Know the cost of trademark registration in the UAE

Trademark registration in Dubai

A trademark is a legally recognized sign, word, or phrase on behalf of a corporation or product. In today’s commercial setting, one of the most crucial parts of a firm is the trademark. Every brand needs an identity so that customers can tell them apart from the competition. Trademarks fulfill such a mission. Trademark registration in Dubai protects the brand’s identity by preventing other firms from selling their goods and services under the guise of your brand.

In this article, we will explain how high the trademark registration UAE cost is, how it works, and how it may help you protect your business. We will discuss the following topics:

  1. What exactly is a trademark?
  2. How does a trademark work in Dubai?
  3. Uses of trademark registration in Dubai
  4. The cost of a trademark registration
  5. Details of the trademark registration in Dubai
  6. Connect Business Centers can assist you with your business’ processes

1. What exactly is a trademark?

A trademark is a legal right to protect services, products, or brands against imitators or fraudsters. It is not the same that just a trade name registration. When someone else sells fake items in your brand’s name, it harms your company’s brand image and affects its earnings.  As a result, trademark registration in Dubai has a high value to authorities. This protection helps with:

  • Identifying your original goods and services.
  • Aiding in the prevention of counterfeiting and fraud.
  • Giving you legal tools.

A common error is that holding a trademark gives you full legal ownership of a term or phrase and allows you to restrict others from using it. You do not have those rights, just how used in conjunction with your specific goods or services.

2. How does a trademark work in Dubai?

The UAE’s federal rules protect any trademark registered inside the nation. If you want to register a trademark in Dubai you have to do so under the UAE laws. But then, how to register a trademark in the UAE? Trademarks are protected in the UAE legally. They register in classes or branches, with each one requiring a different fee. 

Any natural person or legal entity can apply. A trademark’s owner may use it directly or provide a license to another person to use it. Once registered, the trademark is valid for ten years from the date of application. This duration extends further by paying the renewal charge.

2.1 Trademark registration in Dubai and usage of the TM, SM, and ® symbols

Under UAE law, the Ministry of Economy is in charge of trademark registration in Dubai. So, to protect your logo in Dubai, you must first register it as a trademark in that Ministry. When creating the application, you must indicate the class the logo belongs. Furthermore, a “TM” on a logo indicates that a brand registration in the UAE for that specific logo has been submitted but has not yet been registered. An “R” sign, on the other hand, indicates that the logo is registered.

The emblem informs customers and rivals that you own the trademark. Even if you have not applied to register, you can use “TM” for products and “SM” for services. The registration sign uses anywhere around the trademark. However, most trademark owners use superscripts or subscripts to the right of the logo. The brand registration symbol only applies to the products or services indicated in the federal trademark registration.

2.2 Restrictions to the trademark registration in Dubai

By learning how to register a trademark in the UAE (and therefore also in Dubai), it is pertinent to be aware of some possible drawbacks. So, before commencing the registration procedure, a brand/company must first establish that its mark is distinct. Various web tools can assist you in a UAE trademark search to avoid unwished coincidences.

The following are the usual not acceptable features in a brand registration in the UAE:

  • It must not be insulting to public morals or faiths
  • it must not feature public symbols (such as flags)
  • Emblems such as the Red Cross and Red Crescent must not be utilized.
  • Do not use third-party names or titles.
  • It prohibits direct translations of well-known brands.
  • There may be further legal restrictions.

3. Uses of trademark registration in Dubai

Trademark registration in Dubai allows brands to conduct business without fear of other companies exploiting their identity. In other words, trademark registration in the UAE is a direct process in which the application and all relevant paperwork submit online along with a fee. Then, it reviews by the authorities and, if approved, published in two local Arabic newspapers. 

It is pertinent to conduct a trademark search in the UAE to avoid overlap with other applications.

If there are no objections, the registration procedure closes when the cost of trademark registration in the UAE is paid. The complete procedure for product registration in Dubai or the UAE takes about 5-6 months.

3.1 Benefits

Here are some reasons why your firm should always file for a trademark in Dubai:

  • Many service firms for trademark registration in Dubai                                                

There are several service firms supporting product registration in Dubai. Trademark registration services are for simplifying your existence taking on their shoulders all the paperwork.  A proper business center could take care of the entire registration process, including a thorough UAE trademark search to avoid any hassles, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

  • Recognizing the brand.

Customer retention is critical if your firm wants to remain in the long run. If your firm has a trademarked name and logo, your consumers will be able to recognize your brand. Otherwise, clients would be unable to locate your goods on the market.

  • Maintain brand identity

If you do not trademark your products and services, others may copy and sell them without repercussions. You are unable to sue them since you do not possess the rights to the product or services.

  • Maintaining quality and trust

Customers can tell if your product is of high quality and dependable. Customers will have faith in your goods.

  • Protection against faulty brands

Customers can tell the difference between your reliable goods and the terrible and defective items on the market. They may avoid such items or services and instead purchase yours.

3.2 Document requirements

When registering a trademark in the UAE, you must supply the officials with some docs. These documents will ensure that the government can follow your firm’s products and defend your trademark in the event of a transgression

The following papers are crucial for the trademark registration UAE:

  • Proof of identity, passport, company’s trade license, Power of Attorney, contact information
  • List of your products or services
  • Logo for trademark and classification under Register Laws
  • Words in the trademark translated
  • A receipt for the trademark registration UAE cost

4. The cost of a trademark registration

The basic cost of trademark registration in the UAE ranges between AED 9,500 and AED 10,000, with an extra AED 1,000 charged to publish your brand in the official journal. But, the real price will vary based on your business, the newspapers you choose to announce your trademark, and so on. 

Trademarks must be renewed every ten years. The cost of trademark registration in the UAE for renewal is AED 6,700. As usual, if you use the services of a third party to renew your trademark, you must also pay their expenses. The trademark does not become null and invalid after ten years. However, you must pay a fee of AED 1,000 for each month your trademark is not renewed.

You may cancel the trademark registration by visiting the Ministry of Economy’s website. You must submit an application as well as the necessary papers. A cancellation charge of AED 1,500 is also required. Once your application has been granted, the next step is to place an ad in two local newspapers.

5. Details of the trademark registration in Dubai

In the UAE, you may register your trademark in two methods. The first and simplest option is to employ specialists to register your trademark on your behalf. Yet, this will cost you more than the regular trademark registration UAE cost.  The second and less expensive option is to register the trademark yourself. However, if this is your first time registering a trademark in the UAE, it will be quite difficult to do so on your own. In that scenario, it is advised to seek expert assistance.

Here is a summary of the actions you must take to finalize your trademark registration in the UAE:

  • Do a trademark search in the UAE to see if your trademark is already registered.
  • Fill out the application form on the website of the Ministry of Economy.
  • Complete the trademark registration UAE cost payment.
  • Wait for the Ministry of Economy to approve your application.
  • Publicize your trade mark registration in Dubai in two local publications.
  • Obtain certification of trademark registration from the Ministry of Economy.

The following is a more detailed view of trademark registration in the UAE.

5.1 The detailed stage of the trademark registration procedure

  • Validation

The authentication of the logo is the first stage in trademark registration in the UAE. It must be ensured that the logo is available and that someone else has not previously registered a comparable mark. The Ministry is in charge of this. You may also skip this step and go straight to the application.

  • Application and document submission

Once the verification procedure ended, the application goes to the Ministry together with the necessary documentation. It completes online. The following documents are crucial for registration:

  • A copy of the trademark to be registered 
  • A copy of the trade license (in case of a legal entity)
  • Passport photocopy (in case of a natural person)
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Document of Priority

The cost of trademark registration in the UAE during an application is paid after the application and supporting papers are submitted.

  • Examining the logo

After receiving the application, all relevant papers, and payment of the fee, the Ministry of Economy will analyze the trademark and either authorize or deny it. If the trademark does not pass, it is possible a complaint with the Trademarks Committee and then with the Civil Court within 30 days.

  • Publication

If the Ministry approves the trademark, it reports in the bulletin and publishes in two local Arabic newspapers. The individual wishing to register must pay for the publishing. Any objection must make within 30 days of the publication date. The Ministry will next review the objections and decide whether to approve or reject the registration.

  • Certificate issuance

If there are no objections, the mark is registered upon payment of the fee and a registration certificate is issued.

5.2 The trademark registration UAE cost during the application

  • Applicants must pay a registration fee. The application fee does not include the cost of publishing.
  • They register the trademark in the UAE under a scheme of classes. Each trademark class covers a particular range of goods and services.
  • Each class has a trademark registration UAE cost that is different.

6. Connect Business Centers can assist you with your business’ processes

Do you want to register your trademark globally? Do not worry. We fully support you. Connect Business Centers is a comprehensive platform that assists both local and foreign investors in Dubai. Our organization collaborates with you to study and recommend choices for the optimal execution of your business ideas in the UAE setup.

Our diverse range of tasks includes assisting start-ups and global corporations in establishing in Dubai to helping with administrative procedures, such as trademark registration, that could be halted for surprising reasons. On the other hand, you can locate the best business centers in Dubai with our help and guidance.

Take a look at our specialized services or at our current listings and let us guarantee a successful experience for you.

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