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Know if a tenant can register Ejari online

can a tenant register Ejari online

Ejari is a government program to promote real estate by delivering smart services, matching real estate regulations, and managing resources. It was decided that all rental services should be registered online through the Ejari system to make Dubai the top real estate destination worldwide. One returning doubt among many is “can a tenant register Ejari online?” and we have a clear answer to that question.

In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on how to verify a tenancy contract in Dubai. We will explore methods for doing it with the least time and effort for you. Let us discuss the following topics:

  1. What is Ejari?
  2. Ejari on the internet
  3. How does Ejari operate?
  4. How can you register Ejari on the website?
  5. Can a tenant register Ejari online?
  6. How can we help you look for the best Ejari online support?

1. What is Ejari?

An Ejari joins your rental agreement into the legal frame protecting the interests of landlords and renters. Indeed, it is a project that orders rental and leasing contracts to be recorded on the cutting-edge Ejari Dubai portal.

Remarkably, the rights of all parties engaged in the tenancy contract are guaranteed by the Ejari system. Moreover, the Ejari tenancy contract serves as proof of the legality of your renting agreement and ensures openness. The Ejari certificate is also required if any rental conflicts develop, such as contesting an arbitrary rent increase.

Clearly, landlords must get an Ejari warranty before they may rent or lease their assets. Consequently, the Ejari system governs the rental market in the real estate sector. And all people and real estate businesses acting as landlords must use Ejari to file lease contracts.

2. Ejari on the internet

Due to the high volume of dealings in the real estate business, the Dubai government enables registration through online technology. Accordingly, alongside the official website, there are several Ejari registration help services, particularly for online procedures.

Doubtless, Ejari is effective in ensuring that rental agreements are fair and that their terms are fully enforceable.

But, some questions arise. For example, how to register Ejari online as a tenant? Or deeper: Can you register Ejari online?

2.1 What is the role of the Ejari in Dubai?

The Dubai government declared that all contracts before leasing a private property in Dubai must follow the standards and format established by it.

  • The Ejari online service or the tenancy contract serves as proof of rent and provides clarity.
  • Ejari’s website provides formal papers on the cost of renting out a house or an office in Dubai.
  • Once the contract for the renters is completed, it is placed into the online Ejari system.
  • The owners of the property and the person renting it out have both their Ejari numbers.
  • The Ejari number is critical for obtaining power, water, a web connection, and the like.

2.2 Hire a professional to reap all of the benefits

Indeed, there are several advantages to using the Ejari online service:

  • There is free online consultation available.
  • Professional support and an Ejari guide to acquiring the required papers.
  • Applying for a lease is straightforward and quick.
  • There is no need to drive or visit an office in Dubai.
  • Online payment is secure and safe.
  • Ejari certificates are delivered to your mailbox by email.

If you have rented a house or an office in Dubai, surely you do not want to worry about registering your contract. So, there is no better option than hiring an Ejari professional to handle everything for you.

Note that Connect Business Centers can professionally represent you in contact with government officials. Contact us. We will make Ejari a painless matter for you.

3. How does Ejari operate?

Ejari registration is a process that requires agreed facts about the property, the rental firm, and the pact.

Thus, once the accord is into the system, it is assigned a unique barcode as a reference throughout the contract’s life. Then, authorities retain their own records and update the register when changes occur.

3.1 Who is fit to an Ejari register online?

For an Ejari register online, you must create an account on the official Ejari website to have access to the online system. On the official website, only the next groups of people can register an Ejari account:

  • The property owners and their agents
  • Property management firms
  • Real estate agents

Thus, we have a first answer to the question: can a tenant register Ejari online? Obviously, tenants should be aware that they cannot create an Ejari Dubai account via the official website.

That is the truth, but are all the ways closed? The question remains: How to register for Ejari online without being a landlord?

3.2 What are the advantages of using Dubai Ejari to register online?

There are several benefits of using the Dubai Ejari register online. So, consider the following:

  1. Ejari online registration services have all of the formal info about the assets available for rent in Dubai.
  2. The Ejari number is for those who utilize rental property, so the owners cannot charge arbitrary fees when renewals.
  3. It functions as a transaction audit for all dealings between the renter and the property owner.
  4. It will also assist persons in resolving any problems that may arise between tenants and owners.
  5. Ejari aids in the ruling of rental service charges by seeing through online registration.
  6. The Ejari online process will confirm that everyone fulfills and acts under the contract.

The advantages impact the entire industry:

  • It can fully audit transactions in the event of a disagreement.
  • It can protect landlord and tenant rights by keeping tenancy contract documents.
  • People obtain official and up-to-date information on all leased properties in Dubai.

Ejari is an amazing and successful system but there would be a big flaw if in that system only the owners can register the contracts. We know that tenants cannot register their Ejari through the official website. Then, how can a tenant register Ejari online?

4. How can you register Ejari on the website?

Here you will see all you need to know about creating an online tenancy contract in Dubai, often known as registering an Ejari online.

Ejari may only be registered online by landlords, property running groups, and brokers via the official website for Tenancy Contract Dubai Attestation. Typically, the landlord or their real estate agency handles the way of registering the Ejari tenancy contract.

4.1 Overview of the Ejari online registration

In Dubai, the offline process for Ejari has always been possible because of government-approved physical spots from the beginning. But those typing centers are not open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The online method for Ejari is as follows:

  1. Firstly, upload your papers to the Ejari website when requested.
  2. Secondly, if you want, submit notes.
  3. Thirdly, you must also input the captcha code and click the proceed button.
  4. Then, after entering all of the information you may pay the registration fee online.
  5. Further, wait a few hours. Your contract will be recorded, and a copy will be emailed to you.
  6. Finally, a full refund is open if the process takes longer than six hours

All straightforward, as it should be.

But nothing about whether or not can a tenant register Ejari online. Of course, the tenant can consult with their real estate agent, who may already have an account with Ejari Dubai, to complete the procedure on their behalf. But it would be a trick, would not it be the tenant’s procedure either.

4.2 What data is required for the Ejari online registration process?

  • A copy of the tenant’s passport
  • The tenant’s UAE visa
  • The tenant’s Emirates ID
  • Lease contract
  • Property title papers
  • Recent invoices or connection receipt
  • The owner’s passport
  • A trade license if the property is commercial.

It is interesting to watch that tenants have to give many documents, even from the owner. First, we will take a look at the landlord’s case. Next, is how a tenant can register Ejari online.

4.3 How to register

The process for landlords who want to register the Ejari tenancy contract on the Ejari website is relatively simple. They only need to do the following:

  • Go to the Ejari official website.
  • After that, register for an Ejari account.
  • Then, upload the Ejari-required papers
  • Next, pay your Ejari fees.
  • Finally, submit your claim

Yes, it is a direct process for the landlord, but not for the tenant. Can a tenant register Ejari online?

After you complete your Ejari Dubai bid (really the landlord process), you will get your listed Ejari tenancy contract through mail within 24 to 48 hours (working days).

Subsequently, you receive three vital papers:

  • The Ejari tenancy contract with Ejari number
  • Ejari certificate
  • Fee payment receipt

It is required to pay AED 170 plus 5% VAT.

Remember, tenants cannot register for an Ejari Dubai account using the official website. The question remains and is reaffirmed: how can a tenant register Ejari online?

5. Can a tenant register Ejari online?

“Can a tenant register Ejari online?” is not a superfluous question because until now the website has only allowed us to carry out procedures from the owner or authorized by the owner.

It has never been the process of the tenant but of the landlord.

But now we know how a tenant can register Ejari online. They remain subordinate to the website procedure but there is an app, the Dubai REST app, which opens a door. Can a tenant register Ejari online? Yes, by using an app! Here are the details.

5.1 Registration of Ejari on the Dubai REST app

As said above, definitively it cannot be a tenant the one to register Ejari online using the official website. But they can use the Dubai REST app to register their Ejari contract. Moreover, this app gives Dubai residents wide access to a variety of real estate services, including the Ejari process.

Thus, yes, a tenant can register Ejari online using the Dubai REST app and doing the following:

  • Get the Dubai REST app
  • Navigate to the Services tab and choose RERA
  • Then, click the Register Ejari Contract button.
  • Complete the application
  • Finally, attach and submit the needed papers

But to register Ejari online, tenants also need to achieve that the owner/landlord registers Ejari on the Dubai REST app and allows the tenant’s request. When approved, the app prompts you to pay the Ejari fee. Then, the Ejari contract appears instantly on the Dubai REST app.

6. How can we help you look for the best Ejari online support?

Registering Ejari is one of the many processes that any investor in Dubai must still complete. Our company, Connect Business Centers, is making life easy for foreign and local partners. We rely on our business center network and PRO services through Dubai for these types of dealings related to government.

We successfully assist firms in establising themselves (including renting offices) and directly take advantage of the Emirates’ unique features. Connect Business Centers offers access to our business centers’ online index, which is the largest in the UAE.

Connect Business Centers offers quick access to a range of offices to help your business become successful. Contact us at +971 43 316 688 or write to for further details. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! is an excellent resource for job seekers. We have access to databases with job posts worldwide. There are options for everyone. With confidence, send your CV to recruiters in the platform or do it via email at

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Ejari Registration Centers: Register a tenancy contract with Ejari in Dubai

Ejari registration centers

There are several rules in Dubai to restrict the possible difficulties between a tenant and a landlord. One of these laws is the requirement to register a lease with Ejari. Ejari registration centers are the spots where Ejari certificates are processed. These documents ensure openness and transparency, fully integrating lease terms into the legal system and enabling simple contract changes if there is a discrepancy.

In this article, we address the entire process of getting your Ejari number. If you are moving to a new executive office and curious about what you need to do to register your lease contract, do not worry. Here are all the answers.  We will touch on these points:

  1. Ejari registration centers in 2022
  2. How to register your Ejari tenancy contract in Dubai
  3. Ejari registration centers in Dubai
  4. How can we help you look for the best Ejari support?

1. Ejari registration centers in 2022

If you are finding your ideal Dubai office rental, you must know that in Dubai, the holders of the lease contract should be aware that Ejari is not just a requisite more in the way. Rather, it is one of the most relevant administrative steps for starting your Dubai tenancy.

Ejari was developed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to manage and ease the rental market in Dubai and the results have been notable. Dubai is now a place fully successful in organizing the system of real estate rental spaces. Legal security attracts investors as much as tax incentives.

Ejari can be fulfilled either by typing centers or online (learn how to find one, here). Following the registration of your tenancy contract, an Ejari certificate with your Ejari case number will be issued.

1.1 What exactly is Ejari?

Ejari, which simply means “my rent,” is the name of an online service for all leases in Dubai. The government established it through its Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to oversee rental and leasing contracts in the city.

The Ejari portal provides some openness and hence protection to both landlords and renters by making their pacts public and subject to narrow oversight.

Ejari is not just necessary for completing your rental property in Dubai. It is also a must for resident visa applications as well as applications for Dubai commodities and Dubai home services such as television and internet.

1.2 Why do you need an Ejari number?

Beyond its general purpose of process spaces in the business of real estate, we can highlight three or four main objectives of Ejari. We can answer in many ways, each with its special relevance. We show a few of them.

  • Formally, your Ejari certificate and number are required to open an account with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), which guarantees that your water and electricity services are functioning when you move into your rented property.
  • In particular, building and community management firms (as business centers) will need to have an Ejari accreditation before providing any services.
  • Legally, in the event of a dispute between you and the landlord, having your rights secured will put you on the safe side.
  • Essentially (for our purposes), it is a condition to grant or renew a commercial trade license. That is its main impact: on the business world.

2. How to register your Ejari tenancy contract in Dubai

For completing Ejari, the first drive is by the landlord. RERA allows the landlord to present you with an Ejari contract for each new lease and renewal. So, first of all, the landlord must be registered in Ejari.

However, the contract is registered by the renter (third parties, such as business centers, can manage the procedure on your behalf). Also, it is usually the duty of the tenant or their Dubai estate agent to pay the associated expenses.

Ejari registration can be completed online or in-person at a variety of specified locations across the city. There are five Ejari registration centers in Dubai. You may go and submit the correct documentation given by your real estate agent or landowner.

You will receive your Ejari certificate right away. As soon as your lease contract is signed, ensure that your Ejari is issued.

2.1 Documents required in the Ejari registration centers

All you need to do to complete Ejari is to prepare a few forms before you start asking “are there Ejari registration centers near me?” and quickly go to the nearest. The following documents are a requirement of Ejari registration centers:

  • Tenant documents

The tenant will need to carry a passport (citizens of non-GCC countries), a UAE visa (citizens of non-GCC countries), and an Emirates ID card.

  • Owner documents

A copy of the passport and also a copy of the valid power of attorney document.

  • The contract and other relevant documents
    • Original lease
    • Security deposit receipt
    • The Number of DEWA installations
    • DEWA invoice
    • Previous Ejari (applicable for renewal only)
    • Commercial license
    • A copy of the property title of the rented property

You will simply have to pay roughly AED 220. If you are renewing Ejari, you will also need a recent DEWA “green bill.”

2.2 What is the Ejari renewal process?

Sometimes Dubai renters need to renew their Ejari papers. So, it is better to keep up to date with the latest details about the Ejari procedures. The renewal process is also simple as you can use the Ejari app or Ejari registration centers in Dubai for this.

Specifically, your Ejari needs a renewal when you change the property that you are leasing an office space or renting. The documents required for Ejari renewal in the Ejari registration centers are the same as the Ejari registration process with the addition of your previous Ejari.

So, for the renewal, prepare the next documents:

  • The tenant’s passport, UAE visa, and Emirates ID
  • Landlord’s ID
  • A copy of the tenancy contract
  • Title documents to the property
  • DEWA confirmation
  • Previous Ejari registration certificate

The Ejari renewal charges are the same as of the registration.

2.3 Ejari’s cancellation

The Ejari should be terminated after the tenancy term. Because each property should only have one Ejari at a time, ensure that your landlord has canceled the old Ejari before trying to register a new one.

If you are a foreigner looking to get started in Dubai, this all may be a little confusing at first. Consult with agents who know these registration processes perfectly from their fieldwork. In this way, Ejari registration centers are empowered to help you.

3. Ejari registration centers in Dubai

The Ejari detailed processes to comply in the Ejari registration centers (or typing centers) are here.

As said, Ejari is a mandatory request. It is a successful way to ensure that the contract between the tenant and the landlord follows the rules as clarified by law. For fulfilling the request, the typing center nearest you is what you should look for in this case.

3.1 What are Ejari registration centers?

Before you start the Ejari registration process, you need to know what the Ejari registration centers are. These centers are government platforms that allow private companies to handle a variety of documents such as work permits, visas, and Ejari processes.

These services also include information on visas for freelancers or celebrities, residence guidance, cultural and religious duties, shopping options, and so forth. As a result, it is also an informal means of introducing you to the Arabic world, which has a different viewpoint from the Western one.

However, the Ejari registration process is not time-consuming. After completing the necessary papers, you should be able to get an Ejari certificate in as little as two days.

3.2. What services do Ejari registration centers offer?

“Can I access Ejari registration centers near me?” is a good question. You will access not only the Ejari spots but many of the services they offer. In effect, the common of these facilities are registration trustees, which explains why services go beyond the Ejari procedure. You can contact the Ejari registration centers in Dubai for the following services:

  • Ejari registration
  • Replacing a lost or damaged title deed
  • Ejari renewal
  • Request for transfer of ownership
  • Ejari cancellation
  • Property evaluation
  • The distribution of property and land maps
  • Request for first-instance trial or appeasement.

Note that your Ejari certification, processed through Ejari registration centers is the most important aspect of the contractual relationship between the landlords and the tenants. Without them, your rental contract in Dubai has no legal value, which means that your rights and obligations under the agreement are not valid.

It is also a good idea to be aware of the RERA property rules, which control the rights and duties of landlords and tenants in Dubai under lease arrangements. So, if you are a first-time tenant, make sure you are aware of all the aspects to take into account while renting in Dubai.

3.3 The process in the Ejari registration centers

You must complete specific steps to join up for Ejari. There are various methods to join Ejari. As a result, you can go to the Ejari registration centers or utilize the Ejari online app. To ensure that the procedure runs well, make sure you have all of the crucial documentation on hand.

Usually, you will require access to Ejari typing centers. Then, the renter must pay the appropriate costs and supply the essential data for completing the route successfully. Remember that the owner must also sign up for this through the documentation that the renter must submit to the Dubai Ejari registration centers.

3.4 Where are the Ejari registration centers?

Are there Ejari registration centers near me? is another valid question in Dubai because there are only a few options available. Even so, you can quickly verify that they are easy to locate. You have the option to go to any of the following Ejari centers in Dubai:

  • Al Barsha Shopping Center
  • Al Manara Center
  • Port Said
  • Zabel
  • Oud Metha

As you can see, there are several Dubai Ejari registration centers open nearby. But certainly, they are not too many. Anyway, you can always access some typing centers on a variety of sites.

3.5 Be sure about the documents you need

When processing with Ejari, you need to make sure you have all the relevant papers at hand. Otherwise, the procedures will not end well. Please gather all the documents beforehand and submit them after searching for Ejari typing centers near you. Take a second look at the document list earlier mentioned.

3.6 Tips to speed up the registration

Here are some hints to make the registration process go as smoothly as possible.

  • Ejari is for one tenant. If you share the rent with somebody else, designate a lead tenant to register the contract.
  • If the landlord is unavailable to sign in person, only use high-quality scans.
  • Remember that many people are unaware of when a tenancy contract will be renewed.
  • There should be no overlap between the end date of the current contract and the start date of the new one.
  • Likewise, the DEWA premise number is located outside the front entrance.

Despite a few hurdles and a brief wait, Dubai renters and landlords benefit from the shield provided by the Ejari system. A property expert located in Dubai is the finest person to provide you with all you need to complete your process quickly and easily.

Therefore, it recommends accessing a real estate agent to connect the two parties, landlord and tenant.  This helps make registrations easier. Business centers in Dubai are the most reliable option when it comes to business office rental. Also, all the Dubai Ejari registration centers will help you while processing.

4. How can we help you look for the best Ejari support?

We believe in long-term partnerships with our national and foreign allies. So, you can be confident that we will have your objectives in mind from the start, including Ejari procedures. Our premier firm in the UAE, Connect Business Centers, will work with you to discover and fulfill the potential of your business.

Effectively, we assist firms in establishing and quickly taking advantage of the unique benefits of the Emirate. We will support you in saving money while searching for more partners by accessing our business centers directory, which is the best in the UAE.

Connect Business Centers will provide you with easy access to a variety of serviced offices designed to help your new business thrive. For more information, please reach us at +971 43 316 688 or Please do not hesitate to contact us!

For people looking for work opportunities, is a fantastic resource. There are several options available for you. Send your CV to as many employers as you want with confidence. You may as well send an email to

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A complete idea on how much a virtual office with Ejari cost in Dubai

virtual office in Dubai

Dubai has consistently been regarded as one of the most ideal business destinations on the planet. It is also suitable for establishing a virtual workplace. And all is owing to the locational benefits that this Emirate provides to enterprises. For this reason, more people are wondering how to set up a virtual office in Dubai.

In this article, we will address the practices for renting a virtual office and the associated costs.  In Dubai, you may set up an office in a free zone or on the mainland solely depending on your company’s requirements. However, because renting a virtual office in a free region is so simple and more adaptive to norms and regulations, these sorts of offices are preferred by foreigners.

  1. What exactly is a virtual office in the UAE?
  2. Which features are crucial to making your virtual office great in Dubai?
  3. What are the other benefits of a virtual office in Dubai?
  4. Prices and costs in the virtual office marketplace in Dubai
  5. Why choose Connect Business Centers for accessing your first virtual office in Dubai?

1. What exactly is a virtual office in the UAE?

Many investors who want to start a company choose to set up a virtual office in Dubai. It is a way to aid them in keeping their expenditures as low as possible. In this approach, their physical locations serve just as a virtual spot to contact domestic officials and clients, but they do not need to use the rooms for staying (at least all the time). It is a perfect system for starting a business with a fully legal firm license at a low cost.

Furthermore, a virtual office in Dubai will allow skilled professionals to run their businesses alongside obtaining their residence visas and creating bank accounts.

1.1 Establishing a virtual office in Dubai

The cost of a rented virtual office in the Emirates is determined by the type of business practices you want to drive. The Emirate allows the formation of digital offices both in free zones and on the mainland. Of course, there are different protocols for taxation and business property, and regulatory organizations are often separate.

Typically, a virtual office tenant is people with a small business or freelancers who do not need a larger space. As a result, they do not have to be concerned about the expense of finding a property. They could work from wherever they wanted. But, realistically, the addresses associated with virtual workplaces provide the businesses with a plus of professionality and some other services on-demand.

This advantage, certainly, is noted instantly through the address mail received thanks to the virtual office in Dubai. In effect, this address is fully real for all the effects. On the other hand, a home address should not be the formal location of any business. Moreover, in Dubai, it is against the law.

1.2 The immediate advantages of a virtual office in Dubai

Many company setup specialists in Dubai, usually business center firms, can help you get a top virtual office space. They will also clarify to you the best features to seek, and even provide the virtual workplace itself.

Furthermore, at the time of marketing, the crucial is that your corporate contact information is labeled with the name Dubai. This information is received legally by the business center (formal owners of the offices for rent).

Once you have established your virtual workplace you can take advantage of being a businessperson in Dubai. The first is that you can support your family’s trip and residency in Dubai. Of course, you would also have to follow all of the other standards and procedures, including the provision of notarized wedding and birth records.

2. Which features are crucial to making your virtual office great in Dubai?

There are many gains from renting a virtual office in Dubai, but here we can stress the principal features to consider when doing a balance costs-benefits. Ponder these features as a great value because they are quite specialized sacrifices that you have no bearing on during your fresh start dynamics.

2.1 Global availability

Virtual offices for rent are available throughout the globe. This is a significant advantage for each user because already installed in only one of such offices (for example, in Dubai) you can act worldwide. Moreover, you can easily form a global network with your rented virtual offices anywhere but with your headquarter in Dubai (actually, all being virtual offices).

The advantage here is that such offices provide you with addresses and phone numbers from true locations, giving the client the impression that they are dealing with more local organizations. This is perfect for gaining your clients’ confidence.

Furthermore, these new strategies allow owners to run many enterprises at the same time. All you need is solid software that can manage various businesses, a broad workforce base, and numerous business partners to get started.

2.2 Visible population

Many small and medium-sized firms are opting for virtual offices for rent, particularly in sites such as Dubai. That means that many investors, workers, and customers are going around the real buildings where are addressed the virtual offices. Being located in the best business centers, your consumers perceive your firm as a collection of entities.

When you already have a virtual office in a well-known corporate group (your business center), and work under that brand, it is natural for people to assume that a large number of people work there, including in your venture. Even if you are working alone and remotely!

2.3 Time for you to focus on the core of your business

Add to these mechanisms that there are fewer concerns on details. So, there is more time to devote to what truly matters. With a virtual office in Dubai, all you have to worry about is paying the services fees. The rest is on the suppliers’ shoulders.

They are like your personal assistants. They must handle the most time-consuming routine aspects of running a business, keeping a high level of quality.

Certainly, business centers have so much more resources and extra time to handle these bored routine aspects while you are not concerned with them. Of course, this saved time could be to you gain new clients and even to relax.

2.4 New attractive working hours

Now the time and space are not so fixed. Virtual offices for rent and remote working have grown in popularity among business owners and entrepreneurs because provide numerous alternatives for usage, allowing each location to choose its own operational rules.

If you employ a large number of people renting a virtual office in Dubai, that brings advantages for you and your staff. Like you, they are likely to perform from home and in their spare time. That is always attractive. Those plans for working hours from 8 a. m. to 5 p.m. will come to an end. Many tasks do not need such a restriction.

3. What are the other benefits of a virtual office in Dubai?

Beyond the impressive features listed above, virtual offices provide countless other benefits. Among them, we highlight:

3.1 Low employee turnover

The new ways also reduce employee turnover. They are healthier and happier with their working environment and performance. Additionally, virtual labor has a lot of advantages for younger people. They provide the freedom and convenience of working freely without the need to adhere to dress requirements or strict work hours.

As a result, some workers find telecommuting particularly appealing since it helps them to avoid needless distractions from coworkers or superiors, which can diminish attention and productivity.

3.2 Less expensive option

It is a significantly less expensive option than buying traditional offices. Moreover, virtual offices in Dubai are considerably cheaper compared with the rest of their competence in the friendly-business world.

Additionally, as you no need to pay for a full-time rent, common expenditures, bills, or anything else you are not using, you also avoid shifting these expenses on to clients and raise the profit margin available for investment in improving the company’s service.

Furthermore, if the facility has adequate infrastructure, you will not have to pay full rent to keep a meeting space that you could only use very few times a month.

3.3 Technology savings

Entrepreneurs can use any technical tools they want. However, workers should get it and update data as needed. Although certain vocations require physical contact with clients, such as physicians or therapists, a firm that decides to operate with a remote workforce in Dubai will gain from the considerable benefits that technology now delivers.

3.4 Work-life balance

Teleworkers might devote saved time from flexibility to furthering their careers or building a social life. That is crucial for work-life balance and spending more time with family.

Working with a virtual office in Dubai allows you to use that time for direct work. Employees are becoming more productive and focused on their work as a result of the same factors. Due to work flexibility, there are fewer requests for days off for vital tasks.

3.5 Access to skilled people

Having access to skilled people from throughout the world is a great feature. If you want to gain clients from other countries, you can hire someone in that nation merely every week. A virtual office may help you develop a sales staff or consultants, as well as extend your applicant pool.

Virtual workspaces also expand the company’s supply of skilled resource possibilities. It will be able to select among the best and therefore most capable individuals for the task, regardless of where they are located.

In short, a virtual office in Dubai gives you, for a significantly cheaper rate, a professional business address with many additional benefits.

4. Prices and costs in the virtual office marketplace in Dubai

The offer of virtual offices is very wide. As an illustration, we point out below some virtual offices for rent currently available in various areas of Dubai.

4.1 Some examples of virtual office prices in Dubai

In Dubai, you can find an office in a range between 400 and 2100 AED per month (normally the rent is annual but we also present the average monthly cost for a better comparison). Many offer up to a month free within the package.

Following is an example with details of a premium offer.

  • The Space (Area 2071, at Emirates Towers)
    • Offer: Premium Virtual Office.
    • Annual rent: AED 25,000.
    • Monthly average: AED 2,080.
    • Amenities: Business-grade photocopiers, Cisco IP phones, city views, coffee and tea, dining room, executive-grade office furniture, fast and secure internet, lift, online booking, secretarial support.

Other examples differentiate among three packages:

  • Address Packages are about a prestigious corporate address for your business cards and marketing materials.
  • Virtual Office Packages usually include an address, communications, professional support, and some monthly time for a private office and coworking space.
  • Premium Virtual Office Packages include amenities and many premium services as mentioned in the first example above.

Other packages may focus on communications, teleconferences, virtual meetings, coworking, and the like. Let us now take a look at some representative offerings at various locations in Dubai.

4.1.1 Emirates Towers

Address Package.

  • Annual rent: AED 6,720.
  • Monthly average: AED 560.

Virtual Office Package.

  • Annual rent: AED 12,480.
  • Monthly average: AED 1,040.

Premium Virtual Office Package.

  • Annual rent: AED 19,200.
  • Monthly average: AED 1,600.

4.1.2 Boulevard Plaza 2

Address Package.

  • Annual rent: AED 5,280.
  • Monthly average: AED 440.

Virtual Office Package.

  • Annual rent: AED 9,500.
  • Monthly average: AED 792.

Premium Virtual Office Package.

  • Annual rent: AED 18,240.
  • Monthly average: AED 1,520.

4.1.3 Almas Tower

Address Package.

  • Annual rent: AED 5,760.
  • Monthly average: AED 480.

Virtual Office Package.

  • Annual rent: AED 9,500.
  • Monthly average: AED 792.

Premium Virtual Office Package.

  • Annual rent: AED 16,800.
  • Monthly average: AED 1,400.

4.2 What is Ejari and how much does it cost?

In Dubai, tenancy agreements are registered via Ejari. It is a framework that oversees the rental agreement between landlords and tenants. It is in place to guarantee that all private rental contracts are legally binding and arranged per government guidelines. The most important aspect of the Ejari policy is that it guarantees everyone’s right to go to court if they have a problem with a landlord (or a tenant).

Ejari typing centers are state-registered platforms that allow private companies to handle a variety of documents such as work permits, visa applications, and Ejari processes.

You may find Ejari typing centers in a variety of locales. To register with Ejari for your tenancy contract, you must pay AED 220.

5. Why choose Connect Business Centers for accessing your first virtual office in Dubai?

Connect Business Centers can do many things for you. For years, we have assisted numerous firms in establishing in the UAE. As a consequence, we have ties and networks with government and private groups. These ties enable us to help with any problem quickly. Therefore, you can feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your expectations.

Nowadays, virtual offices for rent are part of any business strategy with a worldwide vision. We can find the best virtual office for you. We have contact with the partners you need to be successful in business using our database, you can even submit a property and find a tenant fast and easy!

Would you like to reach out to us to find all the answers you need regarding offices for rent in Dubai? Please, feel free to call us at +971 43 316 688 for more details. You may also contact us by email at if you wish.

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