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  • Year Built: 2005
  • Nice rooms near sheikh zahid road, :


  • Business-grade Photocopiers
  • Cisco IP Phones
  • City Views
  • Coffee, Twinings Tea
  • Dining room
  • Executive-grade Office Furniture
  • Fast, Secure Internet
  • In-house IT Support
  • Online Booking
  • Secretarial Support


Business Centers Dubai

A business center is a physical workspace where professionals, in addition to developing their working day, can find all the extra services and support necessary for their day-to-day.

Business centers in Dubai have gradually gained strength thanks to this simple and effective concept: always keeping in mind the needs, demands and motivations of today’s companies and workers.

Business Centers

Business centers Dubai have become a trend thanks to a business idea that is as simple as it is effective. Always keeping in mind the necessities, difficulties, and stimuli of today's businesses, and workforces. Hiring business centers Dubai is an option that more companies have opted for in recent years after securing Trade License. Indeed, they have become aware of the benefits that this type of workspace brings to their businesses and their teams.
2.1 Networking opportunity A business centers in Dubai is ideal for establishing synergies with other companies located in the same place. Also, if these relationships are established correctly, they can lead to new clients or collaboration agreements. 2.2 Time The business centers Dubai allow you to locate yourself in your new office in record time. However, forget about wasting time with endless paperwork. Undoubtedly, the present is renting a workspace equipped from the first day, with everything you need and no worries! 2.3 Reduce expenses Once you start working in a business centers Dubai, you will quickly see how economical it is for your company. Recurring expenses such as Internet, supplies, maintenance, cleaning, answering calls, business address, etc... are already included in your monthly rent. Have you already thought about where to redirect the money you are going to save every month? 2.4 Projects a professional image The business centers in Dubaiare in strategic places and have a very attractive architecture and space distribution. Also, this will allow you to give a good image to your clients, generating confidence and security in them. However, when you organize a meeting you may worry about many issues. It is normal, but you will always have the certainty that it will take place in a place that will meet the expectations of the attendees, as these are some of the benefits of Business Centers in Dubai and also you can say Business Centers in abu Dhabi 2.5 Flexibility Do you want to locate yourself in an office for a long period of time? Is your company going to continue to grow and do you need to progressively increase your space? Do you prefer a meeting room or a videoconference service just for a few hours? Go ahead! This flexibility has value for professionals, who appreciate working in a place adapted to their needs. 2.6 Privacy These types of spaces take into account the privacy and confidentiality that many companies require. Furthermore, that is why a large part of its surface is for private offices, meeting spaces, or soundproof telephone booths. In short, these are environments away from any type of distraction. A business center in Dubai is much more than a workspace since within it you can find all the help you need to boost your day-to-day. Support in administrative tasks, answering calls and messaging, hotel reservations, and orders for office supplies.
The main benefits of having business Centers Dubai is having a comfortable area to work in is not always synonymous with needing your own workplace. The idea of working in an office, where there are only employees from the same company, has long ceased to be the only business concept. Although there are times when an office or a meeting room is needed, either permanently or for certain matters. That is where business centers come into play. If you are self-employed or have just set up your company, these are 5 significant benefits that make it better than an office. 3.1 They are cheaper When you have a workplace, you need to spend money on equipment and services, in addition to paying for all the physical areas it has. This is a cost that you cannot continually make commercial. A business center in Dubai has everything you need to carry out your work. Electricity, Internet and telephone connections, bathrooms, and much more, such as meeting rooms. The good thing is that you only pay for what you need. If a table and a chair are enough, why pay to have a meeting room or space for 5 seats? All the money you save is a benefit for you. In addition, the usual thing is that all basic services are included in the price you pay. 3.2 A privileged situation The business centers in Dubai are located in strategic areas of the city. Where they can be easily accessed by public transport or anyone can approach. If you have to meet someone, it is much easier to tell them which subway station drops them off at the door than to have to keep going around until you find the spot. 3.3 Promotes relationships Although working from home can be interesting if you want to expand your possibilities you need to interact with others. In the business centers, you are going to find impresarios and businesses with whom you can forge associations that will take your mission to a new level. At home, you are very comfortable working, but you will not be able to close agreements with anyone in this way. 3.4 Provides a better image Having a reception facility for a customer to come to see you, go to a workplace, or hold a company meeting in which you present your idea in a closed area will create in him a feeling of a serious enterprise. A brand image that every good client or potential partner will appreciate, and that a best business center in Dubai offers for when you need it. You can reserve the room only for the time you need. 3.5 Boost performance Working together with people who also have goals is very inspiring, even if you dedicate yourself to very diverse things. It is much more motivating to see how there are more people working than being locked in a cubicle or not seeing anyone all day. Your performance will be significantly boosted.
4.1. Strategic Location The Business Centers UAE are located in city centers or in business areas. The objective of these companies is to have a good location so that they are interesting for their audience. In the same enclave, an office for your individual use will be much more expensive, since the premises and buildings in the city centers have exorbitant prices. 4.2. Meeting Spaces A Business Centers Dubai offers you an added advantage to that of your own office: you have spaces for common use. You can have rooms to hold meetings with your clients and even spaces to carry out training activities or conferences. In the case of an individual office, you only have the meters that you have rented, little else. 4.3. Technological Infrastructure The Business Centers Dubaioffer you all the necessary furniture for the development of your activity in the office you rent. They also have the technology you need: telephone line and internet, via Wi-Fi; and with everything you need for day to day: electricity and water. This is an undoubted advantage since you can start developing your profession as soon as you make the rental, you do not have to wait for the telephone or electricity to be connected or to buy the table you need. 4.4. Added services In addition to what has been described, if you rent an office in a Business Centers in Dubai, you can count on added services such as the telephone answering of your calls or the reception of your mail. Many of them can be even included in your fee. 4.5. Significant savings With everything described, you can make numbers of the savings you have. But it also adds expenses that will be shared while in an individual office they would be borne by you: electricity, water, telephone, or internet. In addition, the added services allow you to have adequate attention for your clients without having to hire a secretary. Which would also be a significant expense. A business centers UAE is a space created specifically to offer companies or self-employed professionals who want a permanent workplace where they can serve their clients without having to invest large sums of money to have it. In other words, a best business center in Dubai is a company that provides others with their workspaces. Depending on their needs, companies can adapt and hire more basic or advanced services according to their needs. Currently, business centers Dubai are a growing trend for companies that are looking to adjust their expenses or that need to expand their business but do not want to make a high investment at the moment. For all those businesses that are growing, business centers in Dubai are the best option to expand avoiding problems, delays, and extra expenses that they would face if they decided to establish themselves.
Thanks to sharing common spaces, small and medium-sized companies find in business centers in Dubai or business centers in Abu Dhabi an alternative to reduce their monthly expenses and thus be able to invest more money in their projects by reducing fixed expenses. Although there are advantages and benefits in all areas when using the services offered by business centers. •Monthly bills in services and fixed expenses are reduced In the same way as with cleaning, secretarial or technical maintenance services, business centers UAE also cover other unavoidable expenses for any business. By offering rental spaces ready to work in them from arrival, these centers have all the services already contracted and they take care of your payment. In other words, your company will not have to take care of contracting an external rental or the costs of electricity, water, or internet connection.
Each business center Dubai is slightly different, and some may offer services that others may not. It is necessary to consider what each offers separately to ensure that it meets what the company needs to have. Although, as a general rule, all the services you will see will be available in the business centers. 6.1 Rental of own offices Designed for those who need a physical space in which to work daily. The offices of the business centers in Dubai, like any of its other services, have everything required to start working as soon as you arrive. This service usually includes: •Fiscal and commercial address. •Access to all the services of the business center such as waiting areas or photocopying or cafeteria. •Access to a meeting room according to availability and with reservation. •Telephone service and call transfer. •Capacity for up to 5 or 6 people on average. •Fully furnished. •Daily cleaning. •Fax and correspondence management. •Personalized visit attention and waiting room. 6.2 Renting a virtual office Very similar to the service of offices and physical offices, but designed for those who mainly need telephone services more than a physical office to work. This service usually includes: •Fiscal and commercial address. •Notification via Email when receiving urgent or legal correspondence. •Fax management. •Access to the services and common areas of the business center mentioned in the own offices. •Personalized telephone attention. •Access to meeting rooms and co-working areas by reservation. •Temporary meeting room rental. 6.3 Co-working space rental The perfect space for those freelancers and professionals who do not need to have their own private space to work. This service usually includes: •Fiscal and commercial address. •Internet access. •Access to common areas and the possibility of reserving the meeting room. •Fax and mail management. •Personalized attention and common waiting room. •Company incorporation service. •Finally, business centers can offer the management and processing of the incorporation of companies, often limited companies. As you can see, business centers have a great series of advantages for those who are just starting out and for those companies that are still growing and want to convey a very positive impression to their clients. That, added to the savings that they imply, makes business centers Dubai an option to be taken into account. If you want to receive more information about our business centers in Dubai, contact us!

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