Starting an Interior Design Company in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dubai is a hub of progress, welcoming people from all over the world. It is the best place for entrepreneurs to thrive, creating a high demand of comfortable office spaces and a harmonious working environments. Not to mention the growing market of real state, with a wide range of homeowners and home renovators looking for assistance. For this reason, it is a great enterprise to start an interior design company in Dubai.

In this article we will debrief a step-by-step guide, listing the documents required, potential costs, and the benefits of this venture.

Start an Interior Design Company in Dubai: Documents Required

interior design company in dubai

To establish an interior design company in Dubai, you must submit essential documents for obtaining a business license.

  • First, you need to bring a customer confirmation letter. This letter serves as proof that you have a suitable physical location for your interior design company.
  • In addition, a lease agreement is required, serving as a legally binding contract between you and the office space landlord. This agreement outlines crucial lease terms, such as duration, rent amount, and other pertinent details.
  • Then, you must collect the interior design business license from the relevant government authority. The license is a legal requirement to operate an interior design company in Dubai. The specific license application and approval process will depend on the chosen jurisdiction, which can be one of the Free Zones: The Dubai Design District (D3), Dubai Production City (DPC), Dubai Studio City, and Dubai Outsource City; or in mainland Dubai.
  • Furthermore, you must present a personnel sponsorship. This can mean an employer sponsoring foreign employees by obtaining work permits and visas. This guarantees that employees can legally work and live in Dubai under the employer’s sponsorship, and is required for obtaining work permits and visas for your staff.
  • Finally, you must complete all of the fee payments to be able to start your interior design company in Dubai.

Starting an Interior Design Company in Dubai: Cost

When determining the expenses of establishing an interior design company in Dubai, there are multiple factors to be considered.

  • In order to acquire the essential licenses and documents for your interior design company, you are required to pay specific fees. The amount of these fees may differ based on the particular requirements and government regulations.
  • For example, the cost of the interior design license in Dubai is approximately AED 16,000; but there are additional fees for additional certifications.
  • Furthermore, you must account for the size of your company, the location of your business operations and the cost of renting or leasing an office space.
  • In conclusion, the average total cost of starting an interior design company in Dubai can range from AED 15,000 to AED 28,500

Starting an Interior Design Company in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide

Below, you will find a step by step list of all the stages to follow in order to start the best interior design company in Dubai.

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Select a Company Structure

Primarily, a careful evaluation of various factors is essential to select your ideal company structure. Among several options are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and branch office.

For example, a branch office serves as an extension of a foreign parent company, whereas an LLC provides limited liability protection and allows for flexible profit distribution.

On the other hand, sole proprietorship involves a single individual owning the business, while partnership involves two or more individuals sharing ownership, responsibilities, and profit.

Register a Trade Name

One of the first steps to start an interior design company in Dubai is to choose a name and register it.

For this, you must pay a small fee and submit an application to the Department of Economic Development (DED) with up to three options. The DED will assess the names, examining their availability and ensuring conformity with naming guidelines.

Once the company’s is approved, you can proceed with the next of the steps.

Get the Initial Approval

The initial approval for an interior design company in Dubai refers to the first step in the process of setting up the business. For this, you must obtain approval from the relevant authorities, such as the DED or the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. This approval is a prerequisite for further registration and licensing procedures.

The necessary documents that must be presented for this are:

  1. Passport copies of the company shareholders.
  2. Proof of address for the shareholders.
  3. Business plan outlining the objectives, services, and target market of the interior design company.
  4. Trade license application form.
  5. Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Articles of Association (AOA).
  6. Tenancy contract of office space.
  7. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the property owner.
  8. Bank reference letter or bank statement.
  9. The educational credentials and professional experience certificates of the key personnel within the company.
  10. A company profile that showcases past projects and notable accomplishments.
  11. A declaration form stating the company’s commitment to complying with all relevant legal requirements and regulations.

Rent an Office Space

Once you have started the process of stablishing your business, you must start looking for the ideal office space for an interior design company in Dubai.

Firstly, determine the best location. For this you have to consider factors such as accessibility, proximity to potential clients, and the suitability of the area for your company’s needs.

Secondly, research available office spaces. You may find more about this through property listing websites, real estate agents, and online marketplaces to find office spaces for rent.

Once you find a suitable general area that works for your company, reach out to landlords or real estate agents to inquire about the availability. That way, you can start visiting and comparing between spaces.

After you take your decision, negotiate with the landlord or real estate agent and sign the lease agreement, ensuring you understand all the terms and conditions before you do.

Get the External Approvals

Obtaining external approvals from a variety of government and non-government agencies is one of the last steps in the process. The specific approvals required will depend on the specific business activities you intend to engage in. In the case of an interior design company in Dubai, the following may provide the necessary approvals:

  1. Government agencies and regulatory bodies.
  2. Financial institutions (banks, venture capitalists, and other financial institutions).
  3. Partners or stakeholders (for partnerships or collaborations).
  4. Licensing and permit authorities.
  5. Clients or customers (for contracts or agreements)

Submit the Required Documents

One crucial step throughout the process of establishing your interior design company is submitting the necessary documents, which are all listed at the beginning of this article.

Open a Corporate Bank Account

Setting up a corporate bank account is essential for the purpose of effectively managing finances, receiving payments, and facilitating salary payments to your employees.

First, you must choose a reputable bank in Dubai that suits your interior design company’s needs and objectives.

Once you make your decision,you must bring crucial documents, including the memorandum of association, shareholder passport copies, the company’s trade license, and proof of address.

Subsequently, meet with a bank representative to discuss the account opening process. The bank will then review the documents, conduct due diligence, and assess eligibility.

After approval, your company will officially have a corporate bank account, facilitating the smooth execution of financial transactions.

Starting an Interior Design Company in Dubai: Benefits

interior design company in dubai

There are several reasons why Dubai is the perfect place for an interior design company to thrive.

  • The city’s real estate and construction sector is experiencing significant growth, creating a high demand for interior design services.
  • Furthermore, Dubai offers a substantial market for an interior design company, characterized by a continuous surge in residential and commercial projects.
  • Additionally, Dubai provides a stimulating environment for interior designers and architects, with government incentives to fuel creativity.
  • Moreover, the UAE’s low tax rate, including a zero corporate tax system, allows companies to retain a major portion of their profits.
  • On top of that, Dubai’s strategic location attracts a multicultural audience, enabling interior designers to cater to diverse client preferences with a range of styles, concepts, and themes.


In conclusion, opening an interior design company in Dubai can be a very lucrative venture. Firstly, Dubai’s booming real estate sector offers a vast market for interior design services. Additionally, the city’s reputation as a global hub for luxury and innovation attracts high-end clientele. Not to mention the smooth and easy starting process.

All of these factors make Dubai a perfect destination for entrepreneurs looking to establish an interior design company. With its helpful business environment and promising opportunities for growth, Dubai offers an ideal platform for success in the industry.

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