Importance of Trade License in Abu Dhabi for Businesses

trade license abu dhabi

The first thing you have to know is how essential the trade license Abu Dhabi is for companies. The reason is simple; this license is a legal requirement for all companies that want to operate in the city. The Department of Economic Development is the entity in charge of business licenses and is necessary to carry out commercial operations in Abu Dhabi. The type of license to apply for depends on the nature of the business; for instance, a general business license.

In this article, you will discover why it is important to obtain a trade license Abu Dhabi for your company. The first thing will be to learn about the different types of commercial licenses and how to choose the ideal one for your needs. In addition, we will provide you with information about the process of obtaining and how to apply for the Abu Dhabi trade license renewal. Finally, you will see all the benefits that you will have access to if you have this license, apart from complying with local regulations and laws.

Types of Dubai Trade Licenses

trade license abu dhabi

The business license is a document that designates the activities that companies can carry out in the country. To obtain a business license you have to go to the Department of Economic Development. Additionally, you have to go through the process of doing trade name registration in Dubai.

Depending on the emirate where you obtain the business license is where you will be able to establish the company. For instance, in Dubai business licenses are valid for various activities. These activities include the export and import of products or goods. In addition to carrying out commercial activities.

It is important to note that business licenses in Dubai will depend on the activities to be carried out. There are four main types of licenses, which are as follows.

  • Professional License: Professional licenses are for those who want to provide specific services.
  • Commercial license: These are for anyone who wants to participate in the commercial sector.
  • Industrial license: These are for companies that are dedicated to carrying out manufacturing and industrial operations.
  • General trade license: These are licenses to operate exports, imports, or general trade.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that there is also a DED trade license in Dubai. Additionally, you need to make sure you have the proper documentation before applying for any business license. Otherwise, you may be exposed to delays in issuing the license.

Trade license in Abu Dhabi: Application Process

It is important to note that when the expiration date is exceeded, you have to go through the Abu Dhabi trade license renewal process.

First step: The business owner has to choose the type of license they prefer.

Second step: The business owner has to say and limit the business activities that he wants to work in Abu Dhabi. You have to know that for each trade license Abu Dhabi, you are allowed a maximum of ten activities.

Third step: Subsequently, the entrepreneur has to select an appropriate business structure. For instance, sole proprietorship, LLC, and others.

Fourth step: The company owner has to choose a suitable name for his company. It is important to follow the rules for business names in the UAE.

Fifth step: An application must be submitted to obtain initial approval with the DED.

Sixth step: The business name must have the registration after receiving initial approval from the DED.

Seventh step: The entrepreneur must sign an MOA, that is, a Memorandum of Association.

Eighth step: The entrepreneur needs to obtain a lease contract; to do this they have to select an ideal location for the business. For this, you can hire a good business center and ask for guidance.

Ninth step: Finally, the owner has to prepare all the necessary documents. Subsequently, you have to send it to the DED to obtain your trade license Abu Dhabi. Some of the essential documents for this procedure are the following:

  • Trade name certificate
  • The license form with the signature of the shareholders.
  • Photocopy of the naturalization certificate.
  • Photocopy of the residence permit.
  • Other important documents.

You have to know that you have the option of carrying out an Abu Dhabi trade license check, to find out if it is ready or in processing.

Trade license in Abu Dhabi: Validity and Renewals

trade license abu dhabi

According to the DED currently, companies can renew the Abu Dhabi trade license after 3 years. As a result, the year that entrepreneurs and investors could previously carry out is left behind. Thanks to this measure, transaction and processing costs decreased by up to 70%. All for the benefit of small and medium-sized businesses.

Once the expiration date arrives, the businessman has to renew trade license Abu Dhabi. Below, you will see the steps you have to follow to successfully complete this process.

First step: The entrepreneur has to present all the necessary documents for the renewal of the DED license. Among the documents necessary to renew the Abu Dhabi trade license, are the following.

  • Valid lease or Ejari contract. It is important to do a little research on what the process of canceling an Ejari is like if you need it. The contract must have confirmation from the Dubai Land Department.
  • A typed BR/1 form.
  • Photocopy of the current Abu Dhabi trade license.
  • Photocopies of the passports of the interested parties.

Second step: When submitting the documents, the applicant has to wait for approval to obtain the license. You have the option of carrying out the Abu Dhabi trade license check, to see if the renewal is ready.

Third step: The entrepreneur has to pay the fee for the renewal of the Abu Dhabi trade license.

Fourth step: Finally, you will have your printed commercial license valid again.

Benefits of acquiring trade license in Abu Dhabi

A trade license Abu Dhabi is vital for the operation of a company. Additionally, you can find a very extensive Abu Dhabi trade license activities list. This way, you can choose the business activities that best suit your company. It is important to note that obtaining a trade license in Abu Dhabi without office is not possible.

Furthermore, there are many business advantages in the UAE. Thanks to this, many investors choose to establish their companies or branches in the country. For this reason, we will present you with the main benefits of having an Abu Dhabi trade license.

Tax benefits

Thanks to tax exemptions and incentives for all businesses, Abu Dhabi is one of the most attractive locations for businesses. In this way, it becomes a reference point for companies around the world. In addition, you will be able to allocate this money that was going to be used for taxes, in other things that improve the production of your company.

Diverse market

Abu Dhabi has a strategic location in the Middle East. In this way, it provides access to a large and diverse market. Thanks to this, it provides opportunities to trade with neighboring countries. Plus, thanks to such a large job market, it gives a wide range of options to new investors.

Proficient employee

In Abu Dhabi, you can count on a workforce that is highly educated and competent. This can be beneficial for companies looking to hire highly talented employees. In this way, companies will not have many problems finding experienced and highly capable employees. Furthermore, this greatly benefits the company’s productivity.

Business-friendly environment

In Abu Dhabi, the government is fully committed to creating a highly business-friendly environment. For this reason, they implement policies and regulations that can encourage entrepreneurship and investment.

This way, you will be able to obtain a commercial license quickly and through a completely simple process. Therefore, you will not waste valuable time on slow and complicated processes. Allowing you to focus on other requirements for your company.

Investment opportunities

The UAE is a country of great opportunities for investors from around the world. In this way, Abu Dhabi is not far behind and is one of the main emirates to invest. In addition, it offers a wide variety of investment opportunities.

Among these opportunities, you can find access to capital markets, infrastructure projects, real estate, and many others. For this reason, many entrepreneurs from all over the world decide to invest in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, thanks to the opportunities provided by the country’s government, it has become one of the main investment locations in the world.

Therefore, you can say that Abu Dhabi is the ideal place to carry out any type of business or investment. Enabling your company to increase its capacity and expand more easily throughout the world.

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