Understanding the Role of a Business Center in a Hotel

business center in a hotel

For some, thinking of a business center in a hotel may seem mindless. But it is not indeed such a strange mixture. It was not in the past, much less is it today. In fact, the first business centers also acted in hotels as small spaces next to the front services. They were available to customers who needed to finish a simple job, make a couple of photocopies, send an email, and the like.

In this article, we will develop the topic of hotel business centers in Dubai. Also, we will discuss how they evolve for adapting to modern hotels. We will present their vital features and their renewed relevance. In short, we will address the following aspects:

  1. How are business centers nowadays?
  2. What are business center services in a hotel?
  3. How are business centers in hotels being reinvented?
  4. Are there different types of hotel business centers?
  5. Hotel business centers authorities and protocols
  6. Connect Business Centers assists you in finding the best hotel business center

1. How are Business Centers Nowadays?

The business centers offer services to firms to reduce the costs of maintaining a traditional office. Hence, they have become an option for many companies.

In a dizzying evolution of events, business centers in Dubai and worldwide drive new ways of seeing global business and the abilities offered by communication tools. Hence, they are stressing the need to operate in each new market, in any new region, in every space where there is likely demand for their products.

1.1 Which services supply a modern business center regularly?

Business centers now provide services to firms covering various needs. At once, they are complying with all the duties and responsibilities of a hotel business center. Therefore, let us look at their core services nowadays:

  • Office rental

One of the most competitive services of the business centers in Dubai is the rental of spaces to establish a company without the need to invest in furniture or pay significant rental fees in advance. Thus, there are several sorts of spaces: private and executive offices for rent; as well as serviced offices, shared and coworking places, and the like. Also, they include upkeep services and admin help, becoming a clever alternative.

  • Virtual offices

On the other hand, many firms work without a physical space to carry out their tasks. However, it is always needed to have a physical address. In this aspect, the business centers also offer virtual offices as options at very good prices, subject to the type of service that you want to contract. Without a doubt, a very convenient option for budget ventures.

  • Meeting places

Do you need to organize a business meeting but do not have the correct space? Rather than paying high prices to rent a conference room at a hotel, business centers offer meeting rooms of various sizes in flexible hourly, half-day, or full-time rentals. It is perfect for your meeting with all the comforts.

  • PRO services

It is a wide range of administrative and public relations services that allow access to public decision-making bodies and obtains documents and permits without problems. In some settings, it may develop as a long-range strategic partnership.

As you can see, business centers in Dubai offer many benefits with high flexibility. An updated and complete list of these centers is on Connect Business Centers.

2. What are Business Center Services in a Hotel?

A hotel business center is a facility where hotel guests may access for free or rented office, tools, services, and facilities. Indeed, business centers in large business hotels may feature more products and facilities than most business visitors expect. But a small hotel may only have a business nook —or no business center—only be able to print or copy from the front desk.

In any case, hotel business centers in Dubai comply with all the duties and tasks of a hotel business center.

In summary, the following business center amenities and services may provide depending on the demands of the target customers:

  • Access 24 hours a day
  • Personal offices
  • Office gears
  • Electronic mail
  • Secretarial aid
  • Translation services
  • Internet through Wi-Fi
  • Computers with updated software
  • Copying, writing, laser printing, spine binding, and scanning services
  • Mobile phones and SIM Cards
  • Loan of laptops (including Internet access for free)
  • International news and magazines
  • Same-day courier, delivery, and handling of packages services
  • Conference rooms
  • Lounges
  • Libraries

Additionally, modern business travel gadgets and technologies enable business travelers to be their own portable offices. Consequently, some hotels have abandoned the concept of centralized business centers. Now, they supply free Wi-Fi and high-tech property-wide facilities, including in-room. But still, a hotel business center without packet handling and overnight dispatch services is unthinkable.

3. How are Business Centers in Hotels Being Reinvented?

Effectively, in the present context in which data is vital and hi-tech innovation is constant, the business center concept is reinvented in search of better solutions and services for the users in the specific ambiance of hotels.

Compared to its beginning, the business center business is now quite diverse. Mainly, the close ties between the real estate world and business centers have led to entire buildings linking hotel and business center functions. Thus, we can observe the latter renting both workspaces and hotel rooms!

As a result, a business center in Dubai is presently the result of the blend of material and human resources to develop users’ business activity to the maximum. That means easing access to the Internet, meetings, and computer apps wherever the users are. Also, many new duties and responsibilities appear before a hotel business center.

Naturally, the leading technology providers in the business center sector in Dubai are reaching pacts with hotel chains to build new business services lesser centralized and more in-room adapted. That means:

  • Complete secure Internet access wherever in the hotel
  • A full edition of the business center in the hotel lobby, making the spaces more open
  • Settings similar to coffee areas with travelers sit in living rooms and not in offices
  • The installation of wireless printers
  • Equipment with more comfy furniture
  • Provision to hotel clients of wireless devices with business attributes.
  • Make business services easy to get in each private room of the hotel.

As said above, keep in mind that you can explore an updated and complete list of business centers in Dubai by visiting Connect Business Centers.

4. Are There Different Types of Hotel Business Centers?

Note that hotel reinvention, and its duties and responsibilities as a hotel business center, depend on the type of hotel involved. Of course, each hotel has its twists. Therefore, today we can find several types of hotel business centers.

4.1 Conference and convention centers

These setting up are fully expert in meetings and conferences but at once provide overnight lodgings for applicants. They also supply high-level video conferencing, audiovisual equipment, flexible seating shapes, flip charts, and other services.

These hotels are usually outside big cities and feature complex comforts such as golf, water parks, tennis courts, gyms, and spas.

4.2 Travelers on business

This group of travelers is highly significant for urban hotels as they are less price-sensitive and place a higher value on comfort and efficiency. They will be eager for nearby transit, food choices, and convenient lodging.

For business center purposes, they are the dearest consumers. They highly value the modern concepts that mix the business facilities into the lobby in conditions not similar to those of the offices.

4.3 Tourists and standards

These sites offer clean and essential housing, perhaps with some extra comfort. The rooms offer a private bathroom, telephone, television, and limited services. The standards usually have complete furniture with chairs and tables.

However, they are hotels for travelers passing through or who arrive to rest and enjoy their trip outside the hotel. The business center services are limited to a few jobs, mainly related to tourist issues. Just a printer or a copier is required.

4.4 Boutique and lodges

As you know, boutique hotels are facilities with rather few rooms and strong personalities. Alongside these features, they offer high-level services, elite design, and selectivity. Thus, they have very private ambiances and are in buildings built or adapted for their purposes in places of symbolic interest.

Having a high-income clientele, they are regular users of business services, even when on leisure trips. Hence, high-level, private, in-room, tailored, and wireless services, fit these conditions.

5. Hotel Business Centers Authorities and Protocols

As regular, every hotel business center must comply with rules and practices that ensure its competence and safety. However, the duties of a hotel business center are not identical to a regular center.

Of course, rigor and depth of use of each standard must adapt to each hotel business center, but effectively these canons apply to all. Let us look at some of the elements to consider and the roles of employees and authorities.

5.1 Purposes of a business center in a hotel

There is a shared base of purposes and goals among all the hotel business centers. Certainly, the volume of work and difficulty of the objectives will vary according to the clientele of each one. In any case, crucial performance goals are:

  • Promote a kind and expert image of the hotel business center to the client.
  • Give total support to any client seeking advice with a prompt, kind, and helpful attitude.
  • Prioritize duties and do them on time, realize guest needs, and handle urgent mail properly.
  • Take care of specific requests by guests such as flight re-confirmation, meeting schedules, or office liaising demands.
  • Keep a logical file system and examine, update, and adjust cabinets.
  • Type reports, letters, memos, and forms, including confidential posts, invoices, and invites.
  • Finally, preserve all business devices in good working order.

5.2 Specific technical protocols in hotel business centers

Here comes the maximum of new responsibilities of a hotel business center. Therefore, they must be technically described by the following:

  • Professional services.
  • Based on a broad project that includes the contracting of connectivity, its provision, configuration, transport, fitting, and repairing.
  • Maximum ease of access and use of the internet.
  • Customer service 24h x 365 days, free and multilingual.
  • Guarantee that the info of each user is deleted when closing the session.
  • Support service and remote checking with on-site technical help and software and hardware updates.
  • Repair the system image of each PC for restoring purposes.
  • Allow access through the Internet in real-time to the data on income, users, usage figures, and billing for each service.
  • Furniture adapted to the image of the hotel/center to achieve its perfect mixing from an aesthetic and ergonomic point of view employer of record Dubai.

5.3 Business center supervisor

Essential duties in a hotel business center often include the following:

  • Ensure that all hotel business center equipment is in an excellent state.
  • Rent out equipment to house guests and collect fees per the hotel business center tariff.
  • As needed, provide correct and valuable industrial and trade information to visitors.
  • Work with local and abroad couriers to deliver services for visitors.
  • Be wholly aware of the annual and weekly revenues of the hotel business center and create reports accordingly.
  • Oversee the hotel business center clerks
  • Conduct and design a training program for all staff to boost morale and professional skills.
  • Perform all duties other than those listed above as assigned by bosses.

5.4 Hotel business center clerk

The person in direct charge of the hotel business center is known as the business center attendant or the business center clerk. Their essential duties and responsibilities are:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Must be enthusiastic and have skills for communicating.
  • Need to be able to work in a stressful environment.
  • Extreme caution is obliged.
  • Be courteous and helpful to visitors.
  • Keep an adequate supply of office stuff.
  • Offer high-quality secretarial services to visitors.
  • Management of fax, photocopying, printing, and scanning.
  • Help visitors use computers, Wi-Fi, fax machines, and the like.
  • Seek help and direction from the hotel business center Supervisor if challenges or unexpected demands arise.
  • Attend the hotel business center scheduled meetings.
  • Discuss scenarios for improvement with their supervisor.
  • Maintain decent look, hygiene, civility, and telephone manners.
  • Perform all responsibilities other than those listed above as given by hotel rules and direct boss.

6. Connect Business Centers Assists You in Finding the Best Hotel Business Center

Briefly, this article shows how relevant it is for businesspersons to know the crucial features of hotel business centers, especially if they are busy business travelers. Connect Business Centers, our leading organization in Dubai, can assess you to get the best office space.

Effectively, we assist local or international firms and individuals starting in Dubai or travelers to stay in the country. Connect Business Centers can easily help employers of record in Dubai find the office of their dreams with its updated and complete list of business centers in Dubai.

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Kate works at Connect Business Centers as Sales Manager, She is graduated from London and moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2017, She is a specialized agent for finding Business Centers, Office space, Co-working spaces to the clients based on their requirement and in addition to it, she also happens to be specialized in UAE mainland Company formation, Golden Visa, Bookkeeping, VAT registration and PRO services.

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