, but it is a fact. Creative office spaces increase productivity due to employee motivation to work in a pleasant environment. Instead of working in separate offices, they can make things more dynamic by working and collaborating in a shared space. It encourages teamwork since they can solve problems together.

Now let’s talk about how the artwork can be very beneficial for a modern office space. One of the best things about art is that it can inspire others. Therefore, employees are more determined and motivated to get work done. And for those creative minds, a colorful and vibrant space provides them with the best work environment.

Boost imagination

Open office space can make people’s minds innovate projects, and it won’t cause distractions. Plus, working in a space where employees can feel the airiness and freedom to move around contribute to boosting the imagination.

Comfortable furniture is another element in a creative space, including stuffed sofas, chairs, and small tables. A free mind needs a comfortable environment. Employees can work and move around areas where they feel more productive.

Working in a drab grey office is the worst enemy of imagination. Just thinking about going to the same dull place with no colors or art every day can be exhausting for employees.

What things should you take into consideration to find the perfect workspace in Dubai? Find out more information here.

How can you set up the perfect office space for your company in Dubai?

In this section, we are going to talk about some suggestions for a modern office space. We’re going to walk you through the basics of how a modern and creative office space should look like and the effects it should have on the people who work there.

Simulate collaboration and communication

You are probably thinking that this idea of simulating communication and collaboration is quite odd, but it is very effective. Your employees can come up with great ideas through communication and collaboration. It is a behavior that all managers strive to promote within their teams. The three Cs (creativity, collaboration, and communication) ensure high-quality work.

There are different ways to stimulate creativity, communication, and collaboration. One of them is through the environment. Adding bright colors into the design elements throughout the office or just a little bit of color here and there can help employees work better. Another way to do this is through the arrangement of furniture, desks, and technology. We are going to delve into this topic later on.

It is important to stand out that private offices and cubicles won’t encourage the communication and collaboration you’re looking for among employees.

Conveys a professional image for clients

Certain areas of your office space can look quite colorful or chaotic but, other areas should convey professionalism when clients visit your office.

Therefore, designing front-facing areas clearly and professionally, such as visitors lounge, conference room, and reception, will help in this manner.

This way, when an important client comes in, you won’t be struggling with a hustling space of collaborations. So, you will be able to convey a more refined image of your company.

If you design a place to be functional and professional, we guarantee you that you will give the best impression. 

Lowers stress and anxiety

Modern office spaces should be places to help reduce stress and anxiety. For instance, industrial designs elements like sharp corners and unfinished stone can be useful for the aesthetic. However, if it’s used too much, it can give a sense that they’re like working machines. Hence, it can lead to stress and anxiety.

It doesn’t mean you have to avoid industrial design elements. But it is crucial to establish a balance by softening their effects with other components such as cushy coaches and a natural color palette. These elements will help to minimize stress and anxiety.

Natural design

Many companies are incorporating natural elements in their office spaces. This discipline is known as biophilic design. It states that humans need to be in contact with nature to enjoy better health, increase concentration, creativity, and work performance.

There are different ways to incorporate biophilic design into an office space. Some of them are:

  • Large windows let in natural light.
  • Incorporate natural materials like stone and wood.
  • Plants can purify the air by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • Incorporate running water, for example, waterfalls or fountains.
  • Nature views via pictures, painting, or through the window.

In case you want to know about the things you should think about before renting a shared office space in Dubai, here is all you need to know.

Basic components of office spaces


Employees should be able to do their work wherever they want. It means that office spaces should provide Wi-Fi in every corner.  Working with Wi-Fi leads to using cordless phones, Bluetooth headsets, wireless charging solutions, etc.  These solutions will give your team members more flexibility.


Office spaces must offer different environments. You’ll need places for collaborations, places for work, and places for socialization. Also, employees should have the option to rearrange their space according to their needs.

It encourages employees to use different spaces for different purposes (socialization, collaboration, silence, etc.)

Team members

Wellness plays a crucial role in office spaces. Keep in mind that if you have happy and healthy team members, it means productivity and efficiency.

You can achieve this by doing things such as providing healthy foods or making events where they can eat together. Those were just a few examples of wellness practices.

Click here if you need to know about the best centers for business in Dubai

How can Connect Business Centers help you to create an office space for your company in Dubai?

It takes so much work to design the perfect office space. You have to spend a lot of time and creativity. But don’t worry about it. In Connect Business Centers, we make the process easier. So, you don’t have to make any effort to create office spaces that suit your company. 

Our modern office spaces will provide you with everything you need to be productive in your workplace. Our algorithm calculates different locations according to your budget.

We’ve been giving a quality service to different types of companies since 1996.

Here you can learn about co-working spaces in Abu Dhabi

Would you like to contact Connect Business Centers to obtain more information about choosing an office space for your business in Dubai? If you have any questions, call us on +971 43316688. You can email us at info@connectbusinesscenters.com, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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How to find a nice workspace in Dubai


Multicultural business people meeting and talking about business – Multiracial business team meeting

Operating a business in Dubai will most likely require suitable office space for carrying out all activities and operations. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to setting up a company, you need to find a proper workspace in Dubai. With the right information about this matter, you can easily get what you are looking for.

In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about this affair to get better results in your research. More precisely, you will discover the most efficient methods to find the best workspaces in the Dubai emirate. And besides, here you can also get other professional tips and advice from our team. Let’s observe:

1. Why should you learn how to find a suitable workspace in this city?

2. How can you find an affordable office space for rent?

3. What other options can you find when looking for a proper office in Dubai?

4. Is renting more favorable than leasing when it comes to working space?

5. What methods can you use to find a proper office space in Dubai?

6. How many factors should you take into consideration when looking for office space?

7. Benefits of using the services of a specialized agency to find a nice workspace.

8. How can Connect Business Centers help you find the best workspaces in Dubai?

1. Why should you learn how to find a suitable workspace in this city?

It is essential to have a comfortable working space for every investor, entrepreneur, freelancer, professional, and other many business people. Therefore, the research process to find a suitable workspace in Dubai must be done efficiently. And you can do it by using a specialized agency like Connect Business Centers.

Besides, using a comfortable office space will allow you to focus on your work and be more productive. On the other hand, learning to find a convenient workspace will also help you save money and resources.

2. How can you find an affordable office & workspace for rent?

If you do not have enough resources to lease an office, you can opt for renting it. However, it’s important to consider the available options and their costs in order to save as much money as possible. And by using the services of Connect Business Centers, finding your ideal place is even easier and cheaper.

Among the cheapest workspaces that you can rent in Dubai, you can find coworking spaces, shared offices, and virtual offices. Those are the most popular alternatives for limited-budget business owners and freelancers that operate in Dubai.

2.1. Coworking space.

This is one of the most affordable office space options that you can find in a city like Dubai. And this alternative is often used by freelancers and investors who are setting up new businesses. Besides, coworking spaces have proven to be more favorable than traditional offices for several reasons besides their low rental cost.

For example, it provides more networking opportunities and helps investors to meet potential clients or business partners. This way, it’s possible for them to make their businesses grow exponentially. On the other hand, it’s a perfect cost-effective solution in case you need to save money for your business.

2.2. Shared office space.

This other kind of office space is similar to coworking spaces, but with slight differences. For example, their differences can vary according to the goals and requirements of the companies or individuals who use them. And the way in which each kind of office covers their needs is also different.

Nonetheless, shared office spaces can also provide you with lots of benefits and amenities that you will find useful. Besides, it’s also very easy to find this type of office space in a popular business hub such as Dubai. Make sure to contact Connect Business Centers to find the shared office space that you need in this emirate.

2.3. Virtual office space.

And another cheap workspace that you can rent in this city is a virtual office. This alternative is quite popular among startups, freelancers, and professionals who work individually. And it’s also very comfortable for companies and businesses that want to obtain the benefits that physical office spaces cannot offer.

For example, it allows companies to work with remote employees and other professionals that are not in the emirate. And in some cases, it allows them to work with workers that are outside the UAE. So if you are interested in this option, you can find the best virtual office spaces with Connect Business Centers.

3. What other options can you find when looking for a proper office in Dubai?

Besides the options that we previously mentioned, you can also find other types of workspaces for rent in Dubai. And each of those alternatives will provide lots of benefits that will help you be more productive and focused. However, choosing any of those spaces will entirely depend on your business needs and purposes.

In case you are not sure what to choose, you can contact our professional team to obtain tips and advice. Besides, we’ll help you find the workspace in Dubai that you require for operating your business. Therefore, make sure to get in touch with Connect Business Centers to obtain the information and services that you need.

3.1. Meeting rooms.

This option is perfect for holding important meetings with clients, business partners, and other associates. And besides being an affordable alternative, it can also improve your business image and impress all the members in the meeting. Plus, these spaces offer all the amenities and facilities that are necessary for holding a productive meeting.

3.2. Executive offices.

And if you need a suitable office space for carrying out your company’s core operations, this is your best option. You’ll be able to get all the benefits that you require for completing the most important activities of your business. And in case you are ready to expand your company, renting executive offices can provide you with flexibility too.

4. Is renting more favorable than leasing when it comes to working space?

Investors or freelancers who are looking for flexibility and affordable prices will most likely rent an office space. And those who are starting new businesses will also prefer renting over leasing workspace in Dubai. As for freelancers, it is also an ideal option for saving money.

If it’s about workspaces in Dubai, the financial aspect is the main reason why renting is more convenient than leasing. Evidently, renting is far more affordable and fits the investors’ budgets. Moreover, contracts are also more flexible since you can pay the rent daily, weekly, or monthly; it’ll depend on your necessities.

5. What methods can you use to find a proper office space in Dubai?

Using the search platform of Connect Business Centers, you will be able to find what you are looking for. And as a matter of fact, you can use several methods and filters to make your search easier and faster. This way, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort while searching for your ideal workspace in Dubai.

One of the ways in which you can find a suitable office space is by using multiple filters. For example, you can search for properties by their types, locations, dimensions, prices, contract types, features, and more. Let’s see how some of these useful filters work and make your research simpler.

5.1. Search by property type.

As we have mentioned previously, you can find plenty of workspaces if you are living and working in Dubai. For instance, you will be able to search for offices, business centers, flexi desks, shared offices, and many other options. Choose the one that fits your business requirements better and you’ll find many related alternatives.

5.2. Search by property location.

But if you’re looking forward to working in an office outside this emirate, you can also find it in other locations. For example, you have the alternative of searching for properties in Sharjah and other UAE emirates. But keep in mind that the prices and other features will vary according to the location you choose.

5.3. Search by price.

On the other hand, you can also start your research based on your available budget and resources. With our platform, you’ll be able to find the cheapest to the most expensive properties in this emirate.

Besides, in some cases, it is also possible to customize your chosen office space to make it fit your budget. Talking to one of our representatives will provide you with more information.

5.4. Search by contract type.

And also, you can find the property that you are looking for by the contract type that you need. For example, you can find your ideal office space that offers a daily rent contract or a weekly rent contract.

On the other hand, you can also find properties that offer a monthly rent contract. And if you need a property for a long-term project, you’ll also find properties with yearly rent contracts.

6. How many factors should you take into consideration when looking for office space?

During your research for a nice workspace in Dubai, you need to consider several vital elements. For example, these are some of the most important ones:

  • Location: it is important to work in a location where you can easily reach your target customers or market.
  • Cost: if you count on a small budget, an expensive office for rent can represent a significant expense for your business.
  • Services and amenities: in order to operate your business comfortably, your chosen office space must cover all of your needs.
  • Legal aspect: and if you want to avoid legal complications in the future, you must be aware of the terms and conditions.

7. Benefits of using the services of a specialized agency to find a nice workspace.

Finding workspace in Dubai can be easier by using the services of a professional agency like Connect Business Centers. In fact, you can obtain several benefits by using our efficient services, such as these:

  • Easy-to-use tools and methods to find your ideal office space for different business purposes. Due to our wide database of office space options, finding the most convenient option for you is a very simple and quick process.
  • Saving money when looking for a nice and affordable workspace in this emirate is possible with our services. In fact, you can use effective filters to find the office you are looking for by price. This way, you will be able to discover affordable alternatives that fit your budget.
  • Besides finding affordable office spaces, you can also find the comfort you are looking for. From the search tools to the office spaces that you find are easy to use and include the amenities you need.
  • You’ll also get good deals and marketing since we work with large advertising networks and also business centers for rent.

8. How can Connect Business Centers help you find the best workspaces in Dubai?

If need to find a workspace in Dubai that suits your business needs, Connect Business Centers can help you. With our services and solutions, you’ll be able to find the best office spaces in this popular business hub. Besides, you can also save time and money by using our tools and services to look for your ideal workspace.

Some of the types of office spaces we can offer you are coworking spaces, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and more. And you can also rent our available meeting rooms and obtain many benefits from them. For example, you can enjoy the amenities and flexible contracts that we offer, so you can have an amazing experience.

Would you like to contact Connect Business Centers to obtain more information about suitable workspaces for rent in Dubai, UAE? If you have any questions, call us on +97143316688. Or you can also email us at info@connectbusinesscenters.com, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will gladly answer all of your questions.

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Things to consider before renting a shared office space in Dubai

shared office space or business centers

Living and working in Dubai is one of the best decisions that any investor or entrepreneur can make. And the main reason is that this city offers endless business opportunities to let investors reach success in no time. And besides, it’s also possible to find lots of excellent options when it comes to shared office space in Dubai.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about renting this type of office space in this emirate. For example, here you will be able to discover the benefits of using shared offices to carry out your activities. Most importantly, here we will provide you with some tips to follow before renting your desired office space. Let’s observe:

1. What are shared offices in the Dubai emirate, UAE?

2. Why this type of office space is so popular in this city?

3. Who are the most frequent users of shared office spaces in Dubai?

4. What things should you consider when renting shared offices in Dubai?

5. Why do you need to take into consideration the location and activities when renting a shared office?

6. The importance of the financial element when renting this type of office.

7. What is the importance of the design and size of a shared office?

8. Why do you need to consider the legal part when renting a shared office?

9. How can Connect Business Centers help you find your ideal shared office space in Dubai?

1. What is shared office space in the Dubai emirate, UAE?

A shared office is a particular type of workspace in which at least two companies share the same leased/rented office. And an office is a shared space the tenant of a privately leased office rents the unused space to other companies. Put in other words, both parties can benefit from sharing the rent cost, bills, and overheads when sharing an office.

As for the rental terms and conditions, the involved parties that plan to share the workspace must decide on them. And usually, it is the host who offers the office space along with the equipment and furniture that it requires. For example, internet connection, phone lines, and printers are some of the basic equipment that the office must include.

Sometimes, the host uses a license agreement that grants the use of the office without providing the tenant protections. And in most cases, these protections are the ones that the lease provides to the tenants. Nonetheless, renting a shared office provides the flexibility of opting for a short-term agreement instead of a multi-year lease.

In the UAE, it’s possible to find many business centers that offer this type of office space to business people. As a matter of fact, it is more common and easy to rent a shared office in the Dubai emirate. Plus, renting a shared office space in Dubai is easy and affordable for many companies, especially small ones with limited budgets.

2. Why this type of office space is so popular in this city?

There are many reasons why shared office space in Dubai can be popular among companies and different business people. In fact, you can find a wide range of benefits that you can get by renting this type of office. For example, let’s see some of the most outstanding reasons why shared offices are getting more popular in Dubai:

2.1. It is a cost-effective solution for investors.

One of the main reasons why investors prefer rented offices over leased offices is that it allows them to reduce expenses. For example, if they decide to lease office spaces instead of renting them, they have to cover added costs. And leasing private office spaces is a significant investment that exceeds the budget of a startup or a small company.

Therefore, choosing to rent a shared office space in Dubai is a much affordable option for them. Besides, they can also eliminate all hidden costs and avoid the risks of owning a private office. In fact, they will only pay for the space that they need to use without including any hidden cost.

2.2. It provides more flexibility.

Unlike leased office spaces, you do not really need to rent a shared office for the long term. As a matter of fact, this type of office space is also popular for providing flexible contracts. In other words, you can rent an office space for a short term or cancel the contract whenever you desire.

This is a convenient advantage if your plans change suddenly after you have rented a shared office. Besides, it is also an ideal alternative to rent this type of office instead of using a long-term contract. And that is due to the risks that leased offices may represent for many types of businesses.

2.3. Companies have more networking opportunities.

Another important benefit that investors can enjoy is increasing their networking chances due to the collaborative environment of shared offices. And this is because a variety of investors from different businesses can use these spaces simultaneously. As a result, they can start having new conversations with people that can be potential partners or clients.

2.4. Shared offices count on excellent safety measures.

It’s essential to work in a safe space, which is why you should rent a shared office space in Dubai. This type of office space is also known for providing an enjoyable environment in which investors can feel safe. Therefore, it makes it possible for them to focus on their jobs and become more productive.

Besides, Dubai is already one of the safest places in the world for doing business, and that’s already an advantage. Additionally, you can find plenty of safe options when it comes to renting a shared office space. Plus, they all have the most efficient security features, such as CCTV camera systems, 24/7 desk security, and more.

3. Who are the most frequent users of shared office spaces in Dubai?

In most cases, shared office spaces are quite attractive for small company owners. However, during the last few years, they have become more popular among freelancers and independent professionals from everywhere. These are some of the most frequent users of this type of office space:

  • Freelancers who are looking forward to collaborating and getting the advantages of a shared office.
  • Remote workers who do not want to keep working from home.
  • Small company owners who want to reduce costs and increase flexibility.
  • Large companies that need some space for their traveling employees.
  • Companies of all sizes that need additional office space for short-term projects.
  • Travelers who require a comfortable place to work on a business trip.
  • Professionals who need a space that they can find inspirational and friendly.

4. What things should you consider when renting shared offices in Dubai?

Although a shared office space in Dubai provides multiple benefits, it is essential to consider some things before renting one. And the main two elements that you must consider are the location and the cost of the office space. At the same time, these elements will depend on other factors, like the kind of business that you operate.

Now, let’s see some of the vital things that you must consider before renting a shared office in Dubai:

  • Your kind of business activities.
  • The location of the office space.
  • Your available budget and the cost of the shared office space.
  • Design and size of your desired office.
  • Terms, conditions, and legal complexities.

5. Why do you need to take into consideration the location and activities when renting a shared office?

The location is a vital factor that you must consider when renting a shared office space in Dubai. And that is due to the activities that you want to carry out and the market you want to enter. Therefore, you must make sure to select a shared office that is near the customers you want to reach.

Besides, other things that you should consider when choosing a location are these:

  • If the location is useful for attracting as many customers as possible.
  • The availability of the infrastructure and amenities.
  • The safety in your chosen location.
  • Your type of business and the need for constant interaction with your clients.
  • And the conveyance facilities to the location.

6. The importance of the financial element when renting this type of office.

Besides making sure that your chosen office space fits your budget, there are other financial factors you should consider. For example, the rent, local tax, and other associated expenses must be paid from time to time by including them in the expenditure. But it should not be a burden on the investor’s budget.

Apart from that, the location must be favorable for you to attract your target clients and make your business more profitable. Otherwise, renting an office in an unfavorable place can significantly affect your business and make it lose money. In other words, it’d be useless to save money on rent if your business may lose it due to the location.

7. What is the importance of the design and size of a shared office?

On the other hand, it is also important to choose a shared office in which you feel comfortable and productive. The design of the office will also depend on your type of business and if you constantly interact with your audience. Therefore, make sure to get the design and size that you require for operating your business.

Moreover, you need to consider the expansion of your business in time, which is why the size is important too. And if your business will expand quickly, you’ll most likely need to change your office frequently. So you should select a spacious office that adapts to your company’s frequent changes.

8. Why do you need to consider the legal part when renting a shared office?

And lastly, it is vital to understand the terms and conditions that renting shared offices in Dubai involves. Since all the legal processes aim to protect both the host and the tenant, it is important to understand them. And complying with the local laws is also mandatory if you want to avoid legal issues or penalties.

It is a must to examine all the relevant documents concerning the office space rental to confirm their authenticity. And if you want to avoid future complications, the legal authorities must complete a meticulous inspection of the office. On the other hand, you can ask for professional advice if you need it.

9. How can Connect Business Centers help you find your ideal shared office space in Dubai?

Finding your ideal shared office space in Dubai is an easy task if you count on Connect Business Centers. Due to our many years of experience, we can provide you with the facilities you require for operating your business. And you will be able to get the best results and solutions without spending too much money or effort.

And besides shared office spaces, you can also find private offices, meeting rooms, warehouses, and many other facilities with our help. By using our efficient methods and tools, it will be an easy process to find and rent the most convenient spaces. Furthermore, we will make sure to provide you with suitable and affordable office spaces that you need to fulfill your needs.

On the other hand, there is a variety of office spaces that we offer for all types of businesses. Over the years, we have served our excellent services to countless companies of all sizes, from small to large companies. And regardless of your location in the UAE, we guarantee that our services will satisfy your needs in the short term.

Would you like to contact Connect Business Centers to obtain more information about shared office spaces for rent in Dubai, UAE? If you have any questions, call us on +97143316688. Or you can also email us at info@connectbusinesscenters.com, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will gladly answer all of your questions.

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The top office spaces in Dubai’s well-located business centers

office spaces

Choosing an office spaces in Dubai can be complex. Whether you own a small or large corporation, you always face difficulties when looking for the perfect place to work.

Nevertheless, finding the perfect office space plays a crucial role on the success of your business. If you find a great place where to carry out your operations, that is strategically localized and that suits your needs you can boost your productivity and enhance your operations.

Therefore, it’s important to consider several aspects about the best office spaces you can find in Dubai so you can choose the perfect one.

Why should you look for office spaces in Dubai?

Placed as one of the top destinations for business owners, foreign investors and entrepreneurs, Dubai is definitely the best place for making businesses.

So, if you want to establish your company you should look for an excellent office space in Dubai. This is because it can give you several advantages such as the following:

  • Easy access to your customers
  • Nearness to suppliers and vendors
  • Be in the main economic hub of the UAE

As you can see, you need to have an office in the perfect spot if you want your business to grow. Nevertheless, finding an office space in Dubai means you’ll have to go through several options before choosing the perfect one.

However, it doesn’t have to be complex as long as you know which aspects you should consider to find the right office.

How can you choose the location?

Although Dubai is a place that offers several advantages, you have to be careful on where on Dubai locate your business.

This is because your business may have some requirements that means finding the perfect location. Some of the aspects you have to take into account are the following:

  • Reachability: your clients should be able to find your business easily
  • Conveyance facilities: in order for your customers to get to your office there must be easy access to them
  • Infrastructure and amenities: depending on your business needs you may require having access to internet, conference rooms, or any other.
  • Safety: your office space must be a safe place that complies with the local law and ensures complete safety to your employees and customers

In addition you can consider looking for a classy location or a place where you can attract more customers. All of these factors depend on your type of business, your target audience, market and more.

By evaluating your needs regarding location you can make a wise decision. For this reason it’s important to take them into account before choosing an office space.

Why is the design important for office spaces?

Another factor that most business owners don’t take into account is the design of the office space. Perhaps you may feel like this isn’t important but in fact it can cause a huge impact to your customers and employees.

The design of the office speaks clearly about your business. Therefore, you should look for a place that matches your type of business or your activity.

It’s essential to look for a place that can solve your employees’ needs. Once again, this depends on your type of business. Let’s observe some examples:

  • If your business needs to interact constantly with your clients, it’s important to have an office where you can provide them a great service. Consider a place that has waiting rooms, or any other additional feature that may please your clients
  • If your professional team needs to work together on projects and they need to have a place to collaborate, you have to look an office with a spacious area where they can brainstorm
  • If your business needs to make several presentations to partners or clients, it’s best to find a place that has a conference room where you can do this easily and without challenges.

Keep in mind that both your employees and your clients must be comfortable in your office. In addition, take into consideration peak hours or seasons where you need to work more. As you can see, the design it’s highly important.

What should you consider regarding size and space?

The next aspect you have to take into consideration is the size and space of your office. Perhaps you have a small professional team so you don’t need a bigger office. However, it’s important to evaluate your business plans regarding expansion.

If you plan on hiring more employees in the future, you can’t choose an office where you can’t add more workstations.

In this regard, it’s important to discuss it with your management. You also have to take into account that your office size determines your visa quota. So, if you plan on expanding, this is a really important aspect.

What should you do if you can’t change the office as you expand?

Regarding the office space, you may not need a bigger office because your employees may all work on assignments or outside, but you want to hire more employees without looking for a bigger office.

If this is your case, you may want to look for professional support from a service provider. With the help of an outsourcing agency you don’t have to look for a bigger office. You can hire more employees without changing the office frequently.

How can you take rent and expenses into account?

Renting an office space in Dubai comes with several expenses. Therefore, you must consider which payments you have to do periodically.

When choosing for an office you may have to incur in the following expenses:

  • Rent
  • Local tax
  • Associated fees
  • Fees to local administrative authorities

So, when you look for an office, all of these payments shouldn’t become a burden to your monthly budget. If this is the case, you should look for a cheaper place or consider increasing your budget.

Keep in mind that if you choose a remote office you may save money, but perhaps it will be harder for your employees to reach you. Therefore, keep into account that you have to consider your expenses very well.

Why should you learn about legal complexities?

Finding the perfect office also involves learning about legal necessities and complex processes. You have to look for a place that has authentic documents so you don’t incur in any troubles.

You should make a meticulous inspection all the legal aspects of the office space and confirm it with the legal authorities. This way you’ll surely avoid challenges in the future.

If you don’t want to deal with legal matters you can always have a partner to support you.

What are the two types of flexible office spaces available in Dubai?

Once you have considered all the previous aspects, you may want to find for a flexible office space, since it has been the preferred choice for businesses that enter the Dubai market.

Here we have the two most general types:

  • Coworking office space
  • Serviced office space

Are there any advantages of flexible office spaces?

A flexible office space is that you can rent for a short period, but it offers the possibility of scaling it up or down according to your needs. If your business grows and evolves you can have an office spaces that adapts to your requirements.

In addition, it allows businesses to plan better their next move and solve their particular needs for entering the Dubai market

What is a serviced office space in Dubai?

A Services Office Space is more suited for small businesses and corporations. This is because it’s also known as an executive office or business center. So, the company management can choose whether to rent just an office or the entire floor, and even more than that. Of course, this will depend on the size of the building.

Employer may think that a service office space is no different from a traditional office space, but in reality they differ in the following aspects:

  • A service office space in Dubai already has a fully furnished office
  • Service office spaces tend to have additional facilities included such as internet, phone, mail services, and more

The pros and cons of a service office spaces

Once you learn about this kind of flexible office you may consider it as a choice for your business.

However, it’s important to consider all the factors to determine which one can be the best for your needs.

Here we have the pros:

  • Midpoint between a coworking space and a completely own space
  • Good option for organizations that aren’t interested in a coworking space
  • It offers exclusive advantages to the corporate clients
  • It’s a convenient office space since it’s already equipped and cover basic necessities
  • A serviced office space is a cost-effective solution compared to a traditional rented workspace
  • It typically has a private space for meetings where you can also greet your clients

Now let’s take a look at the cons as follows:

  • Lack of movement
  • Shared spaces of communal areas, which can be uncomfortable
  • Some may need a fixed contract of 12 months minimum or even more

What is a coworking office space in Dubai?

Dubai has been receiving freelancers and small businesses from around the world recently. So, one of the latest trends in terms of the workspace sector are the coworking spaces.

They are flexible spaces that provide a working atmosphere for freelancers, startups and small businesses. They range in terms of variety because there are different kind of coworking spaces such as the following:

  • Single desks
  • Cubicles for teams or individuals
  • Private office spaces

Typically, the coworking spaces also have conference rooms, meeting rooms, and communal spaces such as lounges, kitchens, recreational areas, and more. The main advantage of coworking office spaces is the fact that it offers a cost-effective solution.

So, if you’re a small business or a startup that is planning to enter the Dubai market to try it, perhaps this could be the perfect choice for you.

The pros and cons of a coworking space

After learning about coworking spaces, you may consider it as a choice. If you think it can cover your business needs, you can rent it. However, it’s important to learn about the pros and cons so you can make a well-informed decision and there are no surprises.

Let’s observe the pros of coworking spaces:

  • It’s a great choice for businesses who want to work on extremely social levels and collective manners
  • It’s a low cost choice for entrepreneurs or small businesses that can’t afford a traditional rented office
  • A coworking space offers a lot of flexibility
  • Some coworking spaces may provide an elite experience although these may be more expensive

Here we have the cons of this flexible office:

  • Lack of privacy and freedom
  • It’s not the best place for dealing matters of employee-client confidentiality
  • Some coworking spaces may have difficulties regarding availability of communal areas such as conference halls and more
  • You can’t decide on the design of the office

A coworking space may be a perfect option for financial reasons, but be aware to not select a choice mainly on monetary factors.

How can you get your office space with business setup services?

Dealing with all the complexities of evaluating the best location, design, space, legal matters and more can be overwhelming. In addition, if you’re looking for a flexible office space you may not know which one could be the best for you.

For this reason, you should look for a trusted service provider that can assist you. Here in Connect Business Center we want to assist you to get the most favorable office space for your business in Dubai.

We can ensure you find a comfortable space for your business where you can run your operations smoothly. Additionally, we help you find a cost-effective workspace that is convenient to ensure your business grows.

By partnering with trustworthy experts you can make this process easier, and you no longer have to evaluate tons of aspects for choosing the perfect office. Since we can provide valuable insight and assistance you don’t have to deal with tedious processes.

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Rent-to-own Properties in Dubai

In a business hub like Dubai, you have the opportunity to rent certain properties for long-term projects and other purposes. Nonetheless, it’s also possible to rent these properties in order to own them in the future. But how does it work? Let’s take a look at this interesting option.

Firstly, you should know that your paid rent will serve as the down payment for the property that you’re looking forward to buying. As a result, you can buy the entire property in a matter of time. And in this city, you can find plenty of properties that you can rent to own them in the short or long term.

1. Downtown Dubai.

This is one of the most popular options when it comes to rent-to-own properties in this emirate. It’s the heart of Dubai where you can find the world’s tallest building and other symbolic structures.

For example, the building known as Boulevard Crescent 1 is a series of two towers in a strategic location. And you have the chance with these lease-to-own properties in this popular business hub.

2. Al Furjan.

It’s a suburban residential zone that you can find in Dubai, and here you can also find lots of good alternatives. And this location is very popular for being a perfect choice for families that desire a relaxed and quiet lifestyle. On the other hand, here you can find many properties at affordable prices, such as the Murano Residence 3.

3. Dubailand.

Dubailand is known for being home to diverse communities that live and work in Dubai. And at the same time, there are several sub-communities. And here you can find affordable properties that you can rent to own.

Dubai Residence Complex has the most convenient options that can suit and fulfill all your needs. Besides, it is also very popular when it comes to families.

4. Dubai Creek Harbour (The Lagoons).

This other location offers multiple properties at low prices and provides stunning views, which offer a peaceful environment that you can enjoy. And if you desire to live in a peaceful place, this is your best option.

Here you can find the Dubai Creek Residence Tower 2, one of the most famous towers in this location. Contact us if you want to get more information about it.

5. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

You can find the properties you’re looking for by using Connect Business Centers’ services, which makes your research easier. Besides renting properties to own them later, you can also opt for other options, like renting particular spaces for short-term projects. For example, we can provide you with meeting rooms, coworking space, and many other useful facilities.

And all of our spaces are equipped with all the services and amenities that you need to run your business efficiently. Furthermore, you can also use customized spaces to fulfill all your business requirements. Call us on +97143316688 or email us at info@connectbusinesscenters.com to get more information about our available services.