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Dynamics of the Office Spaces in Dubai With the Best Views

office space in Dubai

Did you know that we spend over one-third of our lives at work? This is why it is so essential to have an office space in Dubai that is dynamic and we like working in. As a prosperous business hub, Dubai is home to some fantastic workplaces, with spectacular views. There is nothing better than looking up from your desk and seeing elegant, inspiring views.

In this article, we will show you the best office for rent in Dubai with the best views, and also we will provide information about the buildings and the importance of having a good office for your work team and your company in general. Surely you will be amazed by these beautiful places to work. The best offices for rent in Dubai are here.

  1. What is the best office space for rent in Dubai?
  2. Is Dubai the most dynamic place to do business?
  3. How can we help you obtain more information about renting office space in Dubai?

1. What is the Best Office for Rent in Dubai?


FOR SALE: AED 45,000,000

Located on a high floor of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, in the core of downtown Dubai. This office space in Dubai enjoys enormous panoramic views of the city.  The Burj Khalifa is, at 828 meters, the tallest tower in the world to date. Snatching the first position from Taipei 101, which at that time was 509 meters high and 106 floors.

Similarly, it also surpasses structures such as the Canadian National Tower, with a height of more than 553 meters.

The Burj Khalifa has a total of 189 levels and its highest point is 768 meters. Then, an antenna rises to its highest point. As a shell and core office space in Dubai, the new proprietors of this building will be able to style this space any way they wish. Creating a unique, bespoke workspace just for them.

The area of Downtown Dubai is a combination of high-end marketable and residential places. They are in close nearness to several of the city’s business districts, as well as the world’s biggest shopping mall.


AED 4,554,500

This modern Business Center office for rent in Dubai has remarkable views that look onto the passive greenery and calmative lakes of Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The zone features luscious gardens and running tracks next to the three lakes within the district. From the other side of the structure, you can look out onto the fresh skyline of Dubai Marina, which offers a bustling communal scene.

This office space in Dubai comes completely fitted and furnished with a contemporary, high-end aesthetic. This with vast executive offices and large meeting zones, is perfect for setting a good impression for any possible customers that will pay a visit.

JLT is a vastly sought-after mixed community that is home to both domestic and commercial units.  It is in near proximity to some of the city’s key spots. The fact it is together with Sheikh Zayed Road means that it has easy access to the rest of the city.


AED 4,175,650

This lovely office space for rent in JLT, Dubai, faces the iconic marina skyline. Jumeirah Bay X3 being specifically a plan from the ground to maximize the panoramic vision of its stunning surroundings. It brings both extravagance and convenience. As a full base unit, occupiers can appreciate full 360 panoramic views of Dubai city and its beauty.

Jumeirah Lake Towers is an enormous complex in Dubai, UAE, consisting of 78 towers built along the coast of the artificial Jumeirah Lake. The total space that these lakes, waterways, and built areas cover is 730,000 m². The total number of floors of the towers is within the range of 34 to 65 floors.

The tallest building in the entire complex is the Almas Tower, which is located on its own artificial aisle, being the core of the complex. All towers are grouped in groups of three. This makes zones easier to access.

The floor comes completely fitted and furnished to a high spec. Also, it is opportunely situated near many of the amenities the space has to offer. Including cafeterias, retail zones, as well as being close to numerous of Dubai’s important transport links. The unit also makes a brilliant investment chance, as owners can anticipate seeing a return on investment of around 8%.


AED 2,136,300

Situated in the district of Business Bay, Silver Tower is a profitable building that offers offices for rent and sale in Dubai. The 31-story building has 27 floors that are committed to commercial space.  Silver Tower also offers an open view of the gulf and is minutes away from the main Sheikh Zayed Road.

Business Bay is a mixed-use community that consists of rented offices, shops, and residential units available for sale and rent. It is a beachfront area that is encircled by a salt-water arroyo. This area is one of the fastest emerging profitable hubs in Dubai and the entire UAE.

This is a smaller workplace than some of the others on the list and is shell and core. With that being said, the unit comes at a good price and allows future owners the flexibility and freedom to optimize and fit the office to their specific needs and requirements.

For those wanting to relax from a long workday, the building even features a mini-golf course inside, as well as a swimming pool and a large gym.

Business Bay, as its name might suggest, is one of the city’s largest commercial hubs. The zone has outstanding transport links, with a metro station, some bus stops, and direct access to Sheikh Zayed Road.


AED 1,490,260

Iris Bay, also known as Sheth Tower Iris Bay, is an office space for rent in Business Bay, one of Dubai’s best marketable hubs. This place is also popular for its oval, hemispherical moon-type shape. The tower is one of the tallest in the area at 170 meters/558 feet, with 35 stores above ground, three podium levels, and three basement space levels.

The plan had its creation in 2006. Iris Bay was completed in 2015. The office space for rent in Dubailease and shops have been built with the top standards and are expensive properties. Designed by WS Atkins & Partners, the tower has two flanks. One is facing Sheikh Zayed Road and the other is bay-facing, offering beautiful views of the Dubai Canal.

Iris Bay is a unique state-of-the-art office building of a fascinating design from WS Atkins & Partners, who developed it as an oval, hemispherical moon shape. The building had its construction to be ecologically friendly incorporating both passive and active environmental features. The structure is centrally situated in the core of Business Bay, directly nearby Dubai Creek with a sideshows view of the watercourse, while the other looks out onto Sheikh Zayed Road.

Whilst this specific unit includes soberly modest square footage, it is perfect for setting up new businesses and looking for a single office space for lease that is still high-end with unbelievably stunning views.


AED 2,148,900

What really makes this office space for rent in Dubai one of the best and stand out is its lovely views that expanse from the Burj al Arab, all the way to the iconic Dubai Marina.

The One Tower is located in the core of TECOM. A key commercial hub with direct admission to Dubai Internet City and its metro station. This unit offers a diverse office experience with the variability of modules planned to suit a range of commercial requirements.

One Tower is located strategically at the most profitable spot for business in Dubai. It being within reach of major commercial sectors like Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai International Financial Centre Dubai Media City, Dubai World Trade Centre, and Business Bay.


FOR RENT: AED 2,312,280/ YEAR

The U-bora Towers complex contains two buildings in the Business Bay of Dubai, UAE. The place consists of the Ubora marketable building or U-Bora Tower 1 and the Ubora residential building or U-Bora Tower 2. The creation of the Ubora Towers had its conclusion in 2011. Tower 1 has 58 floors. The total height of the construction is almost 263 m. The residential building or Ubora Tower 2 is smaller, with a height of 20 floors.

U-bora Tower plays a featuring part in a city full of architectural marvels. Occupying an idyllic, respected, and prominent corner setting on the main axis of Business Bay. U-Bora offers a vivacious sense of community and a superb, inclusive environment for living, working, and socializing. This office for rent in Business Bay for lease is fitted to a high standard with panoramic spaces looking out onto the rapidly recognizable Downtown district and the Burj Khalifa.

In terms of admission to the building, RTA bus route vehicles from the Business Bay metro to the Ubora Tower regularly connect the Tenants to the Metro. As well as having an easy entrance to Sheikh Zayed Road.

2. Is Dubai the Most Dynamic Place to Do Business?

‘The City Momentum Index’, a leader in real estate and investment management, classifies Dubai among the 130 most dynamic cities in the world.

Dubai is the 14th city in a list that classifies countries according to the attraction of talent, the expansion of innovation centers, and urban planning. It is the first time that Dubai has ranked in the top 20 in three years.

The report emphasized government initiatives such as new visa regulations designed for foreigners. The demographic attractiveness of the Dubai population, between 20 and 40 years old, also had its emphasis. The report highlights Dubai’s ambitious sustainability goals. They aim for a 30% reduction in energy and water use by 2030 as well as a 75% increase in clean energy use by 2050. Finally, Dubai also stood out as a world leader in the development of Smart Cities.

According to the report, cities in the MENA region are rapidly emerging as dynamic in the real estate sector. Nairobi and Riyadh with the fourth and eighteenth positions are also among the most dynamic cities in the world. This is very relevant as it makes Dubai one of the most attractive cities to do business and grow as a company, and the dynamic of Office for rent in Sharjah or office for rent in Abu dhabi is completely different to Dubai.

3. How Can We Help You Obtain More Information About office space in Dubai?

Finding the best office space is a pronounced benefit for your business. In Connect Business Centers we make things easier, you will not have to struggle while choosing the best working space near you. We offer varied options that fit your necessities.

We would like to guarantee that you can discover the best place, the spot of your dreams. Discover how offices in Dubai fit your ideas and budget. Connect Business Centers has more than 20 years of experience. We have been mastering our locating services and building systems to offer our clients the best results.

Contact Business Centers has the ability to allow your industry growth. We offer our services to small, medium, and big companies all through the UAE. Our mission is to be the bridge between you and your perfect coworking space.

Wherever it is your work, it is important to love the space. If you are looking for office spaces for lease with an incredible factor, then contact us today to schedule a consultation to help you find an office space for rent in Dubai.

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