DED Trade License in Dubai: Cost, Significance, and eServices

It is important to become educated about the Department of Economic Development Dubai (DED) regulations before starting a business in the United Arab Emirates. A government organization called DED Dubai is in charge of the nation’s economic policy. The department also offers services to enhance the long-term stability of the economy and assists strategic sectors. This includes the DED trade license.

In this article, we will be talking about what is DED license in Dubai. Lets get into the specifics of DED. Consequently, this will benefit prospective investors and business owners who want to open a company in Dubai and obtain a top business center for their operations.

Understanding DED License Cost and Financial Aspects

ded trade license

The DED Dubai was established in 1992. The department must prepare for the economic outlook and assist economic development in accordance with the law. Additionally, it guarantees that every goal of the Dubai plan of action is in place.

What Factors Influence DED License Costs?

  • Nature of business: The DED license cost receives influence by the nature of your firm, generally referred to as the business type or business activity. Since licenses are approved and issued in accordance with the selected business activity, it is critical to take this into account when determining the price of your permit.
  • Company partners: The price of a DED trade license in Dubai may also depend on the number of corporate partners in your organization. Having fewer shareholders will typically result in lower expenses. Thus, it is critical to organize your firm structure accordingly to efficiently control your expenditures.
  • Rented office space: Due to the Department of Economic Development’s (DED) 2.5% fee, you should prepare yourself for a rise in the cost of your company license if you intend to rent office space in Dubai. As a result, when planning your budget for your business license and general setup, it is critical to account for this expense.
  • Other approvals: A DED license may become more expensive if specific business operations call for additional approvals or fines. To account for any unforeseen costs while designing your business setup, you will need to have a clear grip on the specific needs for that particular line of business.

How Do Different DED License Types Impact Costs?

The price of a DED license varies according to the nature of the company activity. Therefore, after accounting for all other fees, the price ranges from 15,000 to 50,000 AED.

  • License registration cost: 600 AED
  • Knowledge fee: 10 AED
  • Innovation fee: 10 AED
  • General trading activity cost: 15,000 AED
  • Investment activity fees: 15,000 AED
  • Real estate activity cost: 5,000 AED to 25,000 AED
  • Building contracting activity cost: 10,000 AED
  • DED trade license: 10,070 AED, plus 300 AED Dubai Chamber fee
  • Trade name advertisement: 350 AED
  • Service request form: 50 AED
  • International trade name cost: 1,000 AED to 3,000 AED
  • Business center fee: 25,000 AED
  • Intelaq license: 1,070 AED

Unveiling the Role and Importance of DED in Dubai

What is DED in Dubai? Lets find out!

What is the Department of Economic Development (DED) and Its Role?

The Department of Economic Development (commonly DED for convenience) is a government agency that directs and controls Dubai’s economic policy. Each of the United Arab Emirates’ seven emirates has a distinct DED set up to support and hasten the region’s economic progress. So, to achieve this, the DED and its agencies formulate economic plans and strategies, identify and support the growth of important sectors, and provide support to domestic and foreign investors and enterprises within the larger governance frameworks of the United Arab Emirates.

The issuing of trade licenses, the registration of businesses, business regulation, and trademark protection are among DED’s main responsibilities in the UAE emirates. The DED Group’s consultancy services also cover activities to entice foreign direct investment, promoting exports, and finance as well as growth of SMEs.

How Does DED Shape Dubai’s Business Landscape?

With a goal of turning the emirate into a key node in the world economy, Dubai DED shapes Dubai’s business landscape by:

  • Promoting sustainable growth.
  • Encouraging economic development.
  • Enhancing economic competitiveness.
  • Overseeing business community happiness.
  • Managing economic foresight and planning.
  • Promoting financial sustainability.

Defining DED License: Categories and Application Process

The DED trade license is a solitary business license that Dubai home-based enterprises with a trade name can receive.

What Constitutes a DED License?

The DED trade license is a legal document that specifies the kinds of operations a firm is permitted to conduct in the UAE. So, the DED is responsible for issuing each trade license.

In Dubai, general business permits are valid for a variety of pursuits. Consequently, these include engaging out commercial activity including importing and exporting items.

How Are Different Business Categories Covered by DED Licenses?

Currently, DED Dubai can issue a trade license for 2,100 different business operations. These commercial operations can be divided into six different groups:

  • Industrial license: Companies that carry out any sort of production or industrial activity receive industrial licenses. These businesses turn raw materials or resources from the natural world into finished goods that may be sold for a profit. 49%.
  • Commercial license: Companies that engage in any kind of commercial trade activity or offer tangible services. Including, ordinary trading, specialty trading, contracting, property management, healthcare, transportation, and more, obtain commercial licenses. An LLC, the most popular type of legal entity for companies in Dubai with foreign ownership, is given a commercial license. Each partner’s liability upon execution of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in the LLC company shall be limited to the amount of their respective share capital. Business partners have a safety net thanks to this.
  • Professional license: For non-physical activities like consulting, professional licenses are necessary. Professional licenses belong to people or businesses that offer expert assistance and whose work rely on the knowledge and abilities of the person(s) running the firm, as well as on their intelligence, academic success, and scientific aptitude. These experts include of consultants, attorneys, auditors, etc.
  • Craftsmanship license: Individuals who privately manufacture handicrafts and other artisan works for profit obtain licenses in the field of craftsmanship. These artisans rely on their own physical labor or the use of machinery and tools. Craftsmanship licenses are acceptable for a variety of tasks, such as carpentry, printing, and metalworking.
  • Agricultural license: Owners of agricultural land receive permission to use it for fishing, raising livestock, and cultivating crops.
  • Tourism license: Owners of establishments that concentrate in tourist activities, including travel firms, resorts and hotels, restaurants, cruising boat rentals, tourist camps, and more, receive tourism licenses.

Functions and Services Offered by DED Dubai

The Department of Economic Development is in charge of offering services relating to the issuing, modification, and administration of business licenses in Dubai, such as the e-trader licence DED, in addition to conducting assessments of the city’s commercial sector.

What Are the Regulatory and Licensing Functions of DED?

In addition to driving the development of Dubai’s business community, Dubai DED is in charge of issuing licenses to anyone wishing to open businesses there and interacting with investors. The agency is also in responsible of managing and changing the Dubai business licenses that have been issued. The best aspect is that all of these services are accessible online, and customers may contact them through a helpful and engaging web interface.

The portal is fully loaded with the most recent information on socioeconomic indicators, as well as eServices like checking the progress of applicants’ operations, estimate costs for trade licenses, cost of trade license renewal, and general questions. The Industrial, Commercial, Professional, and Tourism license categories are the four that DED Dubai now issues trade licenses for, totaling about 2,100 business operations. So, the Dubai DED’s one-window system represents the continuation of its efforts to provide the greatest service and client satisfaction.

How Does DED Support Business Growth and Development?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) of Dubai determines and coordinates the emirate’s economic priorities. The DED is in favor of Dubai’s structural conversion to a diversified, cutting-edge, service-based economy. The DED and its departments create economic strategies and regulations, recognize and encourage the expansion of strategic industries, and assist both domestic and foreign investors and companies. Business registration, regulatory oversight, and trademark defense are among the fundamental transactional services. As a result, the consultancy services provided by the DED cover measures to promote exports, fund SMEs, and draw foreign direct investment.

Holding a DED trade license provides benefits to business owners. These include:

  • If you hold a general commerce license, there are numerous options for you to create or import goods. You might choose to export your products in order to profit from markets abroad or send them to the Dubai market. Additionally, business owners can resell their items with a DED trade license. This might increase your business’s ability to do global trade in items and services.
  • Many businesses look for legal and regulatory loopholes in order to boost their earnings. However, customers are likely to believe in companies that make the effort to follow the law. The license also raises the company’s profile in the markets it operates in. Consequently, this helps to boost its credibility and attract the patronage of its audience.
  • Dubai is an excellent area for business because there aren’t many trade restrictions there. As long as your products are covered by a DED trading license, you won’t need to worry about restrictions.

Obtaining a DED License: Step-by-Step Guide

ded trade license

Obtaining a DED trade license UAE is not too difficult. You must complete a few straightforward actions in order to obtain your DED trade license.

What Documents Are Needed for a DED License Application?

Necessary documents for the DED license include:

  • Trade name certificate.
  • Initial approval certificate.
  • Emirates ID.
  • Valid passport.
  • Valid visa.
  • Tenancy contract.
  • Government bodies’ approval.
  • Service agent agreement.
  • Finally, Memorandum of Association.

How Does the Submission, Review, and Approval Process Work?

  • The first step in getting your trade license is picking an appropriate trade name. When selecting your company name, you must adhere to the UAE’s corporate name requirements. It must also be a title that nobody else is now utilizing.
  • To proceed with applying for a trade license, you must choose your company’s legal structure. The legal framework will specify how your firm operates and who is responsible for it.
  • After deciding on the name of the business and legal form, you must specify the commercial activities you intend to carry out. There is a 10 activity limit per license, so make sure to list all of your engagements there.
  • Filling up your application form is the following step in the procedure. Fill out the form, and then send it over to the DED for your first approval.
  • For some commercial acts, you could need external permissions. Before finishing the business formation procedure, be sure to conduct your homework. If not, your trade license can be denied.
  • You will also need to provide a number of supporting documentation with your DED trade license along with your full application. Prepare these papers and ensure that they have all the necessary signatures.
  • When it comes to the type of DED license you qualify for, you have a variety of choices. You will require an actual business location is order to submit an application for a mainland trade license. Also, you must secure a tenancy agreement after choosing a site for your company.
  • You are all set to send in your DED trade license petition once you have all the necessary materials and a site picked out for your firm. Finally, send every document you need to get your trade license.

Streamlining Business with Dubai DED eServices

Thanks to the DED, users can enhance their business formation process with their eServices.

What Range of Dubai DED eServices Are Available?

The DED Dubai DED eservices provides access to five different sorts of services after you register in. The complete list of DED Dubai e-services available on the website is here below:

DED license services:

  • Instant license
  • Renew trade name
  • Reserve trade name
  • Issue initial approval
  • Renew license
  • Print license
  • Branch initial approval
  • License activities’ conditions and terms
  • Manage license contact
  • Pay inspection fines
  • Update mobile number

Inquires section:

  • Search license information
  • Search trade names
  • Transaction status/payments
  • Search business activities
  • Search promotions and sales

Legal contract services:

  • Provide legal contract for license
  • Approve legal contract
  • Print legal contract

Public e-Forms:

  • Complete the registration and application form
  • Commercial permit eForm


  • Partner licenses

How Can DED eServices Enhance License Management?

Businesses in Dubai must adhere to regulations and obtain licenses from the DED. Thus, you can conduct business throughout Dubai with a DED license, and there are many different business activities to select from. When thinking about a DED license, bear in mind these advantages and factors:

  • There are no limitations on where your business can be.
  • Cheaper than licensing for free zones.
  • Similarly, access to nearby clients and markets.
  • Chance to submit proposals for government contracts.
  • Lastly, having the capacity to sponsor worker visas.

Thanks to DED eservices, companies can easily go through any license management process without troubles. Their top-notch website is easy to access and can help applicants to quickly receive the support they need.

Ensuring Compliance: DED License Renewal and Guidelines

What’s Involved in the DED License Renewal Process?

  • Approvals: To renew the DED trade license, you must have the approvals in place. Subsequently, these go according to the type of services you are offering. For instance, transportation businesses will require the approval of the RTA in UAE to renew the license.
  • Documents: Besides the necessary approval in writing for the renewal, you must provide:
    • Renewal form.
    • Ejari.
    • Approval letters.
    • Tenancy contract.
    • Headshot pictures.
    • Also, the payment of fees.
  • Tenancy contract: Before renewing the license it is also important to check the tenancy contract. It must still be valid for when you decide to renew the license.

How Can Businesses Adhere to DED Regulations for License Compliance?

Compliance with trade license requirements is crucial for companies of all sizes in Dubai. So, businesses may prevent penalties and fees and make sure they can carry on lawfully functioning in Dubai by upholding compliance.

Businesses in Dubai have a variety of options for maintaining trade license compliance. These consist of:

  • The rules governing trade permits are frequently updated by the DED. Consequently, this, to make sure they are compliant, businesses need to stay current on these developments.
  • Businesses must renew their DED trade license annually. Subsequently, they must submit their DED renewal applications on time to not incur in any fines or penalties.
  • When sending the information for renewal, companies must provide the right information. Incorrect data can have serious repercussions.
  • Companies must maintain reliable records of their operations and transactions. So, this covers financial, supplier, employee, and client information. Therefore, maintaining correct records will assist firms in adhering to DED requirements and resolving any issues that may develop.

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