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Ejari Registration Centers: Register a tenancy contract with Ejari in Dubai

Ejari registration centers

There are several rules in Dubai to restrict the possible difficulties between a tenant and a landlord. One of these laws is the requirement to register a lease with Ejari. Ejari registration centers are the spots where Ejari certificates are processed. These documents ensure openness and transparency, fully integrating lease terms into the legal system and enabling simple contract changes if there is a discrepancy.

In this article, we address the entire process of getting your Ejari number. If you are moving to a new executive office and curious about what you need to do to register your lease contract, do not worry. Here are all the answers.  We will touch on these points:

  1. Ejari registration centers in 2022
  2. How to register your Ejari tenancy contract in Dubai
  3. Ejari registration centers in Dubai
  4. How can we help you look for the best Ejari support?

1. Ejari registration centers in 2022

If you are finding your ideal Dubai office rental, you must know that in Dubai, the holders of the lease contract should be aware that Ejari is not just a requisite more in the way. Rather, it is one of the most relevant administrative steps for starting your Dubai tenancy.

Ejari was developed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to manage and ease the rental market in Dubai and the results have been notable. Dubai is now a place fully successful in organizing the system of real estate rental spaces. Legal security attracts investors as much as tax incentives.

Ejari can be fulfilled either by typing centers or online (learn how to find one, here). Following the registration of your tenancy contract, an Ejari certificate with your Ejari case number will be issued.

1.1 What exactly is Ejari?

Ejari, which simply means “my rent,” is the name of an online service for all leases in Dubai. The government established it through its Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to oversee rental and leasing contracts in the city.

The Ejari portal provides some openness and hence protection to both landlords and renters by making their pacts public and subject to narrow oversight.

Ejari is not just necessary for completing your rental property in Dubai. It is also a must for resident visa applications as well as applications for Dubai commodities and Dubai home services such as television and internet.

1.2 Why do you need an Ejari number?

Beyond its general purpose of process spaces in the business of real estate, we can highlight three or four main objectives of Ejari. We can answer in many ways, each with its special relevance. We show a few of them.

  • Formally, your Ejari certificate and number are required to open an account with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), which guarantees that your water and electricity services are functioning when you move into your rented property.
  • In particular, building and community management firms (as business centers) will need to have an Ejari accreditation before providing any services.
  • Legally, in the event of a dispute between you and the landlord, having your rights secured will put you on the safe side.
  • Essentially (for our purposes), it is a condition to grant or renew a commercial trade license. That is its main impact: on the business world.

2. How to register your Ejari tenancy contract in Dubai

For completing Ejari, the first drive is by the landlord. RERA allows the landlord to present you with an Ejari contract for each new lease and renewal. So, first of all, the landlord must be registered in Ejari.

However, the contract is registered by the renter (third parties, such as business centers, can manage the procedure on your behalf). Also, it is usually the duty of the tenant or their Dubai estate agent to pay the associated expenses.

Ejari registration can be completed online or in-person at a variety of specified locations across the city. There are five Ejari registration centers in Dubai. You may go and submit the correct documentation given by your real estate agent or landowner.

You will receive your Ejari certificate right away. As soon as your lease contract is signed, ensure that your Ejari is issued.

2.1 Documents required in the Ejari registration centers

All you need to do to complete Ejari is to prepare a few forms before you start asking “are there Ejari registration centers near me?” and quickly go to the nearest. The following documents are a requirement of Ejari registration centers:

  • Tenant documents

The tenant will need to carry a passport (citizens of non-GCC countries), a UAE visa (citizens of non-GCC countries), and an Emirates ID card.

  • Owner documents

A copy of the passport and also a copy of the valid power of attorney document.

  • The contract and other relevant documents
    • Original lease
    • Security deposit receipt
    • The Number of DEWA installations
    • DEWA invoice
    • Previous Ejari (applicable for renewal only)
    • Commercial license
    • A copy of the property title of the rented property

You will simply have to pay roughly AED 220. If you are renewing Ejari, you will also need a recent DEWA “green bill.”

2.2 What is the Ejari renewal process?

Sometimes Dubai renters need to renew their Ejari papers. So, it is better to keep up to date with the latest details about the Ejari procedures. The renewal process is also simple as you can use the Ejari app or Ejari registration centers in Dubai for this.

Specifically, your Ejari needs a renewal when you change the property that you are leasing an office space or renting. The documents required for Ejari renewal in the Ejari registration centers are the same as the Ejari registration process with the addition of your previous Ejari.

So, for the renewal, prepare the next documents:

  • The tenant’s passport, UAE visa, and Emirates ID
  • Landlord’s ID
  • A copy of the tenancy contract
  • Title documents to the property
  • DEWA confirmation
  • Previous Ejari registration certificate

The Ejari renewal charges are the same as of the registration.

2.3 Ejari’s cancellation

The Ejari should be terminated after the tenancy term. Because each property should only have one Ejari at a time, ensure that your landlord has canceled the old Ejari before trying to register a new one.

If you are a foreigner looking to get started in Dubai, this all may be a little confusing at first. Consult with agents who know these registration processes perfectly from their fieldwork. In this way, Ejari registration centers are empowered to help you.

3. Ejari registration centers in Dubai

The Ejari detailed processes to comply in the Ejari registration centers (or typing centers) are here.

As said, Ejari is a mandatory request. It is a successful way to ensure that the contract between the tenant and the landlord follows the rules as clarified by law. For fulfilling the request, the typing center nearest you is what you should look for in this case.

3.1 What are Ejari registration centers?

Before you start the Ejari registration process, you need to know what the Ejari registration centers are. These centers are government platforms that allow private companies to handle a variety of documents such as work permits, visas, and Ejari processes.

These services also include information on visas for freelancers or celebrities, residence guidance, cultural and religious duties, shopping options, and so forth. As a result, it is also an informal means of introducing you to the Arabic world, which has a different viewpoint from the Western one.

However, the Ejari registration process is not time-consuming. After completing the necessary papers, you should be able to get an Ejari certificate in as little as two days.

3.2. What services do Ejari registration centers offer?

“Can I access Ejari registration centers near me?” is a good question. You will access not only the Ejari spots but many of the services they offer. In effect, the common of these facilities are registration trustees, which explains why services go beyond the Ejari procedure. You can contact the Ejari registration centers in Dubai for the following services:

  • Ejari registration
  • Replacing a lost or damaged title deed
  • Ejari renewal
  • Request for transfer of ownership
  • Ejari cancellation
  • Property evaluation
  • The distribution of property and land maps
  • Request for first-instance trial or appeasement.

Note that your Ejari certification, processed through Ejari registration centers is the most important aspect of the contractual relationship between the landlords and the tenants. Without them, your rental contract in Dubai has no legal value, which means that your rights and obligations under the agreement are not valid.

It is also a good idea to be aware of the RERA property rules, which control the rights and duties of landlords and tenants in Dubai under lease arrangements. So, if you are a first-time tenant, make sure you are aware of all the aspects to take into account while renting in Dubai.

3.3 The process in the Ejari registration centers

You must complete specific steps to join up for Ejari. There are various methods to join Ejari. As a result, you can go to the Ejari registration centers or utilize the Ejari online app. To ensure that the procedure runs well, make sure you have all of the crucial documentation on hand.

Usually, you will require access to Ejari typing centers. Then, the renter must pay the appropriate costs and supply the essential data for completing the route successfully. Remember that the owner must also sign up for this through the documentation that the renter must submit to the Dubai Ejari registration centers.

3.4 Where are the Ejari registration centers?

Are there Ejari registration centers near me? is another valid question in Dubai because there are only a few options available. Even so, you can quickly verify that they are easy to locate. You have the option to go to any of the following Ejari centers in Dubai:

  • Al Barsha Shopping Center
  • Al Manara Center
  • Port Said
  • Zabel
  • Oud Metha

As you can see, there are several Dubai Ejari registration centers open nearby. But certainly, they are not too many. Anyway, you can always access some typing centers on a variety of sites.

3.5 Be sure about the documents you need

When processing with Ejari, you need to make sure you have all the relevant papers at hand. Otherwise, the procedures will not end well. Please gather all the documents beforehand and submit them after searching for Ejari typing centers near you. Take a second look at the document list earlier mentioned.

3.6 Tips to speed up the registration

Here are some hints to make the registration process go as smoothly as possible.

  • Ejari is for one tenant. If you share the rent with somebody else, designate a lead tenant to register the contract.
  • If the landlord is unavailable to sign in person, only use high-quality scans.
  • Remember that many people are unaware of when a tenancy contract will be renewed.
  • There should be no overlap between the end date of the current contract and the start date of the new one.
  • Likewise, the DEWA premise number is located outside the front entrance.

Despite a few hurdles and a brief wait, Dubai renters and landlords benefit from the shield provided by the Ejari system. A property expert located in Dubai is the finest person to provide you with all you need to complete your process quickly and easily.

Therefore, it recommends accessing a real estate agent to connect the two parties, landlord and tenant.  This helps make registrations easier. Business centers in Dubai are the most reliable option when it comes to business office rental. Also, all the Dubai Ejari registration centers will help you while processing.

4. How can we help you look for the best Ejari support?

We believe in long-term partnerships with our national and foreign allies. So, you can be confident that we will have your objectives in mind from the start, including Ejari procedures. Our premier firm in the UAE, Connect Business Centers, will work with you to discover and fulfill the potential of your business.

Effectively, we assist firms in establishing and quickly taking advantage of the unique benefits of the Emirate. We will support you in saving money while searching for more partners by accessing our business centers directory, which is the best in the UAE.

Connect Business Centers will provide you with easy access to a variety of serviced offices designed to help your new business thrive. For more information, please reach us at +971 43 316 688 or Please do not hesitate to contact us!

For people looking for work opportunities, is a fantastic resource. There are several options available for you. Send your CV to as many employers as you want with confidence. You may as well send an email to

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A brief idea on the services offered by business centers in Dubai

business centers in Dubai

New times need fresh approaches to entrepreneur leadership. It is also the story built around business centers in Dubai. This industry is aimed to assist in part of the administration of new firms seeking to raise productivity and enhance asset efficiency. It has been living a continued boom for many years.

In this article, we will discuss the services and benefits related to the business centers in Dubai. There are several advantages to partnering with a business center in Dubai. They are companies that provide excellent workspaces while also helping build links with relevant commercial and governmental agencies. It is about structures that save money on admin costs while also assisting your firm in fulfilling broad tactics on talent staffing, developing markets, and remote working.

  1. How did the idea of business centers emerge?
  2. Businesses and business centers in Dubai
  3. How does a business center function?
  4. How to select a business center in Dubai?
  5. Connect Business Centers assists you in finding the best business center

1. How did the idea of business centers emerge?

In its early stages, the only business center benefit was to get a little work done. It is still the case in small flat complexes or hotels not dedicated to business people. Its services usually reduce to a passing provision of space, along with access to photocopiers, scanners, and computers.

However, the concept of business centers and their benefits are very changed today. It is now about large firms committed to backup new investors to set up their businesses even from zero. To achieve these purposes, they support various lines of action: the provision of general support, help in procedures before government entities, and the offer of spaces for all sorts of firms.

Although everything said is aimed mainly at new businesses, there are also services available for old companies that wish to expand their territories or exploit the remote working.

An updated and complete list of business centers in Dubai is available on Connect Business Centers.

2. Businesses and business centers in Dubai

Starting a business in the UAE is a booming activity for several years now. The fiscal policies and facilities for investors applied in that country have rapt entrepreneurs whose needs and money have made the industry of business centers and their benefits one of the most attractive.

Founding a venture in all of the Emirates is thought to be simple and trouble-free. However, the most popular investment location in these lands is none other than Dubai. This is due to its more open cultural setting and more complex economy.

Business centers help organizations in Dubai enabling stylish and all-inclusive headquarters from which to do business. Likewise, the emirate’s strategic position and distinct time zone attract many traders.

2.1 Investing in a business center in Dubai

In Dubai, the business centers benefit from a fecund ambiance for firms of all kinds. Anyone who wants to expand their options can discover the right answer.

When hiring an office space, the business center benefits contain ways for establishing new ventures and answers for those with flexible rental requests. They provide a wide array of services, including virtual offices, private spots, and conference spaces. Their office buildings are supplied and include a variety of community comforts.

One significant advantage of using a business center is avoiding unwanted additional costs. Choosing a flexible option means evading the upfront expenses linked with standard office leasing.

Secretarial costs remove due to reception services that assist clients with day-to-day shaping activities. You have to pay for what you use, and you do not have to commit to anything longer than needed. It provides you with an amount of flexibility.

2.2 Benefits offered by a business center in Dubai

Start-ups and global firms looking to establish a presence in Dubai might benefit from the ease of a business center. The workplaces are ready for use, with cutting-edge technology, and a proper company address.

Let us look at other essential gains:

  • No space restrictions. When needed, a welcome area, pantry, and conference and meeting rooms are vacant. These services are often bundled together, allowing you to use them at a cheap rate.
  • Start-up funding. Business owners are not required to purchase pieces of stuff. They can also save you money on gear, fitting fees, safety deposits, and other beginning charges.
  • No ongoing costs. The benefits of business centers comprise that they do not need additional monthly expenses. Communications providers, utility bills, repairs, and maintenance are all included or all under an on-demand regime.
  • A support group. A skilled support team is available at a business center as a benefit. To manage calls and messages, you have a personal clerk service.
  • Access to the internet. This can be critical in your field of work. With a business center, you may plug in and gain fast access to the internet. You are not required to pay for connection or upkeep.
  • You will save time. Because their office will manage all of the details of operating the workplace, you will be able to focus on the heart of your firm.

Taking all of this into account, the advantages of a business center surpass those of traditional offices. It reduces the bores of managing and maintaining a workplace. It also improves your clients’ image.

3. How does a business center function?

A business center in Dubai is not only a commercial firm that assists in the establishment of ventures from the ground up. Also, they offer complex PRO services to people involved in those procedures, most notably support in dealings with local and international regulatory bodies. Equally, the business centers for rent assist firms in routine functions while they are focused on productivity.

But certainly, a business center has its essential strength in providing fully furnished office spaces. As a result, these facilities are right for both existing initiatives that are expanding and new businesses that require a suitable site for their first stages.

Moreover, those spaces can include design features that convert them into alternative products, like virtual offices, conference rooms, coworking spaces, or serviced offices.

3.1 Business centers as global office providers

Business centers are often located near financial hubs, downtown business zones, and leisure spaces. Of course, they want to be as visible and connected to local and worldwide markets as possible.

Alternatively, several serviced office providers have branches in key cities across the world. As a result, their clients may plan global growth from a single business center.

Typically, business centers do not sell premises but rather rent them out, with customized services tailored to the customer.

3.2 Options available to their consumers

In any case, renters have a variety of options to choose from, such as office space, decor, administrative aid, workstations, and some personnel.

Effectively, services and facilities may include the following:

  • Modern workspaces
  • Ergonomic fittings
  • High-reliability communications
  • Business equipment
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Catering, drinks, and cleaning services
  • Both traditional and electronic mail

Additionally, a business center benefit in Dubai is the fact that it can offer expert advice for business owners looking to take the next step in strategic issues:

  • Formation of abroad business structures
  • Suitable financial services
  • Worldwide tax preparation
  • Holding of investments
  • Global commerce

These centers have a thorough grasp of local business and guiding rules, and they act as a team with overseas business formation experts to help the global aims.

In Dubai, a great business center must have a qualified workforce with linguistic and intercultural talents to develop cross-border professional contacts.

3.3 Some polite principles while hiring a business facility in Dubai

Business centers are comprised be a place where to share several services under one roof. When relating with workers from other companies, there are also some things to recall and talk about it. If there are shared walls, corridors, and offices in the same building, balances are necessary.

3.3.1 Ensure a healthy and well-organized workplace.

Nobody will punish you for cleanliness and order issues, but it is your job to keep your workplace tidy. Visitors, guests, and customers could enter the office premises at any time of day.

So, employees are responsible for sustaining the workplace clean and welcoming at all times. Each employee of every organization functioning in a Dubai business center ought to be accountable for the possibilities of cleaning around them.

3.3.2 Refrain from generating needless sounds.

Keep in mind that your neighbors are still working when you are taking a break. As a result, if you book a business center in Dubai, be sure that all of your meetings take place in rooms where you will not disturb anybody else. Equally, avoid chatting in the aisles since it may irritate other employees.

3.3.3 Do not interfere with the meeting room bookings.

Meeting rooms are great for issuing information, carrying out presentations, sharing ideas, and raising teamwork. In Dubai, conference rooms are accessible on a first, first-served basis.

If one company books all of the rooms, each other firm will have to wait. Then, if a company is leading a session in a venue, they must leave the place on time since another team could be waiting their turn.

While contemplating going to the right business center in Dubai, firms must ensure that their workers receive all relevant orders.

Your most complete list of business centers in Dubai is available at Connect Business Centers.

4. How to select a business center in Dubai

Having arrived here, the topic of how to find a good business center in Dubai arises. There are two different valuations to do: the offered services themselves and the overall behavior and philosophy of the business center.

4.1 The service features you need to certify

First of all, as was said above, business center benefits must stand out with fully equipped offices, reception service, and conference rooms that are all available on-demand.

However, there are many other factors to consider while deciding on the best option:

  • Location: The best business centers in Dubai are in the most respected and dynamic districts. It is a relevant selection since the site must give comfort to team members and a better business image.
  • Workplaces and executive offices: Impeccable, well-equipped, and with the possibility to customize. As a result, they will be ideal for productive teams.
  • Technology: A suitable business center for rent in Dubai should include high-speed wireless internet, conference rooms with recording devices, and copying and printing services.
  • Human Resources: A good business center in Dubai must have well-trained staff, quick maintenance, cleaning personnel, and a technical support team.
  • Social halls: Of course, these facilities should be scalable, which means they should always be able to house a small gathering or a populated training session without losing comfort.

4.2 How to assess in-depth the business center benefits?

While valuing the business center benefits as providers, you must consider the following factors:

They must be able to provide PRO services other than renting a space, such as:

  • Managing all administrative, technical, and financial elements of forming a company in the UAE
  • Handle employee visas and labor cards
  • Assist the authorities in Dubai as requested

Second, their company concept should be similar to:

  • Provide a solid platform that combines corporate environments full of fellowship and creativity with the best technical support and connection
  • Design concepts that challenge the paradigm of typical office space by including flexible and coworking
  • Provide an all-inclusive service package that includes operational, secretarial, and onboard computer assistance.
  • Recognize the wants of their clients.
  • Commit to completing work on time.

5. Connect Business Centers assists you in finding the best business center

Connect Business Centers, our leading organization in Dubai, can join forces with you to assess and boost your ideas. We believe in building hard, lengthy business ties through a personal, one-on-one strategy, so you know we have your objectives in mind from the very first phone call or appointment.

Effectively, we assist international firms in starting in Dubai. Moreover, we can find your best office spot in the Emirates using our business center database, an updated and complete list of the business centers in Dubai.

Connect Business Centers guarantees easy access to several sorts of offices. For further information, contact us at +971 43 316 688 or

The Talent Point is the best ally for finding job vacancies around the world. There are several opportunities waiting for you. Send your CV on The email address is another way to apply.

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Understanding the importance of PRO services for companies in Dubai

PRO services

Dubai is an appreciated site for business people, entrepreneurs, and investors from all over the world. However, for many, the business world or the Middle East may be highly upsetting. This is when Dubai’s business centers and experts in PRO services come in.

In this article, we will discuss the key advantages of PRO services and assist you in choosing the ideal one for you. Usually, the business centers are the providers of this sort of service. They will assist you in starting your business by getting from the business trade license required to lawfully do business to the residency visa in the Emirates.

  1. Do you require a business center and its PRO services in the UAE?
  2. What specific services can you request while choosing the PRO services?
  3. How do PRO services in Dubai benefit your company?
  4. How can we assist you in obtaining the best PRO services in Dubai?

1. Do you require a business center and its PRO services in the UAE?

Making money in a nation outside of your own seems exciting, but there are numerous factors to consider. It is not always simple to integrate into a vastly different context. Accessing a business center and Public Relations Officer services in Dubai is one method of overcoming such challenges.

Business centers and PRO services in Dubai simplify the lives of company owners. Through the business centers, they can assist you in disabling numerous hurdles that may arise during your business’ existence. Also, these services can assist you in navigating Dubai’s culture and religion. The business model represented by business centers and PRO services is today a subject of study in universities and management schools. Not only because of intellectual curiosity but because of the great impact they have had on the development of business worldwide.

Indeed, Dubai and the Emirates are now the most attractive investment destinations in the globe, with an open and friendly business environment  with businesses leading the way.

1.1 Being more efficient and more effective

In a market so competitive as the global one, a spot in Dubai must mandatorily be the most efficient and effective. Business centers are for helping reach those goals. Firstly, they supply all kinds of offices you need in Dubai (you can find digital, virtual, flexible, shared, coworking, and fully serviced spaces). Also, they can give you all the support to set up your business from zero.

They have a staff that knows in-depth the Emirates, its culture, government, administration, and more. They have the PRO services that will drive all your procedures successfully and save costs. Businesses that wish to be more efficient must use these PRO services. Since some tasks must be completed just once by a firm, it is not a good idea to hire full-time specialists for these temporary positions. You may employ Public Relations Officers for a one-time cost.

1.2 What do the PRO services offer in the UAE?

If you are from the Western world, you will notice that the Arab world has quite distinct features. They are in art, religion, language, and politics. As a result, organizations like the business centers in Dubai have evolved to specialize in providing offices for rent and PRO services, playing a relevant role in offering complete access to any assistance. Therefore, they have the legally needed paperwork and skills to help in personal or corporate purposes. Consequently, they have developed enough expertise to do better performance.

Access to PRO services in the UAE should be a prerequisite for each new investor. They will be the ones that relieve you of jobs that are too difficult for someone unfamiliar with the local know-how. They succeed without causing you to worry or taking your attention away from the crucial parts of your organization. Public Relations Officers are also Government Liaison Officers. During the support provided to investors, they resolve relevant issues outside the business core, avoiding distracting your time and resources.

1.3 Strategic approach to PRO services

PRO services must also tackle strategic problems to achieve large goals for you. Keep in mind that any public relations officer you hire will represent your firm everywhere they go (your name, image, products). So, seize the opportunities not only for the short term but also for long-term and beneficial connections with them.

Businesses require dedicating business centers and PRO services in Dubai for several reasons. However, the most significant factor is that PRO service providers have years of knowledge in the Dubai business environment. This experience accumulates over time, which is why other organizations cannot readily imitate or replace the value of these services in the sector.

In the end, these services assist in meeting demands from local administrators, building relationships with the government, and supporting enterprises in achieving excellent outcomes. If your startup needs a place in one of the best business centers in Dubai, you must contact Connect Business Centers. This is the most powerful hub of business centers in the Emirates. You can search through our extensive database and you surely will find your best option.

1.4 When is the best time to hire PRO services?

Business centers and PRO services are employed during many phases of a company’s life cycle. They can assist organizations in getting off to a good start. Public Relations Officers have strong relationships with government and non-government authorities. So, you may engage these specialists to get the best from the environment.

Unsurprisingly, you will need several trained people to get things running smoothly. The processing of legal procedures, for example, is a relevant task that requires expert personnel. Many details in the rules and contracts are only understood by natives, and so on. However, unless you are a law business, you do not require legal assistance every day of the week. This is when PRO services come in handy. You can employ them anytime you want legal support or guidance on any aspect of your organization, but not pay for a full-time service that you do not need.

2. What specific services can you request while choosing the PRO services?

PRO services have staff with extensive expertise working with government agencies to provide reliable answers. Above all, the best PRO services must adhere to regulations without incurring unnecessary expenditures, hassles, or stress.

These services must possess some operational abilities as the following:

  • Capability for forming a team at the lowest possible cost
  • Their own resources for carrying out their responsibilities
  • Knowledgeable collaborators in private and public sectors
  • Procedures for resolving any issue with official documents
  • An alert system to avoid expiry concerns
  • Low-risk exposure
  • Procedural transparency

Of course, there are many more specific tasks to achieve, but a fully comprehensive inventory is not realistic. However, consider the following services also as essentials:

  • Passport, visa, and ID services, residence formalities, and immigration processes
  • Recruitment, registration, and other labor-related processes before the Ministry of Labor
  • Trademarks and licenses
  • Ejari (for property contracts)
  • Arabic legal document translation
  • Document legalization
  • Medical Insurance Cards
  • Medical applications
  • Record-keeping (accounts, personal, relatives, employees)
  • Consultancy assistance

Note that each organization can request/offer its own most specific list.

3. How do PRO services in Dubai benefit your company?

Already many hints have been presented about the benefits of a partner with a business center in Dubai and requesting its PRO services. Now, we can be more specific still. If you locate the correct Public Relations Officers, the benefits of their services will outweigh the costs of hiring them hugely. PRO services would be beneficial in aspects as below.

3.1 First-line benefits

3.1.1 Business establishment services

When you first start, the public relations professionals will interact on your behalf with authorities from Dubai’s Department of Economic Development. They will secure the necessary permissions for your firm and the business trade licenses.

3.1.2 Services for patents and trademarks

For your business, you will need a name and a logo. It is a tedious procedure in which you must publish your trademark in the local press. PRO services handle all of this professionally.

3.1.3 Improve brand image

Customer loyalty is a pertinent aspect of success. A loyal consumer base is built around a powerful brand. A powerful brand is based on a highly recognized innovative image. Professional PRO services in Dubai work to position a positive inner awareness by the public. They will make your customers see your items and services as suitable to address their difficulties.

3.1.4 Skilled execution

Public relations professionals’ expertise enables them to carry out numerous government tasks without snags. Avoid costly blunders in advance. This is why professional, local, experienced and proven procedures are required. Because of their clearly irreplaceable country living, public relations experts have developed multiple strong networks. Thus, these links allow them to fulfill numerous tasks before governments and individuals.

3.1.5 Cost-effectiveness

As said above, recruiting public relations professionals instead of full-time staff to undertake these same responsibilities is the best idea. Due to services provided by Public Relations Officers being intended to address one-time issues, you pay only for the effective use. Public Relations Officers’ skills may also help make some savings by preventing possible difficulties.

3.2 Second-line supportive benefits

3.2.1 Document handling

When doing business in the UAE, especially in Dubai, much vital paperwork must be in Arabic. Public relations experts process all of these papers for you. Additionally, they also provide translation services.

3.2.2 Quality time

As known, time is money in the corporate world. The more time you spend on a process, the more cash you will have to apply for it. Indeed, when you are going through a government procedure for the first time, you will be puzzled and will need time to finish it. However, since Public Relations Officers have previously completed these steps, they have the requisite experience and contacts to finish these tasks promptly.

3.2.3 Additional consultancy services

Of course, you need to follow some protocols when doing government operations in Dubai. Professional PRO services ensure no mistakes actions when facing various business hurdles. Expertise is a critical part of the corporate world. Thus, professional services will ensure that you can rely on Public Relations Officers to handle your challenges.

3.2.4 Services of liquidation

Finally, when you wish to quit and liquidate your venture, public relations professionals will assist you with all legal rules, allowing you to ease.

4. How can we assist you in obtaining the best PRO services in Dubai?

What can we do for you? We have assisted countless firms in establishing themselves in the UAE. As a consequence, we have created ties and networks with a variety of government and non-government groups. These enable us to tackle your problems quickly and efficiently. Therefore, you can always contact us at any time to discuss your expectations.

PRO services are essential tools for anyone looking to start an enterprise as a foreigner. We have the office spaces you need to thrive in business using our database. If you want to start a business in the UAE, do not wait any longer and choose the best services.

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Learn more about where and how to find an Ejari typing center in Dubai

Ejari center

“Ejari” is an Arabic expression that translates as “my rent.” However, in the context of real estate businesses in the UAE, an Ejari center is a system that governs the contract between landlords and renters of properties. Since 2007, it has been part of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

In this article, we will address the specifics of Ejari operations. There are many reasons for the success of Dubai as a preferred destination for investors. One of the pillars of that success has been the adequation of the real estate business through the Ejari centers and app rules and procedures. This business went from being a very secondary branch of commerce to being one of the driving forces behind attracting foreign investments and talents.

  1. What exactly is Ejari?
  2. How significant is Ejari?
  3. What are the standard Ejari procedures?
  4. The tenancy contract checklist: The seven must-dos
  5. Connect Business Centers can assist you with the best business center and Ejari support

1. What exactly is Ejari?

Ejari is the way you register your tenancy agreements in Dubai. In effect, the system of Ejari centers is in place to ensure that all private rental contracts are legally binding and organized in the government-approved style. Many Ejari centers can exist, from the old Ejari typing center with personal attention to a virtual office using an app, passing through a mixed Ejari call center (remote but with a voice).

Hence, Ejari centers safeguard and organize your information and maintain records with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

Doubtless, state public policies using Ejari centers have made real estate trading so clear that anyone can establish their firm in Dubai, even in just one day. Of course, all this is about very competitive costs and transparency in the rules for renting spaces.

Indeed, the most relevant feature of the Ejari policy is that it protects the rights of everyone to go to court if they have a dispute with a landlord (or a tenant). The court must hear your case, but if you are not with Ejari, the court dismisses your incident instantly.

2. How significant is Ejari?

The Ejari procedures stop any possible conflicts between landlords and tenants. It is one of the most relevant processes when a foreigner sets up a business in the UAE. Thanks to it, the Emirates has reached the highest world standard in real estate.

Indeed, it has been a fundamental part of the renowned global reputation of its business climate because it guarantees clarity and total agreement with the rules of all parties involved. Moreover, the offers of offices for rent in Dubai and the UAE are the best in the world with all the spectra: virtual or digital offices, flexible and coworking spaces, and serviced offices.

Ejari ensures that everyone joining in a rental arrangement is safe. If such a bill did not exist, there would be ways for landlords and renters to take advantage of each other. Ejari guarantees balance and avoids differences between the parties involved in the process.

Because Ejari is crucial in Dubai, we will lead you through the procedure detailed.

3. What are the standard Ejari procedures?

An Ejari is a legal tool for correctly regulating the contract between a landlord and a renter. Typically, the landlord will delegate this duty to a real estate agent. Therefore, you must ensure that your Ejari clearly states all deposits, contract periods, and rent amounts. You may sign up for Ejari on-site or through the Ejari app.

3.1 What are the Ejari typing centers?

Before you begin the Ejari enrollment procedure, you need to understand what an Ejari typing center is. The Ejari typing centers are government-registered platforms that allow private firms to handle diverse paperwork like work permits, visa applications, or Ejari procedures.

An exhaustive list of legal Ejari typing centers is on

Through these services, it is also possible to learn about visas for freelancers or personalities, residency advice, cultural and religious duties, entertaining and shopping facilities, and the like. Therefore, it is also an informal way to introduce you to the Arabic world, a very different worldview from the western one.

But the Ejari registration procedure itself is not a time-consuming task. After submitting all the relevant paperwork, you will find that obtaining the Ejari certificate might take only two days.

3.2. What are the services offered by an Ejari typing center?

Ejari typing centers offer many sorts of services. Most of these centers are registration trustees, explaining why services extend beyond the Ejari process. For the following services, you can contact the Ejari typing centers in Dubai:

  • Registration for Ejari
  • Renewing Ejari
  • Cancellation of Ejari
  • Replacement of a missing or damaged title deed
  • Request for ownership transfer
  • Property assessment
  • Issuance of property and land maps
  • Application for first-instance litigation or conciliation

Note that the Ejari centers are the most substantial part of the contractual connection between the landlords and the renters. Your rental contract in Dubai has no legal value without them, which means that your rights and duties under the agreement are not legally recognized. It is also beneficial to be familiar with the RERA property regulations, which broadly govern the rights and duties of landlords and renters in Dubai under tenancy contracts. So, if you are a first-time renter, make sure you know all the factors to consider while renting in Dubai.

3.3 Schedule and costs

You may access Ejari typing centers at many locations. They charge you AED 220 to register with Ejari for your tenancy contract. Regularly, the Ejari centers are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. In Ramadan, the Ejari typing centers are only open on weekdays from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

However, always double-check the business hours of your selected Ejari center. Specifically, the Al Barsha Mall Ejari Center operates from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

3.4 Documents required to register with Ejari

When you come to an Ejari typing center, you will fill out a registration form. Therefore, bring the Ejari center your new address and tenancy contract number and copies of the following documents:

  • Initial tenancy contract
  • Receipt of security deposit
  • The Emirates ID of the renter
  • Passport of the Tenant (for non-GCC nationals)
  • UAE Visa for Tenant (for Non-GCC)
  • The ID of the landlord, if an individual.
  • A certified copy of the legal power of attorney paperwork
  • Copy of the title deed for the property
  • Bring your DEWA bill and prior Ejari if you are renewing.
  • A business license (if the property is commercial)

Subsequently, after completing the registration process, you will receive the official Ejari contract. Vitally, this document contains a unique Ejari ID number. This number will allow you to register for your DEWA account, which you may now do online. All the files, including finished and sent paperwork and the Ejari ID reception, take 1 to 2 days.

3.5 Ejari cntract registration at Al Barsha Mall

All the processes for Ejari are simple at Al Barsha Mall Ejari Center, one of the most popular Ejari typing centers in the country. It is not tough to access this spot. It is needed only to gather the requested papers, and you should be aware that there is a fee for this action. Also, function remotely as an Ejari call center.

In addition to the registration route, the landlords have to enlist with the Ejari center. Indeed, landlords are the principal people responsible for obtaining the necessary papers for registration. Typically, the owners will contact a real estate agent to do this. Then, the tenant is in charge of the remainder of the registration. Depending on the chain of communication, the renter is usually required to pay the costs to the landlord or real estate agent. As above commented, the registration at Al Barsha Mall Ejari Center has a fee of 220 AED.

3.6 Options for doing Ejari procedures online

Alternatively, Ejari centers are replaceable by registering your tenancy via smartphone. An option is to do an Ejari call center recording, but better use the full capabilities of the Ejari official app to report your tenancy contract and upload your papers. Download the Ejari app and sign up using your Emirates ID, passport, and a copy of your visa. On the app, upload papers such as:

  • Tenancy contract
  • Emirates ID
  • Copies of passports and visas of landlords and tenants
  • Copy of the title deed

Your landlord must also register via an Ejari call center or in-person, but usually, they prefer the Ejari app. After admiring the papers using the app, the Ejari document is ready in two working days, as said before. A unique Ejari ID number will be in the official Ejari contract. As was earlier said, this number is to sign up for your DEWA account. This last process you may now do online in the same way you act when Ejari processes are in-person.

Before renewing your contract for the same spot next year, first register with an Ejari center for the new deal. We urge that you familiarize yourself with the system because it is for all rental trades, including renewals, cancellations, transfers, and expirations.

Hence, the previous tenant, landlord, or real estate agency must revoke expired Ejari certificates. Those legal tools do not robotically terminate when the lease expires. Nor do they do under the sole will of the Ejari centers. An Ejari center cannot act on its own by deleting files. The tenants and landlords must clear the previous Ejari when they want a new one.

3.7 What is the renewal process?

When you are ready to change the property you are renting, or when the landlord is preparing to have a new renter, Ejari must renew. The Ejari renewal procedure is critical, so keep attention to the end date. The process is direct and continues in the same Ejari typing centers cited. You only need to renew using the accessible Ejari employer of record dubai app or physically. The first is a more suitable method for owners because everything is online.

You may use the Ejari app to submit any modifications to a property for Ejari renewal paperwork and the usual documents for Ejari registration.

4. The tenancy contract checklist: The seven must-dos

It is time to summarize the features you need in your tenancy contracts while doing your Ejari center procedures. We are sure you are not intimidated by all the things until now presented. However, it is good to remember a few factors you should consider before signing. Documents, rules, and that first huge rent check are relevant commitments. Thus, equip yourself with enough knowledge before signing any contracts.

The crucial seven must-dos:

  1. Search for the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) for your real estate agency. Double-check that the agency you are working with is licensed.
  2. Ensure that your property has a Propertyfinder Verified Listing. A verified listing has the stamp of approval, indicating that the listing is genuine and available for rent in Dubai.
  3. Confirm that the landlord is the legal owner of the property. Check the name on the title deed and that it matches the name on their passport.
  4. Request documentation showing you paid for all service charges and utilities from your landlord.
  5. Take a good look at the property in person. Schedule a visit to the property with the landlord. Inspect the property and be sure it is in the desired condition.
  6. Ensure that the landlord signs the contract himself. Make no excuses, even if it means rescheduling a new date to sign the paperwork jointly.
  7. Go over the conditions of the contract again and make the landlord responsible for any repairs. The landlord must be accountable for the care of the property and fix any defects present or future that may affect the use of the property by the tenant.

6. Connect Business Centers can assist you with the best business center and Ejari support

Connect Business Centers, our leading organization in the UAE, will collaborate with you to examine and advise on your ideas. We believe in building long-term business relationships. So you know we have your best interests in mind from the first appointment.

Effectively, we help startups and multinational enterprises establish in Dubai and reap the numerous economic benefits of the city, including Ejari procedures. While looking employer of record dubai for the ideal partner in the EmirateS, Connect Business Centers can help you save money. We will assist you in choosing the finest supplier by utilizing our business center database, the largest in the UAE.

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Serviced offices in Dubai: The dynamics of office setup

serviced offices in Dubai

Setting up a business in an unknown place is a high-risk challenge for any entrepreneur. But if that place is Dubai, without a doubt, it is also a great break due to its extraordinary performance as an investment center. Still, when the situation is closely analyzed, many support mechanisms have been developed in the country for foreign investors to succeed. Business centers are an important part of these mechanisms, where you can also find serviced offices in Dubai.

In this article, concerning those mechanisms, we will talk about serviced offices in Dubai and the formation of new companies in the emirate. Let us see the following subjects:

  1. The formation of new companies in Dubai
  2. What exactly are serviced offices?
  3. What are the keys to finding the best serviced office?
  4. How can we help you find the greatest serviced offices in Dubai?

1. The formation of new companies in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most thriving business spaces thanks to its suitable commercial and financial policies. It even takes advantage of its geographical position between the western and the eastern hemispheres. With such a liberal business environment, investors are reaching many successes by taking advantage of the platform provided by the Emirate. Those triumphs are even abroad from the territory of Dubai as headquarters.

However, although Dubai has extraordinary legislation to facilitate investments, there are still many legal procedures that investors must attend. So there are problems that require solutions. For this reason, there are many business centers in Dubai for providing services to other firms.

Thus, among those services are who support the inception of new firms in Emirati land. In particular, are the so-called Public Relations Officer services (PRO services), whose personnel is very familiar with the environment of the Emirate and has contacts at all private and public levels.

Due to that, these Officers help resolve any obstacles with the legal and administrative framework that faces any foreign investor. Thus, the Public Relations Officers will personally attend to what appears as strange contingencies for foreign investors clueless about the region.

1.1 Business centers offer serviced offices

As with PRO services, many business centers in Dubai provide entrepreneurs with state-of-the-art workspaces in prime locations to attract customers and business partners.

Of course, this industry is part of the mechanisms that in Dubai support the success of many foreign investors. These offices are very affordable spaces with all the services required so that foreigners (or natives if that is the case) can establish physical offices and start working in a short time.

Like any authentical serviced office, these places must have professional-level equipment and services. Finding a serviced office space in the right location offers expert visibility and access to diverse business networks.

Frequently, the contacts to settle a firm in Dubai start remotely. The main is done online from the country of origin without one person moving from its place. Thus, countless preliminary procedures pass from afar. Later, everything progresses with intense activities in the business center where on-site PR officers are in charge. With this dynamic, in a few days and before the arrival of the foreign investor to the UAE, most main things are ready.

1.2 Face-to-face interaction in the business center

In Dubai, foreign investors work directly with the business center staff. Usually, the preferred approach is addressing the needs as clients manifest them. Often, the first issue is the setting up of the new company considering the necessary legal and administrative aspects. Subsequently, detailed questions on the firm operation raise: whether or not it requires employees, their contracts, their legalization if they are foreigners, questions on residences, and the like.

Even the most particular personal problems, those of the daily life of the investors and their families, are touched. For instance, Public Relations Officers attend concerns about schools, training places, recreation areas, acceptable and impermissible modes of behavior, and the like.

Given that, other issues are posted immediately, including the election of the place where the firm will install. In Dubai, this is a very relevant issue because it is different to settle in the Mainland than in a free zone (there are also offshore companies, but in this analysis, we will leave them aside since they do not require -in fact, they are not allowed- to have physic headquarters in the Emirates).

The point now is what activities the company will perform and the licenses required. This entire field of decisions works smoothly with the support of the PRs Officers, who must find the solutions to these issues using all their skills, experience, and contacts.

2. What exactly are serviced offices?

Now we can move on to the core of this article: how a supposed only real estate dynamics to get offices, intervene in a rapid and successful setup of a new company. Firstly, we must be aware that not everything is arriving, buying, and settling in the most luxurious building in Dubai. On the contrary, the vast majority of foreign investors know that the best decision is to seek the support of a business center. Then, they can provide access to high-quality rental offices with all services, meaning significant savings for the new investor.

Similarly, do not think that only small business owners use these services. The cooperative qualities of these office setups are also coveted by corporations keen not only to reduce their overhead but also to establish a working model that is both remote and collaborative.

Indeed, this offer of workstations is not at all conventional. They are places that provide offices and services to companies that wish to take advantage of the flexibility of a new organizational scheme at a low cost. We will delve into that topic below.

There has been a fast evolution of the industry of serviced offices in Dubai. Although the Emirates did not create the concept, the implementation there has been the most relevant. Also, consider that the term serviced office is today considered old-fashioned. Nowadays, it is more common to call it flexible office or cooperation space.

2.1 Why prefer a serviced office over a conventional space?

serviced office at Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), for example, is an actual physical space rented full-time or part-time. You have to consider it as a thorough headquarters, a place to do all the core tasks of the new company. In a serviced office in Dubai, the work is done even at a higher level through technology and remote work. It must be an affordable space, furnished and equipped, available even if is requested with very little notice.

Subsequent decisions will depend more on your work philosophy. Hence, you agree whether you want a lot or little interaction with other tenants, whether you prefer an executive office or a hot desk, if you will require the latest technologies for telecommunication, and other similar concerns.

Based on the above, it decides the size of the space, its layout, the existence or not of private offices, the specific equipment, the level of interactions, the meeting spaces or co-working rooms, and the like. A serviced office at JLT, for example, can change its setting whenever a tenant wants.

Simultaneously, it chooses the specific place in the city where you want to install it. The business center may have rentable offices at its headquarters or partners with other providers elsewhere in the Emirate. It is a relevant decision because being in the UAE is for gaining high exposure and visibility. Perhaps in other countries, the priority could be to find a quiet town to settle employees willing to escape the noise. But the decision was to set up the company in Dubai to make it visible. Definitively, it must know that the new company is there.

2.2 Serviced offices deliver services

In short, serviced office spaces are better and cheaper than renting or buying traditional space. Thus, you can arrive and start without worrying about any move, preparation of rooms, or installation of technology equipment.

However, you need to make sure that your serviced office in JLT, or another spot in Dubai, can at least offer a highly professional business environment, top-of-the-line in-house facilities, a reputable physical address, an ambiance for collaborative behavior, charges only for the actual use of the services, and an immediate availability with utilities already existing. These are minimal requirements to demand. Below, we provide you with a list more comprehensive to evaluate a site.

Of course, the most important thing is the access to new contacts and collaborators and the promotion of new relationships with enterprising people. With such a deal, it is clear that this is not a traditional rental of a conventional office. It is an opportunity to start correctly, in the right location, fully equipped, controlling expenses, and without invisible and unrealistic costs.

3. What are the keys to finding the best serviced office?

At this point, it is time to start making your checklist and plan some visits to take a closer look at the serviced office spaces offerings in Dubai. Appreciate that finding your ideal site is a task of the utmost importance. It is an excellent time to show your willingness to succeed, even if driving everything from zero.

First of all, assess how the business center manager treats people. It is a good indicator of the treatment you will receive during any eventual inconvenience. Then, remember that you are looking for these features:

  • Starting capital almost zero
  • Promising business address
  • Ready to start
  • Innovative workspaces with personality
  • Creative environment, with spaces for working relationships
  • Spaces for reception, rooms for meetings, and rest
  • Availability of offices of various sizes
  • Office equipment under your control
  • Technologies out of the box, up-to-date, fast, reliable, with full connectivity
  • Supportive staff all the time, and you only pay if you use them.
  • With security, reception, cleaning, and maintenance staff

Those positive elements allow us to build a contrasting quasi-mirror image with the features to avoid. Forget anywhere with:

  • Lack of personality
  • Difficult or unsafe access
  • An external environment that unpleasant for customers
  • No receptionists
  • Not enough light, no windows, no fresh air in or around
  • Only one type of people and industries, which can spoil creativity
  • Unfriendly, moody, unpleasant people.
  • gloomy, uncooperative people
  • No comforts for a good rest
  • Congested spaces with objects and people
  • A too loud ambiance
  • No cleaning
  • A manager who is too hierarchical and distant
  • Administrators who do not accept suggestions or changes, rigid in their points of view

4. How can we help you find the greatest serviced offices in Dubai?

Now that you have a better idea regarding serviced offices in Dubai, it is time to move towards your dreams. You can get an affordable office without even being in the UAE, as we can act as your remote assistant, immediately.

At Connect Business Centers, we offer you quick access to many inspiring, collaborative, and flexible offices designed to help you thrive in your new firm. Talk to us and get our company on your side. We can help you find the best supplier using our office database, the best in the UAE.

Would you like to receive more information about the different types of offices in the UAE? Call us on +971 43 316 688 or send us all the questions you may have through Go ahead and contact us!

At, you can discover excellent opportunities of employment in the UAE and the Middle East. Register now or send your CV with your application to

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Residency visas in passports will be replaced by the UAE ID

residency visa

The promotion of technological innovation in various areas of life is a relevant characteristic of the UAE. That is particularly true in business affairs. Now, the country goes a step further by introducing new forms of identification for both nationals and foreigners. Specifically, they have decided to replace the stamp of the residency visa in the passport by using the number of the identity document.

In this article, we will cover the details of this new use of Emirates ID cards and the advantages that this will bring. For that, we will address the following matters:

  1. How have the rules on identification and residence in the UAE changed?
  2. Changes on the issuance of a new ID card in the Emirates
  3. What are the keys to understanding the new identification measures?
  4. How does the UAE Residency Visa system function?
  5. How can we help you with your documents in the UAE?

1. How have the rules on identification and residence in the UAE changed?

The UAE introduced in its system a new generation of identification cards. In this country, the ID document is unique for each person and mandatory to carry. This new technology is prominent because, on April 11, 2022, the ID number will do obsolete the stamp page of the resident visa.

Without doubts, the Emirates ID card is of the utmost meaning because its unique number is used for each cardholder to access practically everything, from government services to smart gates at airports.

Indeed, the updated requirements ambition to make the ID and residency application process more direct for all those who apply, easing living and settling in the Emirates. All the departments and airlines related to these procedures received from authorities a message to comply with the verification of the status of residence through the passport document and the Emirates ID.

In short, it means that the Emirate ID is replacing the residency visa as the main residency document. No longer will it be necessary to stamp passports with visa stickers. This decision will lead to a significant change in the way of regulating the presence of nationals and foreigners in the country. So, it is pertinent to know the details of this measure.

1.1 What is the reason for such changes?

It should be noted that all citizens and residents must have an Emirates ID. Electronic Emirati IDs became mandatory and a legal requirement in 2011. As expected, the change is driven by this new Emirates identification card, based on a state-of-the-art smart system that contains all the details of the residency visa.

The new ID card has technologically advanced features that have made it possible to include data not visible without a proper reader and also has a longer useful life of at least ten years.

One of its virtues is that it includes a 3D image achieved with laser printing and shows the cardholder’s date of birth. It is a project that, in parallel, is renewing both identification cards and Emirati passports at a high technological level.

Of course, the cards have a variety of uses, including access to government services, housing, prescription drugs, banking, and legal proceedings.

1.2 What is a Residency Visa sticker?

We need to remember that foreigners with offers of jobs, investors, property owners, charges (relatives of valid visa holders), university students, and retirees (in some cases), can request and obtain residency in the UAE. Residency Visas are issued to immigrants when they are already within the country using entry permits or visit visas.

People over 18 years can apply for a Residency Visa after undergoing a medical check to prove that fit in health. They must also pass a security revision and apply for their ID card.

Previously, the final part of the visa application process included the stamping of the visa on the applicants’ passports. The applicants left their passports at the immigration office. The pink sticker stamping is the procedure that disappears as of April 11.

Although the change will apply to visas issued after that date, information on previous visas will still be available online through the app of the official residency authorities.

2. Changes on the issuance of a new ID card in the Emirates

Following its tradition of innovating in all aspects, the UAE created a new civilian and business instrument based on the best technologies. Effectively, an Emirates ID is the identity document issued by the UAE government for citizens and residents of the country. All UAE citizens and residents must apply for an Emirates ID and carry it with them at all times.

The technology change in 2021 gave new functions to the ID instrument, making it more powerful.

2.1 New ID card features

The new Emirates ID card consists of the following components that provide the highest levels of accuracy and security. For example, some core gears are:

  • Electronic card
  • Certificates of digital signature and authentication
  • Biometrics

Additionally, the card has:

  • Identification number

Of course, the identity card has an identification number known as the ID number. That number adheres to its holder forever. With this number, you can benefit from all government services and some non-governmental and private entities, which require an identity card of who accesses the service. The identity number is a unique and non-repeating 15-digit number.

  • Electronic chip

Each card has an electronic chip containing the personal data of the owner. For that, this data is only read by dedicated machines. Also, most data is encrypted and can only be read, written, or updated by legal officers, to protect data privacy.

  • Other technologies

The ID card features include the last in smart-card technology, precise lettering, UV ink, and line drawing. There are also nine security features making it very difficult to counterfeit.  Truly, these features exceed current standards used in many cards, such as bank credit cards.

2.2 For what is the ID used?

The Emirates ID is used for:

  • Voting in Federal National Council elections
  • Passing immigration controls through eGates and smart gates at various airports in the UAE
  • Traveling within the countries of the GCC
  • Gaining access to many government services
  • Verifying passengers’ residency status when traveling out of the country.

Otherwise, it is good to know that in the UAE is illegal to confiscate other people’s ID cards. Thereby, firms may not retain the ID cards of their employees or their customers and visitors. So, they can only take note of the personal data on the ID cards.

3. What are the keys to understanding the new identification measures?

The main thing about the measures is that the Emirates ID replaces the UAE Residency Visa as the main element of identification. As we already indicated, the ID contains the relevant information related to the residence. A summary with some more information is as follows:

  • This ID update substitutes the system of residency visa stickers applied to passports
  • The processing of residency visas is still in force
  • Now, the Emirates ID serves as a document proving residency in the UAE
  • When the user passes a medical test, the resident visa status is ready and all relevant information about residency is available on the ID
  • Residency visa and Emirates ID can be renewed within a single application, as opposed to two separate processes as of now.
  • The ID card increased the services to residents in the country using it
  • Thanks to a smart application, it obtains an electronic copy of the ID
  • It is a measure in line with the objectives of using technological innovation to be increasingly efficient
  • The most sensitive data in the cards is not visible. Only chip-reading machines with approval can read it. Thus, the security of the users improves knowingly.

4. How does the UAE Residency Visa system function?

Foreign people who want to live in the UAE must have a residency visa and a work visa.

4.1 Resident Visa

In the past year 2020, the UAE introduced long-term residency visas for different sorts of people, particularly entrepreneurs and talents as doctors. They do not need a sponsor and can hold one hundred percent ownership of their businesses.

The country introduced:

  • Golden visa, a ten-year resident visa for specialists, high-level investors, and other prominent individuals
  • Green visa, allows highly skilled people to sponsor themselves without ties to an employer
  • Freelancer visa is for independent workers

Evidently, these measures intend to promote the boom of competitiveness and seek to attract a very significant quantity of foreign direct investment. The plan is for ten years.

As a result, this system of visas allows residents and immigrants to live and study in the country to obtain residence without an Emirati sponsor. Doubtless, it is an impressive advance in the cordiality of the country.

4.2 Working Visa

The UAE allows you to work in the country simply with a work visa and a permit. First of all, you need someone to hire you and then initiate the procedure to obtain the visa. You and the firm that wants you to work must comply with:

  • You must be 18 years old or more
  • The work you will do must match the report of the firm
  • The license of the firm must be active
  • The employer must be free of infractions

The work visas in the UAE have specific rules to protect the workers’ rights. In short, any foreigner over 18 can work in the UAE if meets the official standards. There is no highest age for working in the UAE, but over 65 years, the firms must pay a higher fee.

4.3 Golden Visa

The Golden Visa appeared in 2020. It is a ten-year permanent UAE visa for doctors, scientists, innovators, researchers, outstanding students, humanitarian workers, entrepreneurs, managers, and specialists in almost all the fields of science, humanities, and businesses.

Undoubtedly, it is a mechanism for attracting highly qualified people to the country for their contribution to improving the development of their respective sectors. By the way, eligibility for these visas has recently expanded considerably.

4.4 Green Visa

Within its new visa scheme, the Green Visa distinguishes between work permits and residency visas. It also aims at highly qualified people, investors, and the best students and graduates. It also seeks to ease visa restrictions for self-employed workers, widows, divorced, and similar.

Additionally, green visa holders will be able to sponsor parents and children up to 25 years old instead of 18 years old.

Previously, in the United Arab Emirates, the residence status of foreigners was linked to their employment. Employers were sponsors and if an expatriate lost his/her job had to leave the country, or find a new job within a month.

4.5 Freelancer Visa

The self-employed worker visa is the first plan of its kind in the UAE. It allows these workers to sponsor themselves through their independent commercial activities.

Other specific regulatory changes include the extension of business travel permits until six months. It also allows parental sponsorship for family, an extension of residency for humanitarian causes, and a longer grace period after job loss.

5. How can we help you with your documents in the UAE?

It is relevant to know the legal issues related to your installation in the UAE. The changes in the use of the Emirates ID are relevant for everyone thinking about investing in the Emirates. Moreover, among the most delicate and essential procedures are those related to residency.

Advance your immigration plans safely and confidently by accessing our services. Based in Dubai, our firm, Connect Business Centers, allows you to find the best local partners.

Also, if you would like to set up a business as a foreigner, you must make sure to have the proper office space you need. Make sure everything goes well by using our property listings database, the largest in the Emirates.

If you desire more information, contact Connect Business Centers by writing an email at or by calling us at +971 43 316 688. Our staff will help you find a solution to all of your needs.

If you want to find a new job, visit and apply for the best vacancies. You can also send your CV to Do not worry about your personal information. Nothing will be stored after being reviewed.


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The best business centers in Dubai

best business centers in Dubai

Perhaps the splendid aspects of Dubai might make people people at all businesses in the country must be expensive. But that is not the case. In Dubai, the offer of products and services reaches all types of population, some wealthy, others not so much. The market for firms in the business centers area does not escape the same logic. Today, we will discover the best business centers in Dubai.

In this article, we will focus on those centers serving customers with lower financial strength. We will touch on the following points:

  1. What are business centers?
  2. Is low-cost synonymous with poor quality?
  3. Is the low-cost philosophy valid for Dubai?
  4. Why work with an inexpensive business center?
  5. What services do low-cost business centers provide?
  6. How can we help you connect with the best budget business centers in Dubai?

1. What are business centers?

A business center is a company intended to serve other businesses in a so-called B2B (business to business) relationship. More specifically, the best business centers provide support services for businesses in unknown environments for the investor, regularly a foreigner. In Dubai, it is a frequent situation due to being the center of attraction par excellence for foreign investment.

Dubai is today one of the most luxurious places on the planet, with services of all kinds and infrastructures of the highest fame. Likewise, banking services are widely available and with many facilities for the business sector.

The services of the best business centers go through the complete formation of companies, support in all kinds of procedures, relations with government administrations, obtaining licenses and permits, getting immigration documents such as visas and residencies, processing business licenses required, and the like.

2. Is low-cost synonymous with poor quality?

The low-cost strategy implies offering what the clients are willing to pay by reducing the price to the maximum, stopping luxuries or extras. Hence, companies must know what in the supply chain can reduce these costs. Sometimes this means subcontracting external services.

Low-cost techniques are becoming more widespread in companies from different sectors. Businesspersons know that by lowering prices and cutting costs, it is more likely that their profits will increase instead of decrease. Most of the time, thanks to gaining access to new clients.

In general, many people think that a low-cost strategy is not only lowering prices but also fewer quality services. Poor quality hid by the supposed use of powerful marketing tools.

2.1 Low-cost with quality

Truly, contrast through price is possible to achieve by lower quality, but it is not the only option. There are many ways to increase sales without affecting the quality that consumer essentially wants.

It is about identifying benefits, comforts, and extras that customers like but do not really need. Then, to convince them to leave them aside, ensuring that the quality of what they really want is not affected.

The strategy emerges by offering these prices throughout the year and not just at times or as special offers. Only then does true differentiation take place.

Of course, great offers can also come from the most costly companies, such as proposing the first month free or deep discounts on specific dates. But that does not change the essence of the price segment those companies always serve.

3. Is the low-cost philosophy valid for Dubai?

Cost reduction strategies are also valid in Dubai. Even in this wealthy Emirate, customers are willing to give up some luxuries and other comforts for a better price.

Therefore, any business center, without fear, could develop low-cost strategies to reach these clients. In addition, you should remember that in no case, as we have already pointed out, low prices are synonymous with low quality.

The business centers’ companies do not escape these options. Thus, we see that these firms in Dubai regularly offer all possible products (starting your company from zero, virtual offices, coworking rooms, complete or specialized PRO services, processing of visas and usual or special licenses, and the like). But each of these services must target either the typical average investor or a high-end financial institution. Business centers can then apply these strategies to all of their offerings or just a subset of their services. Thus, apply only to the renting office segment.

For example, in the great Dubai Marina area, where there are a few business centers, we have the case of high-end offices rented for more than 30,000 AED monthly. But in this same area, for the low-cost segment, there are offers for less than 3,000 AED per month. It is a notable difference in the prices, even though both offices are in first-rate buildings with infrastructure and technology like the ones owned by large multinational corporations.

4. Why work with an inexpensive business center?

First of all, there are excellent options for low-cost investors from all over the world. They are complete and competitive.

The business centers in Dubai offer office space solutions for high-end establishments, as well as of businesses of all sizes. There are small and medium entrepreneurs who want to maximize their investment using mainly cost-dropping strategies. Many want and need partners among the best business centers that share their philosophy.

Many investors prefer these offers to take advantage of opportunity costs, not only due to a lack of capital. In the same way, some investors have a low ceiling of funds and take advantage of offers of quality services at relatively low prices that fit their needs.

In conclusion, there is a quality offer and a solvent demand at those levels that have become a thriving market.

4.1 Entities and policies that facilitate the development of these markets

An aspect exploited by these inexpensive business centers is that the economy of Dubai is developing with the support of the State and local governments. An environment of support to enable all types of investment has produced a very high availability of infrastructure and services that allow building attractive offers for all segments.

In other words, low-cost business centers in Dubai also take advantage of the exclusive ambiance where they are working. They are considered similar to the most luxurious providers in all main matters.

All budget centers in the UAE are fulfilling their tasks of supporting foreign investors by providing them with an environment without unnecessary impediments and stress.

4.2 How to find low-cost business centers in Dubai?

The demand for business center services in the UAE of diverse nature is still growing. Along with that, processes of diversification and specialization within this industry have also led to the emergence of companies with services dedicated to specific searching and creating ties type B2B more specifics, developing their own tools.

In this sense, the segment of the most affordable business centers also deserved this advance, joined with the tools that could identify, classify and make visible all of them to those who could want their services.

As a result, demanding bidders can be found more easily on the market every day as some business centers have specialized in promoting these meetings.

An example of these dynamics is our company, having the largest database of business centers located in the UAE. Also, it has the best technology available to drive precise searches and establish relationships that suit any needs.

5. What services do low-cost business centers provide?

A budget business center in Dubai Marina, for example, has everything that a traditional one offers. For this reason, it is always advisable to confirm that what you want is in the offer and in its conditions.

Although these low-cost establishments can work with all types of clients, including the most solvent of all, it is clear that they are more focused on investors from small enterprises, start-ups tied to something new, freelancers, young entrepreneurs, among others.

Even with their low prices, these firms offer the best to all kinds of clients within their services.

5.1 Specific services offered

Usually, the services provided by an economic business center are the followings:

  • Multiple kinds of licenses

In Dubai, there are different licenses to run a business, depending on the type of company you intend to open, the location, and other factors.

In this regard, you can find the following types of licenses: trade licenses, professional licenses, industrial licenses, and tourism licenses. Then, you have to consider if your company will be established on the Mainland, in a Free Zone, or if it will be Offshore.

  • Several kinds of visas

As with licenses, visas are of a different order. You can get simple residence visas for you and your family, investor visas, worker visas, and even golden visas.

  • Company setup

The stellar offer of every business center is to set up your company from zero. That implies adding much of the above: registration, support in all kinds of procedures, obtaining licenses and permits, getting immigration documents such as visas, residences, and similar.

  • Rental of workspaces

The real estate activity of business centers is immense. It includes renting all kinds of office facilities (virtual offices, coworking, meeting rooms, training rooms, and the like) from the simplest to the most improved with all facilities.

  • PRO services

Closely related to all of the above, PRO services (public relations officer services) are the perfect tool for starting up and obtaining all kinds of documentation and checking your duties, so as not to fail and do so without headaches. A public relations officer is a strategic assistant. With them, you can take for granted all the services listed above.

5.2 Reliability and need for these services

It is interesting to point out all these services are necessary and fruitful. In particular, those aimed at obtaining business licenses and investor visas, without ignoring the benefits in the hiring of local workers, administrative support services, or accounting, for example.

Let us also highlight another feature of business centers focused on low costs: their approach to the most local government sector, a key element to manage all the business. Almost all sudden problems related to licenses, immigration, travel permits, private residence, work of closest partners, and more are solved there.

In the end, all services need a provider able to have an excellent relationship with the local government. And its services can extend not only to the start-up of the company but to its entire life cycle, which includes employees, suppliers, and customers.

6. How can we help you connect with the best budget business centers in Dubai?

We hope that the information we provided has met all your expectations. We presented in detail the features of the most inexpensive business centers. That is one of our most important tasks since we are a hub specialized in promoting links between business centers and new investors in the UAE.

As we pointed out, our prime firm, Connect Business Centers, is the one that has the largest database on business centers in operations in the Emirates. Thus, you can find the best offer for each investor by location, services, and prices. We help you throughout this process and guarantee your contact with the most budget business centers in the region, accessing all services.

The staff and experience of Connect Business Centers are at your disposal in Dubai. You can request all the information you need by calling us at +971 43 316 688 or sending an email with all your questions to Contact us!

If you want to discover the most recent job vacancies, is the site you are looking for. You can either create an account or send your resume to where it will not be stored.

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Do Employees Working in the UAE Need PRO Services?

PRO services in Dubai

In the last decade, the economy and quality of life in the UAE have been growing at an astronomic level. Therefore, organizations and their employees are on a constant lookout to establish their businesses in the region. Usually recurring to hire PRO services in Dubai to supervise the company’s brand.

In this article, you will learn the meaning of PRO services and why companies and employees need them. Due to a rapid-changing market, having a couple of issues with a company’s management is not unusual. Hence, having someone to help supervise certain areas can become necessary. Let us show you:

  1. What are PRO services in Dubai?
  2. What are the responsibilities of a PRO?
  3. Benefits of hiring PRO services in Dubai
  4. Are PRO services in Dubai necessary?
  5. How do I know if I hired the right PRO services?
  6. How can Connect Business Centers help you with PRO services in Dubai?

1. What are PRO services Dubai?

PRO is the abbreviation of Public Relations Officer. It is a professional that works closely with organizations to shape and manage their relationship with their clients or the public. Usually, PROs labor within executive or administrative positions in the company. They offer services to nonprofits, private companies, and public institutions.

Frequently, public relations officers work in teams who occupy office spaces to provide their services. Also, you can obtain PRO services in Abu Dhabi or any other UAE region from a consultancy agency. These services are crucial for companies if they want to expand their operations while keeping their efficiency.

However, PRO services in Dubai can be hired for a limited time to finish a certain project. Sometimes companies only need temporary advice and they recur to a public relations officer for in-site support. Nonetheless, there are times when certain businesses need a full-time PRO to elevate their brand.

Ultimately, public relations officer services are all about handling the business’ reputation. PROs are constantly reminding the public who their client is. While also taking care of opportunities and risks of a company. If your company does not have physical space, they can conduct their services from co-working spaces.

2. What are the responsibilities of a PRO?

Public relations officers provide their services to companies that are having trouble developing a good relationship with their clients. PROs are usually in charge of communications to a wide range of groups, such as:

  • Shareholders and employees.
  • Investors, board members, and analysts.
  • Media, including the press, radio, or TV.
  • Customers and the general public.

2.1 Establish their client’s reputation

PRO services in Dubai are usually hired to build the brand’s reputation. Constantly searching for ways to study and analyze the company’s public image. Once a PR officer starts working within your business, they will have to review previous forms of communications between the organization and the general public.

Analyzing this content can lead them to make the right changes to the company’s branding. Therefore, it is a PRO obligation to provide the right tools to help companies develop on a higher level.

2.2 Set up communication aspirations

PR officers frequently establish the type of communication businesses need to have with their clients. For example, if a company wants to remain transparent to the public’s eye, the PRO team can develop a plan. Therefore, any communication between the company and clients will have a certain tone, providing clarity. 

PROs can establish a standardized communication plan; therefore, companies can use it for a long time. If the business intends to have a positive image, the PRO team can achieve it. Ultimately, working closely with the corporation to meet any expectations.

2.3 Write press releases and speeches

When hiring PRO services in Dubai, you also need a well-located office space to meet with them. Finding a good place to allow them to analyze and understand your company is crucial to success. Subsequently, once they are settled, PROs can start to work on your needs.

Public relations officers are responsible for writing press releases and speeches. These are documents that allow companies to share news and information. Usually, businesses decide the contents included in the press release. Nevertheless, the PRO must set the tone and choose the perfect wording.

For example, if a manager needs to give a public presentation, the help of a PR officer could be useful. Therefore, the main concern of the officers here is to be aware of the public’s perception while writing the speech.

2.4 Supervising promotional material

PR officers need to work with the marketing team to elaborate promotional material that represents the company in the right way. For these types of projects, a company needs to be well established, having a workspace of its own. Therefore, allowing PROs and the marketing team to work closely.

2.5 Give a response to public inquiries

It is the PRO’s responsibility to determine what response companies should give to any public query. Subsequently, being careful of the message they want to transmit. It will depend on the inquiry for the PRO to accept or decline. Nevertheless, in both cases, officers need to give a proper response.

Besides any other type of project, PROs are qualified to deal with legal issues. There are many requisites from governmental departments to collect due to the rapid-growing economy of Dubai. The greatest and most complete PRO services in Dubai will assist you with any license, visa, or permit requirement.

Dealing with legal documentation is a must when establishing a company. Nonetheless, before hiring a PRO to provide you with legal consultancy you need to have an office. For example, a virtual office can provide you with a distinguished address to have these important meetings.

3. Benefits of hiring PRO services in Dubai

If your company is rapidly growing, you probably need to hire PRO services in Dubai. PROs usually have been working for years to develop a strong network system and this is truly beneficial. PRO services provide businesses with tools that allow them to reach their objectives while building their image.

Nonetheless, public relations are usually not used well as companies are not always sure about how to beneficiate from them. A good PRO creates interest around a company, while also supporting them with their communication issues. Other PR service advantages are:

3.1 Develop your company’s reliability

Everyone can benefit from hiring PRO services in Dubai, from managers to employees. Therefore, advertising your company through a PRO team provides your company with authentic informative content. Public relations services allow a business to have more visibility and reliability amongst the consumer market.

3.2 Captivate your desired market

PRO services offer an easier approach to appealing and holding a certain market. For example, a published piece about your company’s services or products is an effective way to secure new clients. Knowing how to take advantage of your PRO services in Dubai can get you closer to your objectives.

3.3 Establish your company’s image

With a PRO team to take care of your business’ image, achieving success in the market is easier. Good public relations management can bring a positive brand image to your customers. Therefore, engaging with the public would not be a problem anymore. Ultimately, shaping every aspect of your business.

4. Are PRO services in Dubai necessary?

Every business needs to have a PRO within its workforce to be considered serious. Subsequently, managers need to get acquainted with the service. Holding a meeting in an office space every month could be good to discuss any problems or queries. Providing businesses with information is part of a PRO’s job.

Hiring PRO services in Dubai is necessary to enter the market. A public relations officer will offer you and your employees assertive insight on how to make your company grow. Correspondingly, they will provide new companies with their expertise to create a PR plan to navigate through uncharted business waters.

Therefore, if you have these company issues you may need the support of a PRO:

  • Reach agreements with the judicial systems.
  • Obtaining or renewing licenses in the UAE.
  • Build working relationships with government offices.

Additionally, PRO services can provide help to process governmental paperwork such as labor cards, visa applications, and trade licensing for your business. Some activities comprehended by PRO services in Dubai have to do with legal requirements for companies and employees alike. PR officers ensure quickness while navigating these processes.

A PRO can be required to perform a series of roles in a company. Their range of work is very vast. A public relations officer can deal with many governmental, judicial, and public responsibilities. Therefore, having a comfortable space for them to conduct their obligations is a must.

It is very important to remember that hiring PRO services in Dubai can be very beneficial for employees. With the support of a PRO team, you can assure that your employees remain compliant with the law. Subsequently, providing them with the right type of help to fill any required documentation.

5. How do I know if I hired the right PRO services?

After contracting PRO services in Dubai, they need to be able to offer you solutions to any difficulty. Many public relations officers provide a variety of services to suffice your legal or communications necessities. Therefore, they are skilled professionals who work with you to maintain company operations running smoothly.  

Your PR officer needs to be able to help you complete obligatory government processes, following every guideline. Many PROs have finished these kinds of procedures for various companies and their employees, therefore, their expertise is undoubted.

Attempting to finish any legal process without a PRO, will probably end up in chaos. For example, if you do not have experience leasing office spaces and worry about the process you need PRO services. The support provided by public relations officers will be enough to make your business thrive.

Additionally, it is great having someone within your company to help deal with other communication issues. Sometimes writing a public message or having a business relationship with allies can be difficult. A PRO team will provide the necessary amount of support to maintain your business’ reputation.

Ultimately, the perfect public relations officers team is the one that can be versatile enough to meet your goals. Hiring PRO services in Dubai will make your workforce stronger. Therefore, providing you with resilient professionals able to manage administrative and communication duties.

6. How can Connect Business Center help you with PRO services in Dubai?

Having to deal with many legal documents is too much work for any small business. Usually, leasers are too busy maintaining a space to be on top of any legal paperwork. Nonetheless, we are here for you. In Connect Business Centers we make things hassle-free.

We make sure that you can start your space rental business without having to worry about any legitimate query. Additionally, you can count on us to help you promote your leasing business. We offer you a deep knowledge on the matter that will take your company to the next level.

Our agency has more than twenty years of experience. During this time, we have been mastering our Dubai PRO services. Therefore, our team is qualified to provide your company with a tailored service that will fit your necessities. Connect Business Centers can make the best out of your experience.

We have the expertise to help your business expand through the Middle East. Our PRO services in Dubai are targeted at small, medium, and large organizations. We want to be the bridge between you and your future clients.

Are you interested in our PRO services in Dubai? If the answer is positive, you can contact us to obtain more information about our amenities. Feel free to call us anytime at +97143316688. Or, you can also email us at Our agents will answer any inquiries you may have.

Furthermore, if you would like to be part of our qualified team, go to and submit your resume or CV. You can also reach us via email at Our agents will make sure your request will be reviewed.

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How to Start an Office Space Rental Business?

Office space to rent

In this contemporary era of freelancing and working from home, fluctuations are always around the corner. Startup companies are continuously searching for the best co-work spaces to establish themselves and start growing. Because of that, the future is looking bright for people looking to start an office space rental business.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to start your own office space to rental in business. In the same way, if you happen to have an extra workspace that looks perfect for renting, this is your chance to earn an extra income. Let’s take a look:

  1. What is Office Space?
  2. Why Should I Rent my Space as an Office?
  3. Is starting an Office Space Rental Business profitable?
  4. What do I need to start renting Office Space in the UAE?
  5. What are the benefits of starting an Office Space Rental Business in Dubai?
  6. How can I attract more tenants to my Office Space?
  7. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

1. What is Office Space?

By definition, office space is a workplace that provides an appropriately equipped place for a company that needs it. Furthermore, the best co-working spaces offer their clients a place to be used primarily as:

  • Conference room.
  • Reception area.
  • Working area for personnel.
  • Meeting rooms.

Check this link to learn more about what people want to know before leasing a Virtual Office.

Additionally, a rental office space provides renters with services, amenities, and accommodations such as:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Furniture (desks, sofas, chairs, etcetera).
  • Onsite Support.
  • Computers, laptops, printers, and scanners.
  • Storage areas and more.

Your main goal, as a business owner, will always be to offer the best co-working space where anyone can manage their business. It has to be a place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, etcetera; can feel like they can establish their companies. It needs to be a space where creativity can run free.

In short, office space is a workspace suited to an atmosphere that must be ideal for business operations. Renting a working space is the first move that small businesses make when they’re looking for expansion. Subsequently, it must offer the ideal atmosphere for companies to grow.

Click here to know about other alternatives that startups are looking for in Dubai.

2. Why Should I Rent my Space as an Office?

These days, new companies are in a constant search for establishment. So, when looking for the right place, they’re willing to offer a good amount of money for renting space. In these challenging times, people are always hunting for a way to earn a side income. Subsequently, if you have office space available for rent will do wonders for your monthly earnings.

Due to the high demand for the best co-working spaces, people have been thinking about starting an office space rental business. Even as a part-time occupation, it will help you produce a solid source of income for you. Instead of letting that warehouse or extra office remain unoccupied, you should certainly contemplate transforming it into the perfect working environment.  

Many people are passionate about making their businesses grow, but that can’t be done from anywhere. For example, freelancers are starting to feel uncomfortable about having to work and commute from their own homes. While working from home sounds idyllic, this working environment isn’t as good as some of the best co-working spaces out there.

Putting an office space for rent is a big decision. For this reason, it’s important to outline and execute a careful plan, as it will serve as a strategic marketing resource for your business. Knowing how to promote a workspace for rent can be a difficult experience. Therefore, we’re here for you, to help you make the best decisions.

3. Is starting an Office Space Rental Business profitable?

Undeniably, renting out spaces is a very popular way to earn money in the UAE right now. More people are starting to transform their old warehouses into a big or a small office for rent. If you’re wise and play your cards right, you can make a stable profit from renting spaces. 

  • Understanding the needs and desires of your possible clients is the key to having a successful business.
  • Some desks and chairs in an unoccupied office can become the headquarters of any small company looking to expand.
  • Subsequently, you can convert your property into one of the best co-working spaces out there. Allowing you to have an extra income for expenses.

In short, that small space can become a flexible desk for freelancers or anyone looking for a place to start their business. Of course, having just a space isn’t everything if you want to attract future renters. You need to transform it into the best co-working space for people to commute.

Unquestionably, renters are looking for a workspace that makes them feel inspired. If your place meets their requirements, you could even earn more than the average renting cost. In addition, people are starting to realize the big advantages that renting a working space can bring to their companies.

So, even if you have to spend money turning your property into the perfect space, a profit is assured. Entrepreneurs are always on the look for a workspace. So, even if some leasers go, there will always be someone interested in renting your space.

Here you can learn more about the things a rented meeting room should have in it in Dubai.

4. What do I need to start renting Office Space in the UAE?

If you’re thinking about starting your space rental business, you must understand the industry that you’re getting into. Firstly, it’s always great to know how strong your competition is. Before opening your business, is good to have a good look at where it’ll fit among the best co-working spaces around.

Nonetheless, there are legal requisites and boundaries to set up a commercial office for rent in the UAE. It’s very important for you, as a future renter and business owner, to meet every single one of these stipulations. Undoubtedly, you’ll need assistance with this area, and that’s where our company comes in handy.

Once a business owner or an investor has a place ready to rent, they need to look for people to start renting. The number of renters you’ll receive in your office space will depend on its quality, services, amenities, and pricing. The best co-working spaces are the ones that offer better benefits, receiving more clients per month and a higher income for you.

5. What are the benefits of starting an Office Space Rental Business in Dubai?

The advantages of putting up an office on rent in the UAE can be quite attractive:

  • Firstly, the fact that you can earn money out of renting an unoccupied location that you may have is very attractive.
  • Secondly, Dubai is the main business location that makes operations like this one easier and smoother for investors. Offering benefits like light tax laws for companies.
  • Thirdly, getting to know businesspeople from different areas can be good for networking. Sometimes, word of mouth can be a great way to promote yourself.
  • Lastly, offering these spaces to professionals who are looking to make a change in the world can be quite rewarding.

Dubai is a stable and developed location that can give many opportunities to tenants and landlords alike. Setting up a space and making it into one of the best co-working spaces can be a reality if you put in the work. The UAE is an ideal place to set up your business due to its widespread development in every sector.

Here are the things people consider before renting a shared office space in Dubai.

Offering the right place for a widespread amount of clients can be the best way to operate. Having a well-equipped office can give you many benefits, like the ones mentioned before. But, the most attractive of them all is the income that you’ll receive if you decide to rent your space. Regardless of if it’s a daily or monthly lease, your earnings will be on constant growth.

6. How can I attract more tenants to my Office Space?

The art of promoting your business is a difficult task. But, with the right kind of help, your place can become one of the best co-working spaces. Potential tenants need to feel that their necessities are being covered, they need to know the difference between your offering and other places. Have in mind the next tips before advertising your business:

  • Convert your property into the best co-workingspace available for rent, for example, buy nice furniture and technology to make the best out of your place.
  • Identify the right renting price for a space like yours. Comparing your prices with others can help you manage competitive market fees.
  • Find the proper way to advertise it. Of course that promoting your business on social media platforms is helpful, but you’ll need professionals to allow you to gain more reach.
  • Try your best to make your renters feel welcomed and inspired. A great work environment can skyrocket your property to one of the best co-working spaces in Dubai.

Are you interested in finding out what makes renters choose office spaces for rent? Click here!

With this in mind, you need to make sure that your tenants meet the needed criteria through an application form. You must need to know their social security number, references, personal details, and business information. Also, you can check their credit history to make sure that they’re reliable enough to rent your facilities.

7. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

Becoming the best co-working space is not a job for just one person. You’ll need a company to help you lease your office space. In Connect Business Centers we can offer you great deals to start your office space rental business. We have many alternatives that will allow you to get more tenants in no time.

With this intention, Connect Business Centers is a platform that links you with potential renters in the UAE. Our marketing strategies are the best for these cases. Undoubtedly, many great landlords have been trusting us with their properties for listing on our platform. We’re the best option in the market.

We’ll guide you through the legal process that conveys having a nice workplace available for rent. We want to make sure that you’re taking every advantage that our innovative tools can offer. With the help of Connect Business Centers, you can meet all of your necessities.

Besides, our company has more than two decades of experience, being a part of Connect Group since 1998. Our team is capable of finding people eager for a workplace for rent from all across the country. We’re devoted to being the bridge between you and the perfect renters for your office space rental business.

Would you like to contact Connect Business Centers to obtain more information about how to start your own Office Space rental business in Dubai? If you have any questions, contact us on +97143316688. Or you can also email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will gladly answer all of your questions.

Apply now by sending us your CV to Additionally,   we won’t store CVs and resumes that you send to Don’t hesitate any longer!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Office Spaces

shared office space

With this new wave of work availability in the UAE, shared office spaces have become an alternative for businesses who want to escape their regular offices.  As a result, co-working spaces offer possibilities to prosper in a workplace that provides a chance of taking the office environment to another level.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the shared working area community. If you’re looking for a shared place, you’ll find the benefits and shortcomings of doing so. Here we’ll help you discover if shared office spaces are the best option for you. Let’s take a look:

  1. What is a Shared Office Space?
  2. Who can rent a Shared Office Space in the UAE?
  3. What are the Advantages of a Shared Office Space?
  4. What are the Disadvantages of a Shared Office Space?
  5. Why is a Shared Office Space the best alternative for your business?
  6. What are the best Shared Office Spaces in Dubai?
  7. How much does it cost to rent a Shared Office Space in Dubai?
  8. How can Connect Business Centers help you?

1. What is a Shared Office Space?

A shared office space is a place that offers the same benefits as a traditional office and more. They’re open environments, occupants pay for their rent for a specific period and leave once the lease is over. Co-working offices are the best alternative to escape the confinement of loud coffee shops and home offices.

Emerging companies are always looking for places to work for a reduced price, and that’s one of the main catches of a shared workplace. Costs usually vary according to the contracted services, for example, if it’s a permanent space or a flexible one.

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This kind of space has been making changes everywhere, allowing companies to grow and expand the creativity of their employees. Giving them the right opportunities to feel free while doing their respective jobs. Recent research shows that shared office spaces can increase productivity while helping them stay focused on their tasks.

2. Who can rent a Shared Office Space in the UAE?

Spaces are rented by entrepreneurs and investors most of the time, but they can also be rented by:

  • Remote Employees who would like to have a quiet place to run their business.
  • Freelancers looking for a place to work outside of their homes or cafeterias.
  • Startup companies searching for a way to remain within budget during their build-up phase.
  • Consultants who want to find a space to hold meetings and interviews.
  • Big groups who are searching for the perfect place to reunite their employees coming from different parts of the world.
  • Businesspeople who are looking for new places to get inspired, rather than a conventional office.

Small companies are always looking for a place to grow. Also, many freelancers and solo workers are emerging in the UAE. That’s why shared office spaces are an ever-growing business, people are always looking for great places to establish themselves. In effect, shared workspaces help businesspersons by giving them flexibility and a great work environment.

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Businesses can’t be directed in the UAE without a physical working space. That’s one of the reasons why shared space rentals are so popular in the country right now. Most startups are looking for an affordable and convenient place to grow their companies, subsequently, shared office spaces are the best place to make it happen.

3. What are the Advantages of a Shared Office Space?

There are many benefits in joining a shared office space in the UAE, that’s why we’re here to assist you while navigating through some of them. Helping you make a decision that’s convenient for your business. Most companies incline towards a co-working workplace due to its benefits, here are some of them:

3.1 Flexibility

Generally, the biggest advantage of this alternative is its flexibility. Henceforth, most of the lease agreements are short, offered on a monthly basis. For example, you could only rent for one single month and after it’s over decide if you want to keep renting the space or leave. This is an excellent choice, compared to the traditional working environment.

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3.2 Accessible Cost Possibilities

Due to a vast variety of payment plans, no deposits, or upfront fees, this option is the most sought out by freelancers and startup companies. Most shared workplaces offer memberships on a month-to-month basis, which becomes an affordable alternative for renters. Payment plans can also be customizable to the client’s needs, offering a variety of spaces to use through unlimited hours.

3.3 Expand your Networking Experience

Any business can appreciate some camaraderie between their coworkers and other companies, there are always new experiences to learn from. Consequently, surrounding yourself with different entrepreneurs and investors can be of great use. Making new connections is, subsequently, important for the company to grow.

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3.4 Services and Conveniences

In a shared office space companies don’t have to worry about acquiring furniture, phones, internet connection, or parking. Most of these tasks are being taken care of by the leasers, so you don’t need to burden yourself with unnecessary tasks. This kind of spaces offer:

  • High-speed internet connection.
  • Printing and Scanning.
  • Mail distribution.
  • Meeting accommodations.
  • Onsite support.
  • Cleaning services and more.

4. What are the Disadvantages of a Shared Office Space?

Even if there aren’t many shortcomings from renting a shared office space, it’s very important to have a clear view of the setbacks that you may have while establishing your work here. Most of these disadvantages have to do with the growth and privacy that a company may need. Here are some of them:

4.1 Development of the Company

Once a business reaches a certain level of establishment, it can no longer use shared office solutions. A big company can’t benefit from having to share a working environment, therefore, a private head-quarter is necessary for this particular instance. A shared working area doesn’t meet this requisite.

4.2 Privacy Constraints

Having to work in a non-personal environment is very dangerous for a well-formed company. Consequently, people that work for companies already established on a higher level need to have their own spaces to feel comfortable. Sensible information needs to remain undisclosed at all times, because of that, a shared business space isn’t a safe place to keep that kind of disclosure.

4.3 Competitors Sharing Spaces in the Same Building

Sometimes rival companies are located in offices nearby, while it doesn’t mean that they’re going to steal your ideas or projects, you can never be too careful around people in the same lane of work as yours. Always remember to never expose too much information to anyone that is not part of your trusted team of co-workers.

4.4 Lack of Storage and Impossibility of Renovations

The shortage of storage for files and private documents is a common drawback of shared office spaces. Due to the type of business and level of confidentiality needed for your archives and records, a co-working office space may not be the best option for you. Also, any renovations to be done inside your office or the buildings are unlikely to happen if they’re not essential.

5. Why is a Shared Office Space the best alternative for your business?

This kind of space may be the best investment your startup company will make, but only if you are sure that it meets your requirements and needs. Due to the co-working space prices, you can save a lot of money for your business. Operating your company from one of these spaces will help you in more ways than you know.

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The advantages are unlimited, if you’re clever you’ll always have the upper hand in this situation. Certainly, comparing it to working on a traditional office, shared office spaces are always the best-suited option. Your company can benefit from networking with other professionals, and if you’re not into that kind of situation, you can always find value in the resources given to you.

A co-working place surrounds you, and your team, with other focused and like-minded professionals. Therefore, sharing a working space creates a sense of community, it helps companies create with the resources they have in hand. It’s fulfilling to know that your new business will grow and possibly become a household name.

6. What are the best Shared Office Spaces in Dubai?

Choosing the best place to fit in your company is not an easy task, that’s why it’s better to have a good team guiding you through this process. Entrepreneurs that are looking for new places to establish their startup companies have very interesting options that can adapt to their needs.

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Searching for a great place to rent as a shared office space can be rewarding, you can find hidden gems that will fit any of your necessities. Some of the most sought out workplaces in the UAE are:

  • Servcorp.
  • Regus.
  • WeWork.
  • Glassqube Coworking.
  • Cloud Spaces.

7. How much does it cost to rent a Shared Office Space in Dubai?

Renting prices for spaces for co-working can change depending on the property location, the contract type, and the property type that you’re looking for. Monthly rent for offices can go from AED 10.000. Daily costs can go from AED 450 up to AED 2.499.

You can rent any of these spaces to hold a meeting, workshops, interviews, co-working sessions, seminars, etcetera. If you want to make your company grow in Dubai, these places are your best option. Comfortable spaces for you to commute, equipped with high-quality tech and furniture. Count on us to help you have the most incredible working experience you can have.

8. How can Connect Business Centers help you find the best Shared Office Space for your business?

Finding a shared business space is a great deal of work without any help, that’s why we’re here for you. In Connect Business Centers we make things lighter, you won’t have to struggle while choosing the best co-working office near you. We offer different alternatives that fit your necessities.

We want to warrant that you discover the perfect spot, the place of your dreams. The one that truly fits your dreams and budget. Connect Business Center has more than two decades of experience, we’ve been mastering our locating skills and building algorithms to make the best out of this experience.

Our company has the capability to allow your business growth and wellbeing. We offer our services to small, medium, and large companies all through the UAE. We are dedicated to being the cross path between you and your perfect co-working place.

Would you like to contact Connect Business Centers to obtain more information about Shared Office Spaces for your Business? If you have any questions, call us on +97143316688. Or you can also email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will gladly answer all of your questions.